Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 24: Part 2

  • 42-43) Noticing that the two of them did not arrive, he conducted discussions with Sri Krishna. Then, Sri Shouri said – “I shall go. Amidst all Rishis in that gathering, I shall speak appropriately. If he still doesn’t accept them, then Duryodhana would become deserving of being killed in the eyes of all people, for having betrayed Dharma”.
  • 44) When Sri Krishna spoke thus, Bhimasena, in order to prevent the accusation of having started the enmity, spoke thus in order to teach all others.
  • 45) “Because of my excuse, let our lineage not get destroyed. In order to protect our clan, we shall walk below Duryodhana”.
  • 46) Although he had firmly decided to slay all the Kauravas, Bhimasena spoke in this fashion desiring to show the way of the world.
  • 47) Appearing to object to Bhima, Sri Krishna motivated him for war, in order to show the world that the destruction of the Kauravas was Dharma indeed.
  • 48) Having understood the mentality of Sri Krishna, Bhima then narrated his real capabilities in front of the Kings. Sri Krishna endorsed it by saying that his strength was much more.
  • 49) Amidst those Kings, Sri Krishna illuminated the facts, through excellent truth-revealing words, that the killing of Kauravas was excellent Dharma, and that the qualities of Bhima were unlimited.
  • 50) Sri Krishna and Bhima possessed similar attitude always (on all matters). However, in order to cause everyone to firmly believe this, the two of them engaged in such an artificial debate.
    • Note: Through this staged debate, Sri Krishna and Bhima convinced everyone that the two of them had the same outlook towards all matters regarding Dharma.
  • 51) Later Sri Krishna calmed down Arjuna, who wanted peace, through auspicious words filled with reasoning and logic. Nakula then spoke like a strategist, thinking of him, the lord of the world (Sri Krishna), as a mere mortal.
  • 52) Sahadeva then asked for the war to be arranged, wanting to show his valour. Satyaki too gave the same suggestion.
  • 53) Draupadi then said to Sri Krishna – “It is the foremost Dharma of Kshatriyas to bring Dasyus under control. Therefore, there should never be an agreement with the Kauravas”. Sri Krishna too gave her his word saying “May it be so” and left.
  • 54) Sri Krishna, who sat in an excellent chariot along with Satyaki, was escorted by the Pandavas and other Kings for a very long distance. Sri Krishna then stopped them with his words and went to meet the Kauravas, along with the best of Brahmanas.
  • 55) Along with the Sages, Sri Hari in the form of Parashurama and Vyasa also accompanied him and proceeded (towards Hastinapura). Although he is the same Vishnu (in all three forms), it isn’t possible for anyone else apart from him to understand the infinite qualities of his words.
  • 56) Throughout the way, Sri Krishna was worshipped by the citizens of the country. Brahma and the other Devatas showered flowers on him and bowed to him and praised him profusely. Sri Krishna, the one beyond the grasp of knowledge and the supreme one, reached Hastinapura.
  • 57) Sri Krishna was received with great devotion by Bhishma and the others. He walked along with them on the royal pathway. Desiring to see Sri Krishna, the most beautiful one on Earth and the ocean of auspicious attributes, all the citizens rushed there.
  • 58) Being offered great respect filled with devotion by all of them, the eternal one went to Dhritharashtra’s house. Led by Bhishma and others, Dhritharashtra performed special worship of Sri Krishna. Being seated on a golden throne, he was radiant, illuminating all the directions with his shine.
  • 59) Conducting appropriate interaction with all of them, Sri Krishna went to Duryodhana’s house. He too offered respects to Sri Krishna. But he rejected that worship as Duryodhana was the enemy of the noble Pandavas. He proceeded to Vidura’s house.
  • 60) In spite of repeated requests from Bhishma and others, Sri Krishna, the primordial  lord, did not go to their houses. Their neglect of Draupadi was the reason behind this. The indiscernible one immediately proceeded to Vidura’s house.
  • 61) Being very pleased with the devotion filled welcome of Vidura, Sri Krishna entered his house. Vidura worshipped him with great excitement and with full devotion, and offered him everything.
  • 62) The next day, Duryodhana escorted Sri Krishna to the gathering of the Kauravas. Being seated amidst the best of the Sages on a gem-studded golden divine seat, Sri Krishna put forth (his proposal).
  • 63) Sri Krishna, the reliever of Kali’s influence and the one with lotus-eyes, was worshipped well by Bhishma and the others and appeared radiant. After exchanging appropriate pleasantries with them, he spoke at the appropriate time.
  • 64) “O Dhritharashtra! For the sake of your family’s welfare, hand over the Kingdom to your son Dharmaraja. Only then will you gather fame, punya and my foremost grace”.
  • 65) “If you do not do so, you will lose fame and punya. And you will become my opponent” – when Sri Krishna spoke thus, Dhritharashtra replied – “You yourself advise my son as he always violates my words”.
  • 66) In spite of being advised especially by Sri Vasudeva, the evil-minded Duryodhana got up along with his brothers and ministers and made up his mind to imprison the all-mighty Sri Krishna.
  • 67) All those who thought about imprisoning Sri Krishna at that moment were the opponents of Devatas. Therefore, all of them, including Vikarna, became fit for being slayed. They voided themselves of an auspicious ending.
  • 68) Karna, although being the personification of a Devata, possessed the Avesha of an Asura and engaged in that plan for the sake of Duryodhana. By character he was not evil. Therefore, he obtained a noble after-life. All those who acted in accordance with Sri Krishna there were of noble character.
  • 69-70) In spite of being advised by Rishis, Sri Parashurama, Sri Vyasa – the one possessing unlimited tejas, Sri Krishna, his parents and Bhishma and the others, the evil-minded Duryodhana went ahead with his plan to arrest Sri Krishna.
  • 71) Satyaki and Krutavarma heard the plan of arresting Sri Krishna very clearly. Satyaki made Krutavarma stand elsewhere and met Sri Krishna alone and informed him of Duryodhana’s evil thinking.
  • 72) Sri Krishna, although omniscient, heard that plan from the mouth of Satyaki and told the son of Vichitravirya – “Watch my omnipresent form”.
  • 73) Then, as Dhritharashtra called Duryodhana along with his ministers over there, Sri Krishna, the best amongst men showed his all-pervading form that was full of the six auspicious attributes.
    • Note: Sri Mahavishnu is shad-guna-poorna – full of six auspicious qualities – dominion, might, glory, splendor, wisdom, and dispassion
  • 74) As soon as that amazing form of Sri Krishna, that was bright like the Sun at the time of dissolution, being full of unlimited radiance, bearing the entire Universe, eternal and one that could not be understood fully was seen, Duryodhana and the others closed their eyes, being unable to bear the intensity of the radiance.
  • 75) Sri Krishna took back his Vishwaroopa. After Dhritharashtra pleaded with him a lot, he made him blind as earlier. After showing the whole world that Duryodhana and his followers were great sinners, he left.
  • 76) Although Sri Krishna, the one with unlimited strength and the best amongst all sentient beings, was fully capable of inspiring Duryodhana to follow his advice, he did not do so. He caused him to fall into Andhantamas.
  • 77) Sri Krishna went to Kunti’s house again and listened to her message for Dharmaraja. He got Karna into his chariot and left. Narrating to him the incidents surrounding his birth, he told him – “Come to the side of Pandavas”. Having received great affection from the Kauravas, Karna did not heed his words.
  • 78) Bhagavan Sri Krishna left Karna there and met Ashwathama in solitude and advised him to be friendly with the Pandavas. Ashwathama replied that he would go soft on them until his father was alive. Sri Krishna bid him farewell and, having taken leave of the Kauravas earlier itself, returned to the Pandavas.
  • 79) Although Kunti repeatedly requested him saying – “You are my son. Join the Pandavas” Karna did not agree and, in turn, gave her his word saying – “Apart from Arjuna, I shall not kill any other son of yours”.
  • 80) Desirous of battling (each other), both the Pandavas and the Kauravas left for Kurukshetra, along with Sri Krishna and erected their camps. The Pandavas, as instructed by Sri Krishna, put up their camps at an auspicious place.

|| End of chapter 24, known as ‘Yuddhodyoga’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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