Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 19: Part 1

  • 1) In this way, when the Pandavas, possessing all auspicious attributes, were performing especially noble deeds together with Sri Krishna, the Kauravas engaged in activities that were atheistic in nature when it came to Gurus, Devatas and the noble ones.
  • 2) There was a Brahmana known as Kalinga. He was an Asura by nature. He was the shishya of Shukracharya and the Guru of Shakuni. Agreeing to Shakuni’s request he secretly taught the Kauravas the entire evil Niti.
  • 3) Cheating was the biggest lesson imparted by him. The Devatas must not be worshipped. All Dharmic deeds must be done for one’s own gain and for deceiving the world. Only when there is grave danger must one perform Dharma. Only such a person will be considered excellent amongst Asuras and Daityas.
  • 4) Without coming to the notice of Dhritharashtra and the other elders, the Kauravas (princes) learnt all these lessons. Due to their inherent (evil) nature they liked it. Using the strength of their intellect they increased the learning on their own.
  • 5) After that, Duryodhana, who was evil minded and who was burning in his mind seeing the immense wealth of the Pandavas and their victories, got together with Shakuni and went to his father and said thus.
  • 6) “All of us are your own sons and you are the eldest. But, you are ignoring us by not giving us the Kingdom. On the other hand, you are handing over the position of the King to the Pandavas who were born to your brother’s wives through others”.
  • 7) “In the future, Yudhisthira will obtain the position of the King because of you. Or he will obtain it by force due to the strength of his brothers. Then, all of us, along with our children, will have to become servants of the son of Kunti and his children”.
  • 8) “I am not feeling sad for myself. I am sad that because of us your pristine and worldly fame will be destroyed. Therefore, all of us have decided to die by committing suicide. Please permit s to do so”.
  • 9) Having listened to such words of his son, the King replied – “It is not appropriate that your mind is thinking thus. Who cannot be afflicted with affection for the Pandavas who possess all excellent traits and who are prospering due to their own abilities?”.
  • 10) “They are bringing lots of wealth belonging to other Kings (through victories) due to the strength of their shoulders. They will not cause any obstacles to you. Therefore, O son, calm down. It is not good for the growth of one’s lineage and for one’s own safety to take enmity with the powerful”
  • 11) Even as Dhritharashtra advised thus, the sinner Duryodhana relied upon the means of Shakuni and said – “If you do not send the Pandavas away from Nagapura (Hastinapura), all of us will die. You can watch that happen and live happily with them”.
  • 12) Listening to his words, King Dhritharashtra fell into the trap of over-attachment to his son, all due to the wishes of Sri Hari, the beholder of the Chakra. He said to his son – “The Pandavas are very powerful. It is not possible to send them away from the city in any way”.
  • 13) When his father spoke thus, he (Duryodhana) looked at Shakuni and said – “I have a plan for this. Listen to it. It has been thirteen years since they came to the city. Since then I have been having this plan”.
  • 14) “There is no one more valorous and powerful than the son of Drona. I have brought him under my spell by employing various methods. His father and uncle (Krupacharya) are also under my control. Bhishma is anyway always with them”.
  • 15) “Similarly, most of the army has been brought under control by the use of gifts and positions. Likewise, Karna is also under my control. He is greater than Arjuna, the son of Indra, when it comes to astras and strength. Coming to Bhima, I shall win against him due to the power of mantras”.
  • 16) “I have obtained from Sage Durvasa three thousand excellent mantras that are unavailable even to the Devatas. Because their power will reduce if I use them elsewhere I have retained them for use against only Bhima”.
  • 17) “These mantras grant strength, grant victory and can give siddhis such as Jalastambha, Agnistambha and so on. These mantras can stop even the groups of Devatas. They can satisfy desires such as rain and others. I have been chanting these mantras every day and maintaining their power (to grant). Using these I will win against Bhima”.
  • 18) “If you want to maintain cordiality with them, then I can definitely not oppose it. Let them stay at Varanavata for your sake. Let that region be theirs. Let this Nagapura be mine”.
  • 19) “In this way, if you take care of your sons, you shall obtain fame. If you nurture the progeny of others fame gets destroyed. They will definitely oppose you once their strength increases. They are following you now only for their own personal benefit”.
  • 20) “Vidura is the only one who is especially protective of the Pandavas. He is my enemy. It is due to his plans that the city-dwellers and other citizens hate me always. (It is due to him) They always maintain good feelings towards the Pandavas”.

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