Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 2: Part 6

  • 151 “Balitta tadvapushe dhayi darshatam devasya bhargah sahaso yatojani. Yadeemupa hvarate sadhate matir-rutasya dhenaa anayanta sasrutah” (Balittha Sukta – 1)
  • 152 “Pruksho vapuh pitumaannitya ashaye dvitiyamaa saptashivasu matrushu. Truteeyamasya vrushabhasya dohase dashapramatim janayanta yoshanah” (Balittha Sukta – 2)
  • 153 “Niryadeem budhnaanmahishasya varpasah eeshaanaasah shavasaakrantah surayah. Yadeemanu pradivo madhva aadhave guhaasantam matarishvaa mathaayati” (Balittha Sukta – 3)
  • 154 “Pra yatpituh paramaanneeyate paryaa prukshudho veerudho damsu rohati. ubhaa yadasya janusham yadinvata aadidyavishto abhavad ghrunaa shuchih” (Balittha Sukta – 4)
  • 155 “Aadinmaatrooraavishadyaasvaashuchirahimsyamaana urviyaa vivaavrudhe. Anu yatpoorvaa aruhat sanaajuvo ninavyaseeshvavarasu dhaavate” (Balittha Sukta – 5)
  • 156 Ashwamedha is the best amongst Yajnas; Among luminaries, Sun is the best; Amongst men, Brahmana is the best; Amongst devatas, Vayu is the greatest. (Mahabharata)
  • 157 The source of strength for Indra is Shiva; The source of strength for Shiva is Vayu; For him, verily Lord Hari Himself is the strength; Lord Hari has not derived His strength from anyone else (Mahabharata)
  • 158 Lord Vayu is terrible on the Asuras; He has the voice which brings fear into evil; He is extremely radiant; He gives activity to all Jivas; When such Vayu deserts a body is when death occurs; Vayu is therefore superior to all other devatas and is special amongst them. (Mahabharata – Shanti Parva 250/39)
  • 159, 160 In knowledge of the truth, devotion to Lord Vishnu, firmness of mind, courage, bravery, speed, quickness, giving up of unnecessary talk, scholastic ability, smartness, daring nature and strength – there is none equal to Bhimasena in either of the armies (Pandavas & Kauravas).
  • 161 The statements made by Yudhisthira about Bhima are also similar – “O Bharata! In the worlds, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha, Success and others are also certainly under your sway”
  • 162, 163, 164, 165 The statement of Duryodhana in the Virata Parva is also similar; Amongst those who know the shastras, those who are clever in deciphering the truth, amongst daityas, naras, rakshasas and the entire human population, amongst those with honesty, strength, courage, prana shakti, the activities related to the body; there are four who are the best with regard to complete strength and manliness; “Bhimasena, Balarama, King of Madra (Shalya) and Keechaka; We have not heard of a fifth one”; In this as well, those who are stated later are less strong than the previous ones.
  • 166, 167, 168 The excellent statements of Lord Krishna in the Udyoga Parva are also similar; “Bhimasena, I know that you possess a thousand times more knowledge, devotion and other qualities than what you yourself assess them to be; You are on to those activities which are very apt considering the lineage you come from, which is revered by all kings, and the activities that are suitable for such noble families; Bhimasena, in this war, the burden is all on you; While Arjuna will hold the reins, the others are all being carried along”.
  • 169, 170, 171 It has been stated by Brahma to Narada in the Brahmanda Purana; “By whose grace Shesha, Garuda, Rudra and Indra realize the Paramatma, and who is the first mother for all of them; that Bharati is famous on earth by the name of Draupadi”; “That Bharati, who bore the womb due to Vayu, and obtained four sons Shesha, Garuda, Rudra and Indra, who are just like Brahma, she is well known on earth as Draupadi”
  • 172 Except Bhima, the one for whom there is no match anywhere, whether in strength, knowledge or awareness, that person is verily this holder of the plough, Rama himself.
  • 173 In all the three worlds, except Bhima, the one for whom there is no match, no matter how much one searches; that wielder of the plough is this Balarama himself.
  • 174, 175 Similarly, the statement by Dharmaraja to Bhima goes as – “Arjuna, by virtue of being taught in all skills by Balarama, you and the great Lord Krishna, is undefeated. Bhima! After Balarama and you, it is Arjuna who is undefeated. Courage, bravery and strength; in these there is no third person apart from Arjuna”
  • 176 The statement of Draupadi to Lord Vasudeva is also similar – “O Janardana! Except you and Bhima and Arjuna, there is none else who can even string the Gandiva bow”.
  • 177, 178 Elsewhere, the statement of Lord Krishna Dvaipayana is also similar – “After Lord Krishna, there are only two others who have been known as the best humans; Bhimasena is the first of them; Ashwathama is the second; By virtue of the two divine quivers which never go empty, the flag which has the symbol of Hanuman and the best divine bow Gandiva, Arjuna exceeds Ashwathama”.
  • 179, 180 With regard to the stated truths about the supremacy of Lord Vishnu, there are infinite number of other statements; For the purpose of illustration, only a few of those statements have been stated here; Therefore, with the narration so far, the supremacy amongst all, of Lord Hari and His nature of being the Supreme Godhead is established firmly.
  • 181 In order to firmly state the completeness of Lord Vishnu, this short collection of the excellent statements of the Bharata have been compiled, with illustrations, by Purnaprajna.
  • 182 He is infinitely superior to Brahma and others who are known as superior; He is infinite with respect to time, space and attributes; He releases His devotees from the eternal ocean of Samsara; The sons of Kunti, in order to receive the honey like grace of His lotus-like feet, obtained the kingdom in both the worlds through His magic; May that Lord Hari be pleased.

|| End of chapter 2, known as Bharata Vakyoddhara, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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