Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 13: Part 3

  • 41 Due to the special (and strange) dance of Lord Krishna, the umbrella like hoods of the Naga got damaged; He fell unconsciousness spitting blood from his mouth; Looking at the state of the Naga, his wives came to Lord Krishna, the primordial Guru of the world, and prayed to Him.
  • 42 Having been prayed upon by them, and by him (Kaaliya), Lord Krishna gave them confidence and, having sent him away from the waters of the Yamuna, made the river free from poison; All the Devatas, Siddhas, Sadhyas and others praised this act of Lord Krishna greatly.
  • 43 There was no limit to the joy of Balarama and the other Gopalakas; Having stayed there overnight on the banks of the Yamuna, along with them, the lotus-eyed Lord Krishna consumed the great forest fire that emerged at night, in order to protect the Gopalakas.
  • 44 In this way, when Lord Krishna, the One with unlimited divine strength, the One without birth, stayed in Gokula and performed divine acts that were not even in the realm of thinking for Devatas and Asuras, the people of Gokula were presented a danger in the form of a tree, that was an asura by name Ugra.
  • 45 Merely by the smell of his poison, humans, animals and all other beings were falling ill with various diseases and dying; The asura, who had the only goal of destroying the world, was impossible to be killed due to the boon of Brahma.
  • 46 When even Balarama got affected by the strength of that mighty poison, Lord Krishna cured him merely by His touch; The Lord destroyed the asura, who was in the form of the tree, along with all his associates, who too had taken the form of trees.
  • 47 At the same time, He also destroyed the Rakshasas who had taken the form of cows and had become invincible due to the boon of Brahma and He burnt those trees as well; The Lord Padmanabha, along with Balarama, enjoyed in the waters of the Yamuna, and quickly relieved Gokula of all diseases.
  • 48 Lord Krishna then killed seven asuras, who had taken the form of oxen and had obtained the boon of Shiva and thus had become extremely powerful and valorous and therefore could not be brought under control by anyone else; He then quickly obtained Neela, the daughter of Kumbhaka, who was the brother of Yashoda.
  • 49 She had performed a penance in her previous janma thinking thus – “I should become the first wife of Lord Krishna; I should unite with Lord Krishna before even all the other excellent women”; Therefore the Lord accepted her as the first one.
  • 50 Lord Krishna married Neela even before His upanayana; He also married those Gopa women who were excellent Apsaras as they had obtained a boon asking thus – “We should be granted your union even before your upanayana”.
  • 51 Once, the associates of Lord Krishna, asked Him, along with Balarama – “Please let us have the excellent ripe Tala fruits”; When they requested thus, Lord Krishna, along with Balarama, went to the plantation of Tala trees which had become out of reach for the Gopas due to the asura Dhenuka.
  • 52 Dhenuka was an evil daitya; Due to the boon of Vignesha, he had obtained long life and great strength; He was also always eager for fights; He used to remain intoxicated always; Noticing that Balarama was getting the fruits to drop from the trees, he rushed there.
  • 53 Balarama caught the hind legs of Dhenuka when he tried to kick him; Balarama smashed the rakshasa, who was in the form of a donkey, against the Tala trees and killed him; As soon as the evil donkey-formed rakshasa was destroyed, all the other donkeys in the plantation started rushing towards Lord Krishna and Balarama, making loud and disturbing noises; All of them were killed by Lord Krishna and Balarama.
  • 54 Having thus killed the donkey-formed Rakshasa, who had become invincible by others due to the boon of Vigneshwara, the Lord of Lakshmi, the One who is complete with Pourusha and other attributes, gave the excellent fruits to His people.
  • 55 Once, when the Gopa kids were playing in two teams, a Daitya by name Pralamba, having been sent by Kamsa, came there; When Lord Krishna’s team started winning, he, having been defeated, picked up Balarama in his ferocious form and left from there.
  • 56 Balarama, who was scared, started chanting the name of Lord Krishna; In order to fill strength in him, Lord Krishna reminded Balarama that He himself was present in Balarama also; Balarama regained his strength with this and he smashed the Rakshasa, who was flying in the sky, with his fist and killed him.
  • 57 When he was killed, the groups of Suras, who were extremely satisfied, named Rama as Baladeva; Lord Krishna, the Ocean of infinite attributes, once again drank the deadly forest fire and saved the Gopalas and the cows.
  • 58 Once the accompanying friends of Lord Krishna, when they had gone very far away, requested him thus – “All of us are suffering from extreme hunger”; Lord Krishna, the One who is the complete satisfier of all desires said thus – “There is a group of Brahmins close by who are performing a Yaga. Go and ask them”.
  • 59 Those Gopas went to them and returned back to Lord Krishna without their desires being fulfilled; Then the Lord spoke thus – “Go to their wives and tell them that I sent you”; They did the same; The wives of the Brahmins came running to Lord Krishna.
  • 60 Those wives of the Brahmins, with the only intention of serving Lord Krishna, gave up their husbands, sons and other relatives and came running towards Him holding six types of food in their hands; Lord Krishna sent them back; Only one lady, who was prevented by her husband, gave up her life and reached the abode of Lord Vishnu.

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