Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 21: Part 7

  • 242) Brahma and the other Devatas too were being considered as mere humans. They did not possess enough belief even in the Sages.
  • 243) All the Kings knew of Bhishma as the one who was well versed in all the Shastras. He was also the eldest in the lineage. Hence Dharmaraja asked him.
  • 244) “O Grandfather! Amidst all the people assembled here, who qualifies for the first worship? Even Brahma, Rudra and the Devatas and all Kings are here” – when Yudhishthira asked thus Bhishma replied – “Sri Krishna is the lord of all and is most worthy of worship”.
  • 245-246) Sri Vishnu himself had appeared there in three forms in the lineages of Vasishta, Bhrigu and Vrishni. However, Sri Vyasa and Sri Parashurama were Brahmanas and therefore the Kings would not oppose them. On the other hand, they will consider them worthy. They did not possess such enmity against the two.
    • Note: Sri Vyasa was the grandson of Sage Vasishta. Sri Parashurama was born in the lineage of Sage Bhrigu. Sri Krishna was born in the Vrishna clan of Yadavas.
  • 247) If there were to be no dispute, it wouldn’t become well known that Sri Krishna was verily Narayana. Therefore Bhishma thought that Sri Krishna had to be accorded the first worship.
  • 248) When Sri Krishna is worshipped first, the Kings would create a lot of dispute and due to that the fame of Sri Krishna would especially spread everywhere.
  • 249-250) Therefore, the Pandavas accorded Sri Krishna the first worship in front of everyone. Since they were no different from Sri Krishna, Sri Vyasa and Sri Parashurama were also accorded the first worships. Thereafter, the others were given appropriate respect.
  • 251) As soon as the agra puja for Sri Krishna was completed, Shishupala, the King of Chedi, started abusing him out of anger. Listening to it, Bhima rushed towards him in order to kill him for having abused the Guru of the world.
  • 252) It was Bhima’s eternal and great vow that he would cut off the tongue of the one who abused Sri Hari. Bhishma stopped Bhima by saying that it was the promise of Sri Hari that he himself would kill his devotee.
  • 253) Getting to know the assurance of Sri Hari that he himself would kill the two of them, Bhima kept quiet even as Bhishma held his hand.
    • Note: It was Sri Hari’s assurance to Jaya and Vijaya that he himself would kill them in all the three avataras of theirs.
  • 254) Even though Bhima knew of Sri Krishna’s decision, he rushed in that way as it was his duty (to oppose the abuser). Later, knowing that the action was appropriate enough, he kept quiet.
  • 255-256) All those belonging to the class of Devatas saw the first worship of Sri Krishna and greatly rejoiced. Those belonging to the human class were indecisive. Duryodhana and the others who were Asuric in their nature felt bad in their hearts. Shishupala started abusing, with bad words, that great ocean of noble qualities.
  • 257) He invited Sri Krishna there itself for war. Stopping all his arrows, Sri Krishna, the most powerful one, killed him with this Chakra.
  • 258-259) Even as his neck was being severed, Shishupala developed devotion in Sri Krishna. The Asura who was inside him went to Andhantamas. Jaya entered Sri Krishna and later became his attendant. The Yajna of the Pandavas continued as per the procedures in the Shastras.
  • 260) The Kings gave many precious gifts consisting of bars of gold and precious jewels. Dharmaraja appointed Duryodhana for the task of collecting those gifts.
  • 261) The Pandavas treated the Brahmanas to unlimited varieties of sweets and other eatables. They gave them heaps of gold and precious stones as dakshina.
  • 262) The Pandavas gave to each person whatever he desired. After that, they performed the avabhruta snana with great joy.
  • 263) The Pandavas performed that concluding bath in the river Ganga, even as the sounds from the instruments of the Devatas were emanating and the divine Gandharvas were singing and divine ladies were performing unique dances.
  • 264) They performed that bath in the river Jahnavi together with all the Kings and later returned to their city. The Devatas returned to their lokas.
  • 265) All the Kings returned to their respective cities. Dhritharashtra, along with Bhishma and others, also returned back.
  • 266) Dharmaraja sat down along with Sri Krishna on an excellent throne, in that palace that was made of magical precious stones and was radiating like the Sun.
  • 267) Similarly, Rugmini and the other wives of Sri Krishna sat next to him. Bhima and Arjuna too sat next to him.
  • 268) Draupadi sat along with Bhima, next to the auspicious Rugmini and Satyabhama.
  • 269) Nakula, Sahadeva, Dhrishtadyumna and the others sat down near Arjuna. Similarly, Balarama and Satyaki sat near King Yudhisthira.
  • 270) That gathering, with all of them seated, shone just like the gathering of Brahma decorated especially by the presence of Sri Vishnu.
  • 271) In that gathering, the Kings were resplendent, having worn special and golden garlands, putting on auspicious clothes and possessing shining crowns and ear-rings.
  • 272) Sri Krishna, the Lord of the Universe, along with his wives, was especially radiant, just like Sri Hari in the assembly of the Devatas.
  • 273) Sri Krishna was worshipped by all the Kings and by the noble. At that time, Duryodhana came there along with his brothers, holding a sword in his hand.
  • 274) Moving away from a door that was shining due to the radiance of Indraneela stones (thinking it to be a wall), he banged into an actual wall that was made of Spatika stones and was reflecting from both the inside and the outside.
  • 275) Then, as per the orders of Dharmaraja, Nakula and Sahadeva held his hands and brought him in. Being seated there for a moment, he was unable to bear the sight of the divine wealth they possessed and got up and walked away from there.
  • 276) There he saw lotuses with precious jewels on a floor made from Indraneela stone and mistook it for water and walked carefully lifting his clothes. At another place, he mistook water that was shining for a proper floor and fell into it, along with his brothers.
  • 277) Keeping the reason of bhu-bhara-harana in mind, Sri Krishna signaled to Bhima who then mocked Duryodhana with a loud laugh. Draupadi too laughed. Following them, the others including Sri Krishna’s wives too laughed.
  • 278) Sri Krishna, with a moon like radiant face that was beaming a smile, looked at Bhima but did not say anything. Later Dharmaraja stopped them and sent clothes, garlands and scents to Duryodhana and the others.
  • 279) Duryodhana was embarrassed and he rejected the clothes and other things sent by the King. He left along with Shakuni after getting very angry at Bhima and Draupadi. On the way he spoke to Shakuni.
  • 280) “In front of Krishna, Bhima and Draupadi laughed at me. Without causing them grief, I do not desire to live”.


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