Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 7: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 The son of Pavana, who desired to cross the ocean, prayed to Lord Rama, who has Aishwarya and other five auspicious attributes which are eternal and omnipresent in Him, who is the Lord of all and who is the big ocean of strength and energy; He then climbed that excellent mountain and jumped from there.
  • 2 The ocean, which got pulled by the power of Hanuman, got troubled; It started to follow him along with its creatures; The trees in the mountain got sucked by his speed and followed him; The ‘Mainaka’ mountain which was earlier thrown into the ocean by Vayu came up for him.
  • 3 That mountain was the brother-in-law of Shiva; It was made of gold; Earlier when the wings of mountains were being clipped (by Indra), it had saved himself (through Vayu); The mountain which had many peaks pierced the ocean and came up to provide rest to Hanuman.
  • 4 Hanuman, who is never tired, did not wish to rest on it; Where is tiredness for one who has infinite strength and courage? He went ahead after pressing that excellent mountain with his leg and then saw a Naga lady who had been sent by devatas after giving her boons.
  • 5 The devatas, who desired to know the strength of Hanuman, had given her a boon thus – “Let whatever you desire fall into your mouth”; Hanuman, who entered her mouth, came out of it immediately and made the devatas happy while still making their boon come true.
  • 6 Seeing Hanuman’s affection for them and his excellent strength, the devatas appreciated him greatly by showering flowers on him; Being respected by them in this way, he continued his journey and saw a planetary body by name Simhika.
  • 7 Brahma had granted her limitless strength in order to restrict people and protect Lanka; She attracted the shadow of Hanuman; He entered her body and immediately tore her into pieces.
  • 8 Showing that his strength is without limits, he killed her though she was protected by Brahma’s boon; He then jumped on to the ‘Lamba’ mountain which was surrounding Lanka like a cover and had a lot of peaks; He then took a very small form.
  • 9 Hanuman took the size of a cat and wished to enter the city during the night; He then saw the abhimani devata of Lanka who had taken her real form; She stopped him; He quickly smashed her with his fist and won the battle with her; He then entered Lanka after taking her consent.
  • 10 Hanuman, who started searching both inside and outside of Lanka, saw the form of Sita seated in the Ashoka vana under a Shimshupa tree.
  • 11 Knowing fully well the intent of Lord Rama in mocking the world of humans, Hanuman also did things in accordance with the Lord’s intent.
  • 12 He spoke things in accordance with that; He gave a ring to that form of Sita which was also behaving in accordance with that intent of the Lord.
  • 13 The ornaments of Sita also had taken two forms and were present on the form of Sita as well; After that, Sita also gave him a chudamani to be handed over to Lord Rama.
  • 14 The groups of Rakshasas were not able to see all that; But, devatas and Rishis who were in the sky were able to see all this.
  • 15 This form of following (by Hanuman and Sita) was being enacted in order to entertain them and also cheat Kali and other Daityas who were watching all this.
  • 16 The son of Pavana did all this without any fear; He, who is the best amongst intelligent ones, then decided that the greatness of the Lord has to be brought to the fore.
  • 17 After that, the hero Hanuman destroyed the entire vana except that one (Shimshupa) tree; Desiring to cause more of the evils’ destruction, he climbed up the entrance arch shouting increasingly loudly.
  • 18 After that, the ten headed Ravana heard that extra ordinary activity of the excellent monkey Hanuman; He sent across a lot of his servants saying to them – “Bring that monkey to me”.
  • 19 Those servants, who had become invincible due to the boon of Hara, surrounded that son of Vayu, who was the best amongst devatas and who was also extremely powerful.
  • 20 Eighty crore army-leaders; Eighty thousand commanders and many numerous weapon collections; The army which had all these surrounded that excellent monkey Hanuman.
  • 21 All of them pounced upon Hanuman; And they hit him with their weapons; Hanuman smashed all of them with just his fists.
  • 22 And then Hanuman killed seven of Ravana’s ministers’ sons whom he sent for battle; They were all mountain like creatures; And they were all protected with the boons of Brahma and Rudra.
  • 23 Similarly, he killed all those Rakshasas who were the leaders of that army and were over-confident with Rudra’s boons; He destroyed one third of the army of those Rakshasas.
  • 24 After getting to hear that the monkey’s strength in incomparable, the king of the Rakshasas deployed his son Aksha Kumara who was equal to him in strength.
  • 25 He showered special arrows strengthened with great astras on that son of Vayu who is considered as the witness for the entire Universe; But he could not even shake Hanuman with those.

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