Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 5: Part 2

  • 31 Ravana then withdrew his sword from the sheath and spoke to Maricha thus – “If you do not listen to me, I will kill you”; Maricha was extremely frightened listening to these words; He naturally was also an evil person and therefore he ran immediately towards Lord Rama.
  • 32 He took on the form of a golden deer; He put on multiple colors like those of gems; He ran around Sita multiple times very quickly; Sita is Mahalakshmi herself with full and eternal knowledge; Still she spoke the way she did in order to ensure Rakshasas were killed and daityas were put into illusion.
  • 33 “O Lord Rama! Please bring this playful deer to me at the earliest” – As soon as Sita spoke thus, Lord Rama, knowing fully well that the Rakshasa Maricha was the one in the form of the deer, took His bow and arrows and went behind it; And He killed him.
  • 34 As soon as Lord Rama hit Maricha with an excellent arrow, he should “Ha Lakshmana” with a painful voice and died shouting; When Sita heard this, she provoked (Lakshmana) with cruel words; Then, Lakshmana also took his bow and arrows and went in the direction of Lord Rama.
  • 35 Whatever acts the Lord of all, Sri Hari, performs, Ramaa Devi also emulates the same; Just by that, one should not doubt Sri Hari or Sri Mahalakshmi with any sort of defect; After all, aren’t they the great Lords!
  • 36 Just by the sheer glance of her eyes, Mahalakshmi performs all activities including creation, sustenance, destruction, illusion and Moksha; How then can there be ignorance of any kind for her? How then can there be danger to her? How can these ever happen to Lord Hari? Therefore, these activities are just a play for them to act like ordinary devatas and humans.
  • 37 Then, Ravana approached Sita; Lord Sita, who has immeasurable strength, made an alternate form of hers and left immediately for Kailasa; In Kailasa, she resided and was worshipped by Parvati and Shiva.
  • 38 Indra entered into the alternate form of Sita; For the sake of serving the purpose, Sita was also notionally present in this alternate form; The King of Rakshasas took her and started; On the way, he killed the eagle Jatayu with great difficulty when it opposed him.
  • 39 When he was flying away like that, even though Hanuman saw him, he did not kill Ravana after being stopped by Sugreeva, the son of Surya; Hanuman knew the work of the Lord; He also desired that the praise and credit should go to Lord Rama; And he was also aware of the boon given to Jaya and Vijaya.
  • 40 The Rakshasa Ravana then reached his city Lanka and kept the alternate form of Sita there and started protecting her; Lord Rama returned to His ashrama after killing the cruel Rakshasa Maricha; He started behaving as if He couldn’t find His wife.
  • 41 Lord Rama, who had set out as if He was in search of Sita, saw the eagle Jatayu who had been badly wounded by the enemy; His bodily activity had already deteriorated; The Lord listened the entire episode from him; And then when he died, the Lord burnt him and also gave him the Gati he deserved.
  • 42 In another place, Lord Rama, along with His brother Lakshmana, got caught by the huge hands of Kabandha; That Kabandha was invincible due to the boon of Brahma; He could not be killed; He had also suffered immensely due to the hit from Vajrayudha.
  • 43 Along with His brother, the Lord cut off both his shoulders and got him to obtain his original form of ‘Danu’, a Gandharva who was a helper of Indra; That Gandharva was born as the son of Trijata; Lord Rama, after being worshipped by him, moved on from there.
  • 44 Shabari then saw Lord Rama; She realized He was the Supreme Lord Hari; She entered a pyre in front of Him; Lord Rama gave her His world itself; According to the words of Sage Matanga, she was waiting for the Lord and had stayed in that Vana without any fear.
  • 45 Lord Rama, in this manner, uplifted her who was originally an Apsara woman; The reason for her being born in the tribe of hunters was a curse from Shachi devi; The reason for the curse was that she had behaved arrogantly in front of Shachi’s husband Indra himself; Lord Rama then went to Rishyamooka and met the son of Pavana (Hanuman); Isn’t he, after all, the only one who always knows Lord Rama appropriately?
  • 46 In all the animals, whereever Vayu is present, Lord Hari is also present only there; And whereever Lord Hari is present, that is where Vayu is also present; The statement from the Vedas ‘Kasmin Vahan Tu’ is therefore very popular; It is the same in His avataras as well; Therefore, for the sake of Vayu’s son Hanuman, Lord Rama protected the son of Surya, Sugreeva.
  • 47 Similarly, Lord Hari, in his form of Krishna, got the son of Surya (Karna) killed through the son of Indra, Arjuna, due to His affection for Bhima and protected Arjuna; The Lord killed the enemy of Sugreeva, Vali, because the son of Surya had taken the shelter of Maruti.
  • 48 The devatas are always under the control of Lord Vayu; Therefore, the devatas took the refuge of Sugreeva in this avatara and the son of Indra, Arjuna, in the next avatara; So, Lord Rama, along with His brother Lakshmana, proceeded towards Hanuman to bless him.
  • 49 Lord Rama is the Supreme Being Himself and Lakshmi, Brahma, Rudra and all the other rulers of the worlds accept the dust of the lotus-like feet of the Lord on their heads; He Himself is the Lord of all; He is the Supreme one and is full on infinite strength with which He achieves all His work; What then is the use of the monkeys’ help for such a being?
  • 50 As soon as Lord Rama arrived, all the monkeys along with the son of Surya, Sugreeva, were extremely frightened and started running helter-skelter; The son of Vayu then stopped them.
  • 51 After having stopped the leaders of the monkeys, Hanuman fell at the feet of Lord Rama knowing that He was the father of Brahma himself; He knows the infinite attributes of the Lord very well.

|| End of chapter 5, known as ‘Hanumaddarshana’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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