Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 9: Part 2

  • 31 All of them were ineligible for the path of Moksha due to their accumulation of sins driven by their inherent nature; All of them were displaced from the right path of obtaining Vishnu, by Janaki, using the ‘Maya’ form of herself.
  • 32 Due to the orders of Lord Hari, the abhimanini of Maya, ‘Durga’ cast a spell on those asuras and they started berating Lord Rama in many ways saying – “He has accepted Janaki who was kidnapped by a Rakshasa”.
  • 33 In order to fructify the words of Brahma, and in order to push those asuras into AndhaTamas, Lord Rama, though He is always with Sita, acted as if He was separated from her, in front of the eyes of ignorant people.
  • 34 All those asuras went to AndhaTamas due to the action of Lord Rama; After that, Lord Rama invited Sita for Yajnas; Keeping the oath made in relation to Bhumi as an excuse, Sita did not appear in front of the people but was always with Lord Rama.
  • 35 Lord Vishnu has Himself created Brahma and made him the Guru of the Universe; Therefore, He will never defy Brahma in respect of his words given to noble people.
  • 36 With regard to the matters of the other worlds, He will not defy Brahma’s words even if given to Asuras; But in the matters of this world, He sometimes overrules the words of Brahma if given to asuras.
  • 37 He does so just to show that He is above all the rest; Sometimes, even Vayu, with the permission of Lord Vishnu, does the same to remind all that he also will obtain the position of Brahma.
  • 38 No one else can ever violate either the boons or the curses of Brahma; Both of them defy the words of Rudra and others when it applies to unqualified people.
  • 39 With regard to the word given to noble people, they will make it come true partially; The words of Lord Vishnu, though, will never go wrong anywhere in no matter; Lord Vishnu takes avataras only to show this truth.
  • 40 Though Sita entered the earth in front of the world, she was actually always residing with Lord Rama without any separation, just like how radiance always stays with the Sun.
  • 41 In this way, Lord Rama, who was entertained by Mahalakshmi, in the form of Sita, performed Ashwamedha and other yajnas and worshiped Himself; He is always completely self-sufficient; Even then, He performed the yajnas in order to teach other kings.
  • 42 Sita at that time was visible only to Lord Rama; She was invisible to all others; In this way, they enjoyed together for 700 years after the episode of (Sita) entering the earth.
  • 43 The activities of Lord Janardana, in the avatara of Rama, are thus uncountable; Apart from Him, no one else, including Brahma, Shiva, Sesha, Indra, other devatas and all others, cannot even think of these activities anytime.
  • 44 When, in this fashion, Lord Rama was ruling the earth making it similar to Brahma Loka, the devatas noticed the glory that earth obtained; Desiring to once again obtain the fame that their worlds are better than the earth, they went to Brahma and narrated all their thoughts.
  • 45 Brahma discussed the issue with the devatas; He too desired that the Lord should return to His world and he sent Rudra to request Lord Rama to return back; Shiva then went to Lord Rama and requested Him.
  • 46 Shiva, who is the destroyer of all, met Lord Rama alone and narrated the words of Brahma, the creator; “Desiring glory for their worlds, Brahma and other devatas have requested you”.
  • 47 “O Lord of everything! The lotus-born Brahma is your son; Therefore, I am your grandson; Noble people accept the words of their grandchildren even if it is not appropriate; Therefore, I am requesting you to ‘return to your world’ with humble salutations”.
  • 48 “The work for which you were requested upon by the devatas and consequently for which you took avatara here, has been achieved completely; Therefore, you please return quickly to your world, in order to give joy to the devatas”.
  • 49 Lord Rama, who listened to all that when alone, immediately said ‘Yes’; At that time, Sage Durvasa, who was another avatara of Shiva, came there as if in a hurry, repeating many times “O Rama! Give me food as I am hungry”.
  • 50 “I do not want food that is already cooked; Nor is the food that is to be cooked acceptable to me”; As soon as Sage Durvasa said thus, Lord Rama produced nectar like food in all four varieties from His hand and offered it; Sage Durvasa consumed it and was very satisfied.
  • 51 Sage Durvasa used to get enraged with everyone with a challenge saying – “No one can satisfy my demands”; He returned satisfied in this way; Lord Rama was the only one who satisified him thus; No one else did.
  • 52 Kunti pleased the sage only because of his own boon; Lord Rama won over the sage even in the form of Lord Krishna due to His natural strength; In this way, once Shiva, both in his original form and in the form of the sage had returned, Lord Rama addressed Lakshmana and said – “You proceed”.
  • 53 When Lord Rama was having a separate discussion with Shiva, He had appointed Lakshmana as His door-keeper.
  • 54 “If you let anybody enter, I will kill you” – Lord Rama had said thus; At that time, when Sage Durvasa came over, Lakshmana started to think.
  • 55, 56 “The challenge of Sage Durvasa has to be broken by meeting Lord Rama only; Otherwise, the sage will cause harm to Lord Rama’s reputation; Even if Lord Rama kills me, He will only show His grace” – thinking thus, Lakshmana let way for Sage Durvasa.
  • 57 Lord Rama had desired to get back to His world; “Let this oath be a route for that” – thinking this way, Lord Rama had personally said “I will kill you”.
  • 58 Thinking that deserting a dear relative is equivalent to killing him, Lord Rama had said – “You immediately get back to your world” to Lakshmana.
  • 59 When Lord Rama said thus, Lakshmana left from there; He meditated on the form of Lord Rama, the One who destroys the darkness of the world; That form of Lakshmana has 1000 heads; The axe and the plough are the weapons; Lakshmana obtained the divine form of the great serpent called Sesha who is the bed for Lord Vishnu, who is sleeping in the milky ocean.
  • 60 Then, Lord Rama also made up His mind to get back to His abode with His subjects; He proclaimed that all those who wished to obtain His imperishable abode should immediately go to Him.

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