Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 9: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 Lord Rama, having obtained the kingdom, told Lakshmana – “You immediately become the Yuvaraja”; Having been told thus, Lakshmana requested his older brother – “Except Your lotus feet, I do not desire anything else”.
  • 2 “It is my main desire that I should serve Your feet; Therefore, please do not engage me in any activity other than that; There does not exist any other boon better than this; Please grant me that for eternity”.
  • 3 Lord Rama embraced him tightly after he spoke thus and granted him that very request; He nominated Bharata as the crown prince and ruled all the worlds with all Dharmas.
  • 4 When Lord Rama started ruling the earth thus, the earth equalled Brahma Loka in terms of excellence of attributes; All the people became followers of Vishnu; No one was affected by the loss of Dharma!
  • 5 All the noble people were full of good attributes; All of them obtained their hierarchical positions based on their yogyate; The people were free from all kinds of diseases; All of them lived a thousand years and were full of wealth.
  • 6 All the people were very strong always; They always used to obtain whatever they desired; They were free from all defects; And they possessed good form; All of them used to be engaged in great festivities always.
  • 7 All of them used to worship Lord Vishnu as the Supreme One with their mind, words and deeds; No other devata used to be worshipped; The earth was full of all gems; It was full of the desired grains; It was full of cows that gave abundant milk.
  • 8 All the dravyas were very pleasing to the mind; The various juices were very attractive to the mind; The various sounds used to attract the sense organs of hearing and the objects of touch used to be nice to the sense organs of touch.
  • 9 No one used to suffer from sorrow of any kind; No one used to suffer from loss of wealth; There were none who were of adharmic bent of mind, without a progeny, with a bad progeny or with a bad wife.
  • 10 Women never became widows; Neither did men become widowers; Neither the company of undesirable objects, nor separation from desired objects, ever occurred; No one got early death.
  • Note: The comment about widows and widowers is to indicate that no one died early leaving their spouses without support.
  • 11 When the Lord of the world, Lord Rama, was thus ruling the earth in a very dharmic way, all th people always obtained all the flowers, jewellery and fragrances that they wanted; They always had the milk, water, food and clothes that they desired.
  • 12 Brahma, Shiva, Vayu, Ashwini devatas, Surya and others used to bend their heads which were crowned with many jewels and worship the footrest of Lord Rama; In this way, Lord Rama, the consort of Ramaa, whose feet were worshipped by devatas, humans and monkeys used to live joyfully.
  • 13 Mahalakshmi, in the form of Sita, has always been a maid of Lord Hari from eternity; With her natural beauty, radiance, auspicious attributes and other qualities, all of which have been her qualities for ever, she served and pleased Lord Ramesha, who is forever joyful by Himself.
  • 14 Lord Rama is the Supreme One; He is joyed by Himself; He is full of excellent, unlimited and natural joy daily; He is always shining; He enjoyed the flower filled Ashoka gardens along with Sita, during the nights which were glowing due to the full moon.
  • 15 Gandharvas and Charanas, who had excellent voices, got together with Apsaras and used to praise Lord Rama; Getting along with groups of devatas, groups of Munis used to chant His prayers; Kings used to follow Him by giving up all their ego.
  • 16 Lord Rama, who had won over all enemies and who was an extraordinary warrior, thus ruled the earth for thirteen thousand years; He is the Lord of Indira; He is the ocean of complete bliss; He is the great One who cannot be fully comprehended by anyone; He gives joy to the worlds like the moon.
  • 17 Lord Rama obtained two sons from Sita Devi, named Lava and Kusha, who were the avataras of Indra and Agni; They were twins and endowed with strength and noble attributes; With a powerful arrow of His, Lord Rama got Lavana burnt to ashes through Shatrughna; Through him, He also got the city of Madhurapura (Mathura) built.
  • 18 Similarly, He got Bharata to destroy three crore Rakshasas who had taken birth from Gandharvas; In order to show Dharma to the noble men, He worshipped Himself through excellent and appropriate Yajnas; Those Yajnas were unprecedented ones in which Brahma, Shiva and others were assistants.
  • 19 After that, Lord Rama killed a Shudra Tapasvi, due to whose penance a Brahmana youngster had died, and brought back the young boy to life.
  • 20, 21 Earlier, an asura named Jangha had obtained a lifetime of one kalpa due to the boon of Girija and was born as a Shudra; The evil minded asura was performing penance with the intention of obtaining Rudra’s position so he could destroy the world; Since he could not be killed by anyone else, Lord Rama, the Supreme Being, destroyed him.
  • 22, 23, 24, 25 Shweta then offered a garland to Lord Rama through Sage Agastya which the Lord accepted; Shweta had performed Yajnas without performing Anna Dana; In order to satisfy hunger, he was eating flesh from his own body; Brahma told him thus – “This King must offer a garland to reach Lord Rama through Sage Agastya; He should not offer the garland himself directly; If he offers it directly, the merits he will accumulate are much more than what is needed to satisfy his hunger; On the other hand, he has asked for a boon that will only satisfy his problem due to hunger; Therefore, he has to offer the garland through another person only”; Saying thus, Brahma instructed him to hand over the garland to Sage Agastya.
  • 26 Lord Rama accepted the garland offered by Sage Agastya knowing – “This Agastya is my devotee”; He returned to Ayodhya after being glorified by the Sage through prayers.
  • 27 Earlier, there were some Rakshasas known as Suranakas; They were famous as brave warriors; They undertook a great penance and, when Brahma appeared in front of them, asked him thus.
  • 28 “O abode of excellent attributes! We should obtain Moksha even if we commit the gravest of sins”; Listening to these words, the Lord Brahma smilingly told them thus.
  • 29 “Till the time you do not think of separation between the Lord of Ramaa, the ocean of noble attributes, and Ramaa, there will be no sin that will come in the way of your route to Moksha”.
  • 30 Having listened to Brahma, all those asuras, with the desire of obtaining Moksha soon, and in order to do more sadhana for obtaining Moksha, were born on earth when Lord Rama was ruling.

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