Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 12: Part 2

  • 36 The womb was divided into hundred parts and Duryodhana and others were born on every consecutive day; Dushala was born as the hundred and first.
  • Note: Duryodhana was born first. Thereafter, every day, another of the brothers were born. On the 101st day, Dushala was born.
  • 37 In order that the Lord’s plans come true, Lord Vyasa, the One who is infinitely capable, the One who is the Lord of all, protected the foetuses that were born out of the son of Vichitravirya.
  • 38 Kali was born as Suyodhana and he possessed excellent strength in the shoulders; He obtained such high strength due to the presence of Mukhya Vayu in him.
  • 39 Earlier on the Meru mountain, the Daityas had listened to the discussion of the Devatas about taking birth on Earth.
  • 40 All of them had then worshipped the three-eyed one (Shiva) and had pleased him; Kali, who always troubles the Devatas, had obtained a boon that he will be invincible (cannot be killed) in any way.
  • 41 Due to the boon of the Lord of Uma (Shiva), Kali, the tormentor of Devatas, was born as Suyodhana with a diamond-like body and possessed great strength.
  • 42 After Suyodhana, the one who was invincible in any way, was born, Indrajit came out of another ghee-filled pot.
  • 43 He was Dushasana, the one who made rules that caused sorrow; After that Atikaya was born; He came to be known as Vikarna; After that the powerful Khara was born.
  • 44 He came to be known as Chitrasena; Similarly, other Rakshasas were born possessed with terrible capacities as the children of Dhritharashtra.
  • 45, 46 In this way, the Rakshasas, who are the personification of all defects, took birth in physical form; A Rakshasi known as Mrusha was born as Dushala; She had the presence of Kuhu; In order to cause the death of Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu, Kuhu had performed a penance to please Shiva; Hence she was born in this way.
  • 47 Saindhava became the reason behind Abhimanyu’s death only because of what she said; That Saindhava was a Kalakeya Danava; He was born on Earth for this very purpose.
  • 48 Similarly Nirruta, the brother of Nirruti got together with the Nasika Abhimani Vayu and was born as Yuyutsu.
  • 49 He was born of Dhritharashtra’s sperm; He was younger than Duryodhana; He was born in the womb of a Vaishya lady; He was very dear to Lord Hari.
  • 50 After Yudhishthira was born, Pandu said thus – “Dharma must be protected with physical and intellectual strength; Otherwise, it will be destroyed; Therefore, you immediately give birth to a son who has both these strengths”.
  • 51 “Among yajnas, Ashwamedha is the best; Out of all the energies that are visible to humans, Sun is the best; Out of all varnas, Brahmin is the best; Amongst Devatas, after the Supreme Being Lord Vishnu, it is Vayu who is the best in all noble attributes”.
  • 52 “The immeasurably valorous Lord Hari is verily my father in the form of Lord Vyasa; Therefore, he is your father-in-law; It is not appropriate to obtain a son from him; Therefore, you resort to Lord Vayu himself”.
  • 53 When Pandu said so, Kunti invited Vayu; Due to his mere touch, she gave birth to a son who was unmatched in the entire world in the two types of strengths and also in the devotion of Lord Vishnu.
  • 54 Vayu himself was born that way; Since he is the embodiment of all knowledge, he is known as Bhima; Since he is always with his Lord – Vishnu – his name is Sena; Hence he is known as Bhimasena.
  • 55 As soon as Bhima was born, the Earth bore some cracks; Bhima once fell down from his mother’s arms when she got scared of a tiger; The entire mountain – Shatashrunga – broke into pieces.
  • 56 When Bhima was born, great Asuras vomitted blood, along with their vehicles and armies; The Asuras and Rakshasas who were born as Kings were extremely scared.
  • 57 Bhima started growing in that forest itself and was greatly increasing the joy of Suras; At the same time, due to the order of Lord Hari, Sesha had entered the womb of Devaki.
  • 58 Sesha stayed in the womb of Devaki for three months and, as per the orders of Lord Hari, was transferred to the womb of Rohini by Durga Devi; He spent seven months there and was then born on Earth.
  • 59 He was named as Baladeva and became extremely powerful; After him Lord Janardana, the Lord of all, the main abode of infinite noble attribute, took avatara in Devaki.
  • 60 Lord Hari has only excellent joy, knowledge and strength as His body; He does not even have the contact of any defects! Having said that, how can He have a body consisting of insentient nature and its manifestation, the body of five elements? From where can it manifest? Isn’t He the one without birth?
  • 61 His body is not because of semen or other material; Even then, He is known as the son (of Devaki) for causing illusion to Asuras; The Lord, who has purity as His inherent nature, simply appeared from the body of Devaki.
  • 62 The Lord, the One without birth, first entered the body of Vasudeva, and then, during her fertile period, entered Devaki and, having spent seven and a half months there, He took avatara.
  • 63 Just like how the avatara of Narasimha had appeared without the contact of Shukla and Shonita, similarly the avatara of Lord Krishna also just appeared; Still, He, the One without birth, causes illusion to the undeserving by following the path of having a father and mother.
  • 64 For causing illusion to Asuras, He followed the path of coming through the father; Still, in order to show (to noble people) that He was not born out of semen and the egg, He appeared along with His shankha, chakra, gada and padma.
  • 65 Lord Krishna, the ocean of noble attributes, appeared with a crown that was radiant like infinite suns, with two ear rings that were shining like lightning, with the cloth of Peetambara, wearing the Vana mala, and with the radiance of infinite suns.
  • 66 Lord Krishna, whom Brahma, the Devatas and His father and mother prayed fervently, then told Vasudeva – “Take me to the house of Nanda”; Then, He took the form of having just two arms.
  • 67 After the appearance of Lord Krishna, as per His orders, Mahalakshmi took birth, under the name of Durga, in Yashoda, Nanda’s wife; Later, Vasudeva took Lord Krishna and left for Nanda’s house.
  • 68 Vasudeva, having placed Lord Krishna near Yashoda, picked up Sri Durga and returned back to his place; At that time, Kamsa, who had killed six of his sister’s children, realized that it was the eighth child and rushed there.
  • 69 People had come to know (falsely) that Devaki’s seventh child had been aborted; Therefore, Kamsa, having realized that this was the eighth child, picked it up holding both its legs and smashed it against a rock, in order to kill it.
  • 70 Sri Durga, who is dear to Lord Hari, immediately got out of Kamsa’s clutches and jumped up and appeared in her complete form with eight arms; Brahma and all the other Devatas worshipped her in this amazing form!

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