Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 12: Part 3

  • 71 The most excellent woman, Sri Durga, also told (him) the same – “O Sinner! Your death has taken birth already close-by over here; Without any reason, you tried to kill me, the one without any fault; Your effort will never succeed”.
  • 72 Having told Kamsa thus, Sri Durga slept on the lap of Devaki in the form of a child; Except the parents, Devaki and Vasudeva, no one could notice that the one with all noble attributes was lying this way; What surprise!
  • 73 Having listened to all that, Kamsa immediately repented and repeatedly requested Vasudeva and his wife to cheer up; They too, without getting upset, told him thus – “O King! For both joy and sorrow, there isn’t anyone else apart from Lord Hari who is the reason, isn’t it?”.
  • 74 Later, Kamsa called all his ministers to his palace and told them all that Sri Durga had told him; Having listened to him, those sinners opined thus – “All the kids should be put to death”.
  • 75 “Let it be so” – Kamsa said thus and, having engaged his ministers for this task, he retired to his inner chambers; Those ministers, being inherently cruel and taking pleasure in violence, went around killing children.
  • 76 The next morning, Yashoda and Nanda saw Lord Krishna, the One with eyes like lotus-petals, the One whose inherent nature is complete joy, the One who can never be grasped by the senses, lying on the bed.
  • 77 Both of them assumed that Lord Krishna, the One who is the father of even the lotus-born, the One who is the Lord of all, as their own son; Nanda, whose heart was filled with extreme joy, donated lakhs of cows to Brahmins.
  • 78 Nanda, who was the leader of the Gopas, donated gold, jewels, clothes and ornaments as well in huge numbers; All the Gopas, holding on to their gifts, went towards Nanda; The Gopa ladies too went to Yashoda in great joy.
  • 79, 80 After having spent some time there, Nanda left for Kamsa’s house; Prior to that, Nanda had started from Bruhadvana and had reached the banks of Yamuna in order to pay taxes to Kamsa; Yashoda, who had come along with him, gave birth to Sri Durga there itself; Vasudeva had come there and, having placed Lord Krishna, had taken Sri Durga and returned home; Nanda had stayed back there itself.
  • 81 Nanda spent a month at the banks of the Yamuna and later left to see Kamsa; After he handed over the tax to the King, Vasudeva came to see him and told him thus.
  • 82 “I am seeing inauspicious omens; Start soon”; When he said thus, Nanda quickly left towards the Yamuna; Even before he returned, Kamsa’s maid had reached there at night.
  • 83 She was known by the name of Putana; She hid her real form and put on an auspicious (looking) form and entered the camp of Nanda which was erected on the border of Bruhadvana on the road.
  • 84 In that camp by the banks of Yamuna, she picked up Lord Krishna, who was in the form of an infant; Yashoda, who was very drowsy, thought of her as a good person.
  • 85 Due to her maya and sleep, Yashoda did not stop her at all; When she gave her breast for feeding, Lord Krishna, the Lord of all, sucked it, along with her Prana itself.
  • 86 She fell down dead after taking her real, huge and terrible form occupying the entire forest; By that time Nanda also arrived there and all of them were awestruck seeing all this.
  • 87 That Putana was the Rakshasi Thataki, along with the avesha of Urvashi; Since she tried to kill Lord Krishna, she reached Tamas; Urvashi, who was inside of her, got purified when Lord Krishna sucked her breast and immediately reached Swarga.
  • 88 Since she (Urvashi) had copulated with Tumburu, she had incurred the curse of Kubera and had to enter the body of a Rakshasi; Her body became purified by the contact of Lord Krishna and she got back to Swarga; What in this world is impossible when Lord Ramesha is pleased?
  • 89 When Lord Krishna was running the fourth month, the Samskara of Upanishkramana took place; On the morning of that day, the Lord’s Janma Nakshatra was also present; Hence a big celebration took place.
  • Note: The Upanishkramana samskara involves taking the child out of the house for the first time, to a temple, tirtha kshetra, or elders’ homes.
  • 90 During that, Lord Krishna, who was sleeping under a chariot, kicked it in order to kill a demon; A demon had entered the chariot with the intention of opposing Lord Krishna.
  • 91 When Lord Krishna kicked the chariot, an Asura named Shakataksha fell down along with the chariot; His body was destroyed into pieces and he immediately died; The wheels and the axle of the chariot were scattered all over.
  • 92 By that time, Yashoda, who had come back from the banks of the river, was taken to task by Nanda; She very eagerly picked up Lord Krishna and, suspecting foul play by the planets, she bathed him along with the chanting of the Vedic Suktas by excellent Brahmins.
  • 93 In this way, having killed the attendant of Kamsa, Lord Krishna, the controller of all, the One with excellent auspicious attributes, fell asleep again like a kid; In this way, He gave great joy to all Gopalas with His child-like playful activities and stayed there.
  • 94 When Lord Krishna was growing up like this, although only in the eyes of the world, Pandu told thus to Kunti – “We first obtained a son who is very Dharmic; After that, we have obtained a son who is excellent in both physical strength and in the strength of knowledge”.
  • 95 “If there is only one son who is very strong, then it is possible that when he is waging wars with enemies, other enemies may attack our place and may steal and loot us; Therefore, it is better to have two such sons”.
  • 96 “We need a son who is very valorous and knows all the astras and weapons; Therefore, you invite a suitable Devata; Sesha has been born as your brother’s son; Therefore, he will not be appropriate to give a son”.
  • 97 “Garuda cannot grant a son and be born as a human; Lord Hari has ordered him thus earlier; Shankara is the abhimani for anger; He will not be appropriate for ruling the Kingdom”.
  • 98 “Therefore, after them, it is Mahendra who is the most powerful; It is appropriate to call the Lord of Swarga, Indra, himself” – when she was told thus, Kunti immediately invited Indra; Then, Indra himself was born.
  • 99 He was the one known as Arjuna; He had the amsha of Nara; He also had the presence of Lord Vishnu in him; He was very strong and knew all the astras and weapons; When Pandu said – “I want another son who is very good looking”, Kunti immediately said no in order to protect Dharma.
  • 100 Before all of them, the knowledgeable Brihaspati, in order to serve the feet of the Lord very well, was born as Uddhava to a Yadava warrior known as Upagava, along with the presence of Pavana (Vayu).
  • 101 Brihaspati took birth once again in the lineage of the Yadavas, as Uddhava, in order to serve the Supreme Being, as he knew that the Lord would not accept him as his favorite servant in the form of Drona.
  • 102 Uddhava learnt all the shastras from Brihaspati himself and became known as knowledgeable and skilled and became a minister to Lord Krishna; Three years after he was born, Satyaki was born; On the same day, Chekitana was born too.
  • 103 One of the Maruts by name Pratibha was born in the lineage of the Yadavas to serve Lord Hari; That Marut was Chekitana himself; Krutavarma too was born at the same time as the son of Hrudika; Three years after that, Yudhishthira was born.
  • 104 One year after that, Shiva was born in order to serve Lord Hari in the task of reducing the Earth’s burden; He was a great soul and he neighed like a horse as soon as he was born; Hence he was named “Ashwathama”.
  • 105 Ashwathama was born in the sister of Krupa by the semen of Drona and became knowledgeable, powerful and skilled in weapons; Four days after that Duryodhana was born; One day after that, the brave warrior Bhimasena was born.

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