Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 21: Part 3

  • 81) “If one is not unqualified, the performance of this Yajna will bring supremacy in Mukti amongst those who are equal in stature”
    • Note: In Mukti, all the souls who are inherently of the same capacity will enjoy equal status and bliss. However, if one performs a Rajasuya Yajna, then such an individual will be best amongst his peers and enjoy more bliss.
  • 82) “Even prior to Mukti, this Yajna will bring supremacy to one who performs it amongst his peers. That is why Harishchandra, the son of Trishanku, is greater than other Kings”.
  • 83) “Although your father is the amsha of a Devata, if he does not perform the Rajasuya then he will not be able to become greater than Harishchandra”.
  • 84) “In his original form, your father was once performing a penance. Indra, the best amongst the Maruts, came near him. Your father, however, did not stand up in respect. Hence he cursed him”.
  • 85) “You shall obtain the birth of a human. After your death, you will return to the Deva loka. However, you will not unite with your original form and hence Harishchandra will be greater than you then”.
  • 86) “When Paravaha (the original form of Pandu) apologized, Indra told him – ‘If you perform the Rajasuya you shall attain your original form again and become superior to Harishchandra'”
  • 87) “Therefore O Dharmaraja! You should certainly perform this auspicious task. All of you too shall obtain complete merit as per your own qualifications”.
  • 88-89) Sri Krishna spoke thus. Only Bhimasena, one who is set to reach the position of Brahma, is fully qualified to perform this Yajna. Thinking thus, and desiring to grant the complete merit of the sacrifice to him, Sri Krishna, the one who is Vayuvahana, spoke again to Yudhishthira.
  • 90) “When Jarasandha is still alive, how can you accomplish the Rajasuya? Who can win against him, when even Balarama could not kill him?”
  • 91) “Till Jarasandha, who can win the entire worlds due to the boons of Brahma and Shiva, is alive, this excellent Yaga will not fructify”.
  • 92) When Sri Krishna, the wielder of the Chakra, said thus, Dharmaraja replied – “O Lord! Because of Jarasandha, my mind is now withdrawn from the Yajna”.
  • 93) “There have been many Kings who have not become Chakradhipatis. When Kings did indeed become Chakradhipatis, Jarasandha wasn’t around”.
  • 94) When he said thus, Bhima, the Avatara of the main Vayu, said – “If proper efforts are put in, even the position of Brahma can be attained easily”.
  • 95) “Those who do not possess inherent ability, those who do not obtain the blessings of Sri Hari and those who do not put in great efforts never rise in life”.
  • 96) “I have ability that is firm. The great blessing of Sri Hari is present. Let us put forth our efforts and obtain growth”.
  • 97) When Bhima said thus, it became known that he is the main performer of the Yajna, due to such efforts of his. Sri Krishna said.
  • 98) “After Kali, the main person who is the source of strength for those who oppose noble people is Jarasandha alone”.
  • 99) “Similarly, only one person exists who is the refuge for the noble to let their nobility shine. Think about this thoroughly and send him along”.
  • 100) “If Jarasandha is killed by him, it is victory for the noble. Else know that it is victory for the evil. This cannot be otherwise”.
  • 101) “He who kills Jarasandha in battle shall surely attain the position of Brahma. He shall take care of the Vedas and Dharma”.
  • 102) “Since the King of Magadha is protected by Shiva, he who kills him shall make the whole world Vaishnava”.
  • 103) “He who kills the leader of the Shaivas will become the foremost Vaishnava” – when Sri Krishna spoke thus with a lot of depth, Yudhishthira still hesitated.
  • 104) When Dharmaraja said – “I don’t need this Yajna” Bhima said to him – “I shall definitely slay Jarasandha in battle”.
  • 105-106) When Bhimasena spoke thus, Sri Krishna said – “I, Bhima and Arjuna – the three of us will leave in order to kill Jarasandha. He shall be killed by Bhima definitely. The Yajna shall take place without a doubt. The world will come under your control”.
  • 107) When Sri Krishna said thus, Dharmaraja spoke out of fear, thinking about the desertion of Madhura by Sri Hari.
  • 108) “Out of Jarasandha’s fear, you yourselves left Madhura and went to the ocean. Therefore, I am scared of him”.
  • 109) “O Lord Krishna! These two, Bhima and Phalguna, are my two eyes always. You are my manas. Without you three, I can never be considered a man”.
  • 110) “Therefore O Krishna, the special one! For my personal glory, I can never send you, who are dearer than my life, to that powerful enemy”.
  • 111-112) When Dharmaraja spoke thus, Bhimasena, the one who is like forest-fire to enemies, said – “Mahalakshmi, Brahma, Shiva and all others protect the world only due to his inclination. Their strengths are under his control. Suras, Asuras and Sarpas – all their strengths too are under his sway. That Sri Hari, the controller of Brahma and Rudra, is this very Sri Krishna. Where does Jarasandha stand in front of him?”
  • 113-114) “My strength cannot be tolerated by enemies. That too is due to the grace of Sri Hari. He who is the chief reason behind the entire Universe possesses infinite strength and is invincible. Due to Sri Hari’s boon, Arjuna too is invincible. Therefore, the three of us shall now proceed towards our enemy the King of Magadha”.
  • 115) “I shall definitely slay Jarasandha in front of Sri Krishna. Let there be no doubt about this”. When Bhima said thus, Sri Krishna addressed Dharmaraja.
  • 116) “The three of us will together hand him over to death. Bhimsena will surely kill Jarasandha in battle”.
  • 117) “You do not have to be worried that I haven’t killed him. In order to teach niti to the world I have not killed him myself”.
  • 118) “If I get the chief amongst the devotees of Shiva killed by the one who is the chief amongst those who take refuge in me, it will cause my strength to become bright (well known)”.
  • 119) “Therefore O Dharmaraja! Bear no doubt in your mind. I will get Jarasandha killed and show your brothers to you (bring them back to you)”.
  • 120) When Sri Krishna said thus, Dharmaraja thought deeply about Sri Krishna’s great qualities and said – “May it be so”. The three of them quickly proceeded towards Magadha country.

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