Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 15: Part 1

  • 1) In this way, when the best amongst men, Lord Krishna, was taking care of the world, Bhima and Arjuna, along with Sahadeva, after having stayed with Him for three years, took his permission and returned to their city bringing along them the son of Krishna by name Vishoka.
  • 2) He was the son of Krishna born through the sairandhri called Trivakra; He was the student of Sage Narada; He became the charioteer for Bhima; In the previous janma, Trivakra was a person by name Pingala; She had meditated upon Lord Krishna as her husband and had (therefore) taken birth as Trivakra.
  • 3) Bhima became very pleased having obtained a charioteer like him who knew the Pancharatra; Bhima then obtained the excellent tattvajnana through Sage Vyasa, the very embodiment of Lord Hari; Bhima, one with the fame of having won over all, then taught the same excellent-knowledge to Arjuna and all the other devatas.
  • 4) Bhimasena destroyed all the non-vaishnava shastras and preached the pure vaishnava-maarga; Just for fun, Bhima, the one who had unlimited knowledge, strength and other qualities, defeated Balarama in the duel fights involving physical strength and oratory skills.
  • 5) Although Bhima was endowed with capability that was ever-apparent, full and pure, he listened to the teachings of Sage Vyasa again and again and increased his knowledge. Since even Mahalakshmi too is always dependent upon Lord Hari, who can stay without relying upon Lord Vishnu?
  • 6) Even Yudhisthira, the son of Yama, and the one who always took refuge in bhagavanta, obtained the excellent knowledge of the paramatma from Sri Veda Vyasa. All the five Pandavas, being the best practitioners of dharma, felt elated after having received the teachings of shastra from Lord Hari.
  • 7) Drona, the son of Sage Bharadhwaja, used to lead his life following the main dharma of brahmanas. He never used to save wealth for himself. Nor did he accept daana from others. Under such circumstances, his son Ashwathama used to join the Kauravas and come home after playing.
  • 8) His mother used to mix flour with water and feed it to him. He used to drink it and return to play with the Kauravas, who drank milk, and always used to say “I too drank milk today”
  • 9) Once the Kauravas gave the playful Ashwathama real milk to drink. He realized its sweetness. When his mother gave him flour mixed water on another occasion, he started crying loudly saying “This is not milk”.
  • 10) Seeing his son cry a lot, Drona was hurt inside and left his home desirous of obtaining a cow. His deep attachment to his son, the sankalpa of Lord Janardana and the repeated encouragement of his wife Kripi were the reasons for his departure.
  • 11) He, who had given up receiving daana completely, went to Lord Parashurama. Receiving daana from Vishnu, who is the father, lord, Guru and foremost God of all, cannot be a violation, can it?
  • 12) As soon as Parashurama saw Drona, he thought of making him a reason in the Bhu-Bhara-Harana work envisaged. He thought thus – “Drona, along with this son, must destroy the devatas who have taken birth as humans”
  • 13) All these who get killed for the sake of Pandavas will get increased bliss even in Mukti. It is not appropriate for them to have progeny in Kali Yuga. Because those who are born in Kali Yuga are normally sinners.
  • 14) Normally, up to a hundred generations of those born in a devata’s lineage are not capable of sinning. On the other hand, them not having progeny in spite of possessing excellent ‘retas’ is also not good.
  • 15) If the progeny of all devatas continues without a break, then Kali Yuga can never arrive. Therefore, all those born with the amsha of devatas and supporting Pandavas must be killed by him (Drona) and his son.
  • 16) Having thought so, Parashurama, the one with infinite strength, the Lord of all, the one without peers, said thus – “I have given away everything. I do not have any wealth”
  • 17) “Myself, my knowledge and my weapons – these are the only things left with me. Among them, you can take what you choose”. When he said thus, Drona thought deeply and said – “Who is capable of taking you?”
  • 18) “O Lord! You are the master of all. You are beyond everyone and independent of all. Who is even equal to you? If anyone even desires equality with you, he shall reach the never-returnable hell”
  • 19) “O Lord! What shall we do with your weapons when we are already weakened by them? Therefore O birthless one! Please grant me knowledge that is pure and can illuminate everything in this world”
  • 20) When he requested thus, Parashurama taught him all the weapons along with spiritual knowledge and other skills. Having completed the studies in 12 years, he proceeded towards his friend Drupada.

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  1. Namashkara. We are very fortunate and blessed to have the postings on Srimad Acharya’s teachings through you.

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