Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 6: Part 2

  • 31 After listening to the wise words of Hanuman, the king of monkeys became extremely pleased and he left for Lord Rama; Having seen him come, along with all the brave monkey leaders, Lord Rama also became extremely pleased.
  • 32 The Lord of all, Sri Rama, happily and quickly lifted Sugreeva, who had fallen to His feet, and embraced him. Sitting next to the Lord of the worlds, Sugreeva, as per His orders, sent across monkeys immediately.
  • 33 Even as the monkeys were being sent across to the various directions, Lord Rama told Hanuman thus – “There is no one else apart from you who is capable of achieving this task, which is the main task amongst all my activities”.
  • 34 “Therefore, you take my finger ring and proceed in the southern direction”; After the best amongst men Lord Rama said so, Hanuman, along with the Yuvaraja Angada went in that direction.
  • 35 The monkeys who had gone in all the directions came back within a month as per the orders of the king of monkeys; But Angada, Jambavanta and others, who had gone along with Hanuman, did not return.
  • 36 Those great men searched even in the Vindhya mountain, which was the toughest amongst places to search and therefore impossible to navigate; By that time, the deadline given by the king of monkeys expired; After that, they reached an extremely beautiful cave.
  • 37 It was a mysterious and excellent cave built by ‘Maya’; Noticing the same, Tara said thus to Angada – “Since the deadline given by him has expired, let us not return to the king of the monkeys”.
  • 38 “He, being an extremely cruel ruler, will kill even you; Why then will he spare us? This cave, on the other hand, is impossible to reach; Why don’t we stay here happily? What can he do to us over here?”
  • 39 “What should we, who are forever forest dwellers, have to gain from Rama or Lakshmana? He will not be able to trouble us if we are here; This is my definitive opinion”.
  • 40 The son of Vali respectfully and readily concurred with the opinion of his maternal uncle; And he said thus – “The king of monkeys will definitely not excuse us, who have disobeyed his orders”
  • 41 “He is a cruel being who killed his own brother for the sake of the kingdom; He also kidnapped his wife; How will such a person excuse us who have disobeyed his orders? we are weak; We are without anybody’s support; He, on the other hand, is with strength”
  • 42 When the son of Indra’s son spoke thus, Jambavan and others agreed to his words and said “So be it”; Seeing their concurrence in opinion, Hanuman said thus.
  • 43 “I know that Tara has opined in this manner with the aim of fetching the kingdom for Angada; That is not possible; This son of Vayu will never tolerate anything that talks about cheating Lord Rama”.
  • 44 “Even if all of you get together, you will not be able to divert me from the correct path, no matter what plan or route you employ; And this cave is not at all out of reach for Lord Rama, who has limitless capability”.
  • 45 “I shall be very happy if you listen to my words out of respect; Else, I shall bring all of you back on the right track, using force if necessary”.
  • 46 Listening to the words of the son of Vayu, all of them became very frightened; None of them could utter a word; Having regained a lot of knowledge, all of them followed Hanuman and reached the excellent hill known as Mahendra.
  • 47 Later, they reached the coast and saw the ocean with the opposite end not in sight; As soon as they saw it, they felt very low; They gave up their desire for life; They decided to enter into a fast-unto-death; And they started the same.
  • 48 Having undertaken a fast-unto-death, they started narrating the story of Lord Rama, which gives liberation from the world; During that, they mentioned about the death of Jatayu; That story fell on the ears of ‘Sampati’.
  • 49 Sampati was the older brother of Jatayu; He was the son of Aruna; In order to test his speed, he, along with Jatayu, had launched himself into the Sun’s orbit; Up there, he tried to protect his brother who was exhausted due to the Sun’s heat and burnt his own wings and fell down.
  • 50 Having lost his wings due to the excessive heat of the Sun, he got his wings back as soon as he heard the story of Lord Rama; He questioned them on the death of Jatayu and heard the entire story once again.
  • 51 He told them the activities of Ravana which he had heard from his son; Also, he saw it himself and told the best amongst monkeys about the form of Janaka’s daughter sitting in the Ashoka Vana.
  • 52 After that, on being asked by Brahma’s son Jambavan, the monkeys started narrating their capabilities, in jumping, separately, starting from 10 yojanas and increasing in units of 10.
  • 53 All those monkey-warriors, including Neela, Mainda-Vivida and Tara, declared that they could not cross beyond 80 (yojanas). Jambavan then let them know that he could jump one-eighth more than the maximum that they mentioned (i.e. 90 yojanas)
  • 54 “When Lord Vishnu took over the three worlds from Bali with His three steps, I went around all the worlds happily declaring the same; At that time, my knees were hurt when I hit them against the Meru mountain”.
  • 55 “Therefore, my speed is not as much as before; Earlier I was capable of jumping 96 yojanas”; After that Yuvaraja Angada said thus – “I am capable of jumping 100 yojanas, but what after that, I am not sure”
  • 56 Having thus been declared by all that only a part of the distance can be covered and returned, and also noticing the strength of the enemy and the impregnable nature of the town of the Rakshasa king, the son of Brahma spoke thus.
  • 57 “This eagle is telling us that the Trikoota mountain is a 100 yojanas from here; There may be other obstacles in between; Therefore, only Hanuman is capable, none other”.
  • 58 Thus speaking, Jambavan addressed the son of Prana and brought out his strength in front of all – “Only you are fully capable of achieving this task; Please do this and protect the Vanaras”
  • 59 Jambavan spoke exactly what Hanuman wanted; In this way, he brought out the incapability of all the others; He then started meditating on Lord Rama, the One with the complete strength, and started growing in size in order to fulfill the Lord’s orders.

|| End of chapter 6, known as ‘Hanumadvardhanam’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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