Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 7: Part 2

  • 26 Looking at Aksha Kumara, the son of Mandodari and the one equal to Ravana in strength, Hanuman thought – “Isn’t he one third the entire strength of Ravana?”
  • 27 “I have to leave Ravana to Lord Raghava; And if I kill Indrajit, others will not get to know his strength”
  • 28 “Therefore, I will kill this one who is equal to both of them” – thinking thus, Hanuman quickly got hold of his legs and jumped up.
  • 29 The son of Vayu, Hanuman, got hold of the son of Ravana and spun him like a disc repeatedly and smashed him to the ground instantly.
  • 30 After getting to know that his son was killed after being smashed to the ground, Ravana, who was filled with grief sent across his elder son Indrajit.
  • 31 Then, Indrajit invoked powerful astras on to his excellent arrows and hit them at Hanuman; But he could not manage to even shake him.
  • 32 After that, Indrajit released the powerful astra of Brahma which cannot be tolerated by anyone; Hanuman, who was hit by that weapon, got into a thought without getting disturbed even a little.
  • 33 “Many boons of Brahma have been broken by me; I also hold him very reverentially; Therefore, I shall now respect this (weapon)”
  • 34 “What can these cheering groups of Rakshasas do? Also, by doing this, I will get to see Ravana whom I have to meet anyway”
  • 35 Thinking of all this, the best amongst monkeys Hanuman stood there as if arrested; Then, the Rakshasas bound him with other chains; The brahmastra of Indrajit left from there.
  • 36 Then, they took Hanuman to the lord of the nocturnals Ravana; Ravana questioned him thus.
  • 37 “O monkey! Where have you come from? Whose messenger are you? Why did you do this?” – On being questioned thus, Hanuman prayed to Lord Rama with devotion and said.
  • 38 “Know me as the messenger of Lord Rama whose bravery is limitless and who is the best amongst Raghus; I am the son of Vayu; Know me as being fully capable of destroying your family”.
  • 39 “If you do not immediately hand over the dear one of Lord Rama to the best amongst Raghu, you will get soon get destroyed along with your sons, friends and relatives”.
  • 40 “Even Brahma, Rudra and other excellent devatas are not capable of facing the arrows of Lord Rama; How then are you, with such meagre strength, capable of facing him?”
  • 41 “If he gets angry, who in this world, including devatas, danavas and sarpas are capable of facing him? His greatness is beyond measure”.
  • 42 When Hanuman spoke thus, Ravana wanted to kill Hanuman but Vibhishana stopped him; Then, Ravana put his Rakshasas on to the work of burning Hanuman’s tail.
  • 43 Then, they covered the tail of Hanuman with mounds of clothes and set fire to it; But Agni, who is the friend of Vayu, did not burn Hanuman’s tail.
  • 44 Hanuman is one without any sorrow; He is excellent by strength; Still, he tolerated all the work of the Rakshasas only with the intention of burning Lanka.
  • 45 Hanuman burnt the entire city with the fire on his tail; Though that city was built by Vishwakarma, it got burned by his radiance.
  • 46 That city was made out of gold and precious gems; Hanuman, having burnt down that city along with many great Rakshasas, was very satisfied and let go a big roar.
  • 47 Hanuman, who trivialized Ravana along with his son, burnt down the city as they kept watching and left the place.
  • 48 Hanuman crossed the ocean again and got worshipped by his people; Having enjoyed the honey in Madhuvana, he joined his Lord Sri Rama.
  • 49 The son of Pavana, Hanuman, who, along with all other monkey-heroes, reached Lord Rama, who is the Lord of all devatas and is with infinite attributes and dear to the heart, offered the Chudamani given by the form of Sita to His feet and bowed down to Him with devotion with his entire body.
  • 50 Lord Rama, who was completely satisfied, having realized that there is nothing better to offer to the extremely devoted son of Vayu, Hanuman, gave Himself and hugged him very tightly.

|| End of chapter 7, known as ‘Hanumatpratiyaanam (SundaraKanda Katha Nirupanam)’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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