Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 8: Part 3

  • 81 Noticing that Ravana was coming towards him, Neela started jumping on to his bow, flag mast, horses, chariot and also over his ten heads, without coming under his grasp; Ravana was stunned by this move.
  • 82 The king of the Rakshasas, Ravana, took up the Agneyastra and aimed it at Neela; Neela fell down due to it; But the fire did not burn him; Isn’t he verily the avatara of Agni himself?
  • 83 Ravana then rushed towards Lord Rama; Lakshmana quickly stopped him; Being the best amongst archers, both of them started showering arrows that were capable of cutting the protective coats of each others’ bodies.
  • 84 Ravana, who was thus stopped by Lakshmana, got very furious and picked up an excellent and fiery arrow given to him by Brahma and, aiming at Lakshmana’s forehead, released it.
  • 85 Lakshmana, who was badly hurt by that, fell down unconscious; The ten-headed Ravana got down from his chariot, went towards him, and forcefully tried to lift him away with his shoulders.
  • 86 Even though he was badly hurt, Lakshmana regained his consciousness and remembered his original form of Sesha, along with the amsha of Lord Sri Hari; Ravana then could not move Lakshmana even a bit.
  • 87 Ravana started pulling Lakshmana forcefully with all of his 20 arms; The entire earth, along with Meru, Mandara and all the oceans shook; But Lakshmana did not move even a bit.
  • 88 The entire earth, along with the seven patalas, seven great mountains and the seven great oceans reside on one head of the thousand headed Adi Sesha, as if like a mustard seed; Who can carry away such a person by force?
  • 89 The king of the Rakshasas, Ravana, kept trying to pull Lakshmana; At that time, Hanuman, who is the other form of Vayudeva, the king of all Jivas, jumped and stood in front of him.
  • 90 Hanuman smashed Ravana angrily with his fist which was like the Vajra; Ravana then fell down on the ground, spreading his twenty arms and bleeding from all of his ten heads.
  • 91 Having felled Ravana in that manner, Hanuman lifted Lakshmana and went to Lord Rama, who was Lord Hari Himself, the One who sleeps on Sesha; Isn’t Hanuman the one who is capable of (up)lifting Lakshmana?
  • 92 By the divine touch of Lord Rama, the weakness of Lakshmana was relieved; As soon as He removed the arrows, Lakshmana sat up; And he started shining just like the full moon which has come out of the clutches of Rahu.
  • 93 Lord Rama then picked up His bow and arrow which were like the body of Sesha and told Ravana, who had regained consciousness – “O Ravana! get ready”
  • 94 Climbing his chariot once again, Ravana moved towards Lord Rama along with his bow and arrows; Knowing all the great astras, he created darkness in all directions with his arrows.
  • 95 “When this king of Rakshasas is sitting in a chariot, my Lord should not be standing on the ground” – thinking thus, the son of Pavana made the Lord sit on his shoulders and went towards the Rakshasa.
  • 96 With a smile, Lord Rama killed his (Ravana’s) horses and finished his charioteer; He broke his chariot and flags; He destroyed his bow, swords and other weapons and destroyed his royal umbrella; He spilt his crown on to the ground after splitting it.
  • 97 Looking at him standing clueless, Lord Rama said “Now you get back; Go home; Satisfy all your desires; Fulfill the wishes of your relatives; Come back again to die”.
  • 98 When the Lord spoke thus, Ravana returned home with his head held low; He discussed the next steps with his few remaining ministers; He decided to wake up Kumbhakarna.
  • 99 Thousands of Rakshasas went towards Kumbhakarna with rocks and boulders, swords, axes and various other weapons; They found it difficult even to sustain the force of his breath; Somehow they approached him and finally succeeded in waking him up.
  • 100 They had arranged mounds of meat as big as hills and had setup blood flowing in taps; Once he satisfied himself with these, he was welcomed grandly into the royal hall by Ravana.
  • 101 Ravana said to him – “Even as you are alive, I have been defeated in war by a human named ‘Rama’; You kill him and make me happy”
  • 102 When he spoke thus, Kumbhakarna listened to all the reasons and admonished his own brother – “You have taken enemity with Rama, the One with extraordinary valor”
  • 103 “It is never appreciated to take enemity with powerful people; And it is my firm belief that this Rama is very powerful”; When he spoke thus, Ravana replied to him – “It may be my mistake; But you have to protect me; What else is your help for me?”
  • 104 “Based on the trust we have over powerful relatives like you, Kings like me do make mistakes sometimes”; When his older brother spoke thus, Kumbhakarna proceeded for battle.
  • 105 Holding an excellent weapon called ‘Shoola’, Kumbhakarna jumped the fort which was five yojanas in height and went towards battle; The monkey warriors were extremely terrified of him and ran away, even crossing back the bridge (over the ocean).
  • 106 Two monkeys named Shatabali and Panasa were avataras of Vasus; Shweta and Sampati belonged to the class of Maruts; Durmukha was the avatara of Nirruti; Kesari was the eldest amongst Maruts; Kumbhakarna took all of them into his mouth and swallowed them.
  • 107 Kumbhakarna, the best amongst Rakshasas, was extremely valorous; He crushed Kumuda, the avatara of Jayanta, with his hands; At that, five of them, Nala, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya and Vrusha along with Neela and Tara held big boulders and trees in their hands and rushed towards him; He brought all of them down with his fist.
  • 108 After that, Angada, Jambava and Sugreeva got together with other Vanaras who had come holding trees and boulders and started hitting the Rakshasa.
  • 109 All those boulders got crushed when they fell on his chest; But the poweful Rakshasa did not feel any pain at all.
  • 110 The son of Bhaskara (Sugreeva) then lifted a big hill and threw it at him; The Rakshasa held it in his hand and threw it back at Sugreeva, thus smashing him.
  • 111 The son of Surya then fell down on the ground; He then hit Angada and Jambavan also; They too fell down.
  • 112 The powerful Rakshasa then held Sugreeva in his hand and left; Hanuman followed him with the size of a small fly.
  • 113 “I shall get him out only if he gets into a problem with Kumbhakarna; On the other hand, if he can release himself, it is even better”
  • 114 Even as Hanuman was thinking thus, the Rakshasa entered his city; He was worshiped greatly by his relatives.
  • 115 Those relatives started sprinking cold water and flowers from all sides on the Rakshasa; Due to that sprinkling, Sugreeva was woken up and his strain from the battle also vanished; He duped the Rakshasa, jumped up and bit his nose.
  • 116 The King of the monkeys cut off both the ears of the Rakshasa with his hands and bit off his nose with his teeth; He jumped up from there.
  • 117 The Rakshasa then smashed Sugreeva, who had fallen down on the ground, with his hands; He sqaushed him with his feet; But Sugreeva escaped from the gaps in between his toes; The Rakshasa then threw the ‘Shoola’ at him in order to kill him.
  • 118 Hanuman saw that excellent Shoola falling on Sugreeva and stopped it with his hands; He placed it on his knees and broke it in an instant; He gazed at the face of the Rakshasa and roared loudly.
  • 119 At that moment, Kumbhakarna swirled his fist and hit Hanuman on his chest; And then he roared; Disregarding that hit, Hanuman smashed the Rakshasa.
  • 120 When he thus received a shot from Hanuman’s fist, the Rakshasa fell down unconscious; He woke up again and rushed towards Lord Rama.

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