Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 20: Part 5

  • 161) That Veerasena was the Amsha of Tvashtru. He had the Avesha of Yama too. That kanya Chitrangada was the Avatara of Shachi herself. Since she had united with Sugreeva, the son of Surya, when she was Tara, she did not reach Swarga. She was born again from the Antariksha itself.
  • 162) Because of that reason, she did not get longer association with Arjuna. Through the putrika-putra Dharma, Arjuna obtained a son called Babruvahana. He was none other than Jayanta earlier. He also had the Amsha of Manmatha.
  • 163) After having obtained a brave son thus, Arjuna left for Prabhasa and, on the way, he relieved five apsaras, who were born as crocodiles, from their curse by pulling them to the shore when they caught him.
  • 164) These five had been cursed by a Brahmana. When they surrendered to him, the pleased Brahmana had said – “When one man alone pulls all of you to the shore together you shall obtain your original form”.
  • 165) Arjuna relieved them from the lowly life which they had obtained for having mocked a Brahmana. Later he went to Prabhasa and got the news that Balarama was planning to give Subadhra, the sister of Sri Krishna, to Duryodhana.
  • 166) Thinking deeply about what needed to be done, Arjuna put on the disguise of a Yati and went to Dwaraka. Getting to know about his arrival nearby, Sri Krishna, who was relaxing on a swing with Satyabhamaa, laughed loudly.
  • 167) Satyabhamaa was omniscient. Yet, she sportingly asked him the reason. Sri Krishna explained it to her. In this way, both of them playfully discussed it and went to Raivata, the King amongst mountains, to meet Arjuna.
  • 168) Raivata was the playground for Bhojas, Vrishnis and Andhakas. Sri Krishna met Arjuna there. He secretly gave him word that he would hand over Subadhra to him. Later he went to the Yadavas.
  • 169) Balarama met Arjuna, who was in the guise of an excellent Yati, and bowed to him along with all his relatives, and worshipped him. Arjuna said – “You are higher than me in noble qualities” and in turn bowed to him.
  • 170) Noticing the knowledge of Arjuna, who was in the guise of a Yati, and his oratory, Balarama said to Sri Krishna – “During the chaturmasya, make arrangements for his comfortable stay near the house of the ladies”. Sri Krishna spoke about the hazards of doing so and said – “Not possible”.
  • 171) “He is young, strong, handsome and a good speaker. Hence it is not appropriate to host him near the house of the ladies” – when the Lord of the world Sri Krishna said thus, Balarama replied – “It is not appropriate to cast a doubt over an educated person such as him”.
  • 172) “I still opine that it is inappropriate. Still, let it be so since your decision is worthy of acceptance for us” – saying thus Sri Krishna told his sister – “This noble Yati is excellent. Do perform his service (well)”.
  • 173) “Make him happy every day without losing your presence of mind” – when Sri Krishna said thus, Subhadra followed his instructions. Believing in the assurance of Sri Krishna, Arjuna spent the rainy months (Chaturmasya) there narrating her excellent stories.
  • 174) The words of assurance given by Sri Krishna, upon the request of Arjuna, saying – “I shall truly give Subhadra to you” was known to none except his parents Vasudeva and Devaki and Vipruthu and Satyaki.
    • Note: Vipruthu was a Yadava army commander.
  • 175) Satyaki was the shishya of Sri Krishna and Arjuna, with respect to weapons, astras and spiritual knowledge. Hence Sri Krishna had revealed everything to him. He had told the same to Vipruthu also since he too was a student.
  • 176) Uddhava, Ahuka and others, Krutavarma and others – although all of these knew very well that the Pandavas were very dear to Sri Krishna, they did not agree to giving Subhadra to Arjuna due to the orders of Balarama.
  • 177) All of them, due to the Avesha of Asuras, wanted to give Subhadra to Duryodhana to please Balarama although they knew it would be unpleasant to Sri Krishna. Therefore, Sri Krishna deceived all of them.
  • 178) Similarly, Sri Krishna deceived Pradyumna, Samba and the others. Once, all of them got together with Balarama and went to the Pindoddhara Kshetra. There, great festivities were occurring one after the other. Subhadra once asked Arjuna (thus).
  • 179) “O Yati! When you traveled as part of your Tirthayatra did you happen to meet the Pandavas, who are our dear relatives, along with Kunti and Draupadi?”. When she asked thus, Arjuna said – “Yes, I have seen them. They are safe”.
  • 180) She asked again – “O respected one! I have heard from the Brahmanas that Arjuna has proceeded on a Tirthayatra. Did you see him anywhere?”. Arjuna said – “Yes, I have seen him”. She asked – “Where?”.
  • 181) “Here itself” – saying so Arjuna smiled. Subhadra, the one with an auspicious body, asked repeatedly- “Where? Where?”. Arjuna then said – “O crazy one! I am the one” and laughed. Then, Subhadra became exceedingly happy and stared at him with wide eyes.
  • 182) Later, Subhadra, the one with lotus-like eyes, could not speak anything out of joy and modesty. Arjuna, overcome by lust, said – “It is the right time for our wedding now”. She said.
  • 183) “It is not appropriate to proceed over-riding Sri Krishna’s directions. Therefore when he gives my hand through my parents, you wed me in the presence of your relatives, and in a grand festivity”. He meditated upon Sri Krishna then.
  • 184) Sri Krishna arrived there immediately along with Vasudeva and Devaki. Since Arjuna remembered him, Indra came there during the night itself out of affection for him, along with Shachi and the best amongst Sages.
  • 185) Sri Krishna then, along with Indra, his parents, Satyaki and the excellent Sages, performed the wedding of the two of them as per the Shastras. None of the others got to know about this festive event.
  • 186) Later Sri Krishna left his chariot there for Arjuna and returned at night. Indra too returned to his loka. In the morning, Arjuna climbed the chariot along with Subhadra and started.
  • 187) When Arjuna started off from there in the chariot that was full of weapons, wielding a bow, there was a commotion in Dwaraka. “What is this! What is this! This tridanda yati is kidnapping the kanya by becoming a kodandapani!”
    • Note: Kodandapani indicates he was wielding a bow.
  • 188) Seeing him fully ornate with the divine ear-rings, clothes, divine stones and ornaments, wearing a kavacha, all of which was given by Mahendra, the soldiers who were protecting the city stopped him.
  • 189) Later Arjuna, having worn protective gear for his palms too, put on a quiver and strung the bow. Due to his practice and due to the strength of his knowledge, he filled the sky in all directions with arrows.
  • 190) Having been trained by Sri Krishna in the art of driving chariots especially keeping this (would-be) incident in mind, Subhadra took control of the ratha. Having been asked by her, Arjuna did not hurt anyone. He fought with them playfully.
  • 191) With his extra-ordinary skill with weapons, Arjuna released a shower of arrows on them and scared and chased them away. Having come out of the city, he saw Viprutha, who had been appointed for the protection of the city by Balarama.
  • 192) He too acted as if he is doing that which pleases Balarama and surrounded Arjuna. Due to Sri Krishna’s orders, he never strongly fought Arjuna but only battled with him superficially.
  • 193) Viprutha was a Marut by name Soumya. He had taken birth to serve Sri Krishna. Arjuna released a shower of arrows, while ensuring that the Yadava (Viprutha) did not get hurt even a little.
  • 194) Arjuna rendered him weapon-less and chariot-less. He did not destroy his army. Seeing that even his skin wasn’t wounded although the arrows were extremely sharp, Viprutha became exceedingly pleased.
  • 195) Respecting the amazing skill of Arjuna with weapons, he acted as if he was fighting with him. He went to him and narrated Sri Krishna’s orders. His weapon had already been broken by Arjuna.
  • 196) Later Viprutha went to Balarama, acting as if he was defeated, and narrated everything. Out of anger, Balarama wanted to kill Arjuna and left for Dwaraka, along with Pradyumna, Samba and the others.
  • 197) Sri Krishna too listened to everything from Viprutha and arrived at the Sudharma Sabha. He acted as if his mind was disturbed and sat with his face down. Pradyumna and the other great Yadava warriors spoke in a loud voice.
  • 198) “Let us quickly kill that follower of fake vows and immediately bring back Subhadra” – when they said thus Balarama replied – “All of you shall proceed only with Sri Krishna’s orders and not on your own”.
  • 199) “We should first know Krishna’s opinion. You shall never succeed if you go against him” – when Balarama said thus, all of them bowed to Sri Krishna and asked him.
  • 200) Sri Krishna, the one with infinite strength, then said thus – “All of you listen to me. I had said earlier itself that this keeper of fake vows was not fit to reside near the palace of women”. 


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