Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 14

  • 261) When that happened, Balarama, who was till then fighting Hamsa with his mace, left him and arrived there.
  • 262) When Balarama came there, the King of the Rakshasas left the two of them and approached him. He smashed his chest with his fists with great anger.
  • 263) The two of them, being very powerful, fought with their fists. After a long battle, Balarama held him by his knees.
  • 264) After that Balarama threw him away a distance of one and a quarter yojanas. Having fallen thus, Hidimbasura did not fight him further.
  • 265) Hidimba deserted his army and Hamsa-Dibika and went away to the forest. Balarama destroyed the Rakshasas in that army and let go a leonine roar.
  • 266) Gada meanwhile undertook battle with the aged King of Salva Brahmadatta. He destroyed his vehicle and rendered him weaponless. Salva ran away from there.
  • 267) Satyaki sat in his chariot and fought with Dibika, the younger son of Salva. Fighting with excellent weapons, the two of them enjoyed the duel.
  • 268) The powerful Satyaki fought a big battle with Dibika and killed a hundred and five of his associates, all of whom were excellent archers.
  • 269) Dibika went after Satyaki holding a sword and shield. Satyaki too faced him without fear holding his own sword and shield.
  • 270) The two of them displayed excellent skills with the thirty-two forms of sword-fight, without getting tired. They stood against each other, matching the opponent.
  • 271) Each of them desired to defeat the other, and yet they could not manage to get the opportunity. Thinking the fight to be of no use, they stopped battle and went away.
  • 272) Later, Dibika got together with Hamsa and went after Sri Krishna in battle. Sri Krishna immediately rendered them weapon-less by the use of arrows.
  • 273) Very soon, three-fourths of their army was annihilated by Sri Krishna and only a quarter remained. Scared of Sri Keshava, they took to their heels.
  • 274) Sri Krishna, the one with infinite radiance, the one who is all-powerful and the one with lotus-eyes, was worshiped by all Devatas and spent the night there at Pushkara along with the Yadavas.
  • 275) The next day, Sri Krishna, the Lord of all, stopped the two of them who had run away (Hamsa-Dibika) at the banks of Yamuna after a chase.
  • 276) Sri Krishna, together with Balarama and his army stopped Hamsa-Dibika who were running away along with their left over army.
  • 277) The two of them, who were difficult to restrain and were also valorous, became extremely angry and returned with their army and attacked all the Yadavas with a shower of arrows.
  • 278) Hamsa, who was a great archer, took on Balarama. His brother Dibika attacked Satyaki, Gada and all the other soldiers.
  • 279) He rendered Satyaki and Gada weapon-less and chariot-less and also destroyed their armour. They left the battlefield and went away.
  • 280) Dibika chased away all the Yadavas and, picking up a big bow, let out a leonine roar and attacked Sri Hari by showering him with great weapons.

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