shri rAma chAritra manjari – X

Source: shri gururAja saMputa – Volume 1 – published by mantralaya matha

rakShan kShONIM samRuddhAM nuta uta munibhirmAnayanvAyusUnuM
prEShyAdityAtmajAdeen vyatanuta bharataM yauvarAjyEnumAnya |
kAryE saumitrimArtashvagaditakRudarighnO&tha shatrughnatO yO
hatvA&sau duShTashUdraM dvijasutagubavEtkuMbhajAnmAlabhAree || 10 ||

Words in the shlOka

rakShan, kShONIM, samRuddhAM, nutaH, uta, munibhiH, mAnayan, vAyusUnum, prEshya, AdityAtmaja, Adeen, vyatanuta, bharataM, yauvarAjyE, anumAnya, kAryE, saumitrim, Arta, shva, gaditaM, kRut, arighnaH, atha, shatrughnataH, yaH, hatvA, asau, duSHTashUdraM, dvija, suta, gup, avEt, kumbhajAn, mAlabhAree

Word meanings

rakShan – having protected
kShONIM – the earth
samRuddhAM – one that is abundant
nutaH – having been praised
uta – subsequently
munibhiH – by munis (sage agastya and others)
mAnayan – accorded respect
vAyusUnum – hanUmAn
prEshya – having sent
AdityAtmaja – sugreeva, the son of sUrya
Adeen – others
vyatanuta – gave the power of
bharataM – bharata
yauvarAjyE – the post of yuvarAja
anumAnya – having ordered
kAryE – the responsibility (or task) of
saumitrim – lakshmaNa
Arta – sorrow filled
shva – dog
gaditaM – told
kRut – having done
arighnaH – having gotten the enemy (lavaNAsura) killed
atha – then
shatrughnataH – through shatrughna
yaH – that
hatvA – having killed
asau – LORD rAmachandra
duSHTashUdraM – the evil shUdra
dvija – brahmaNa
suta – son
gup – having protected
avEt – may HE protect
kumbhajAt – sage agastya (one born from a kumbha)
mAlabhAree – received a garland


LORD rAma ruled the earth, that turned abundant in all aspects, and protected one and all. HE was always praised by sage agastya and other Rushis for doing so.

LORD rAma granted his own necklace to hanUmAn and accorded him appropriate status. HE then sent sugreeva and others to their respective kingdoms, so they could rule them. HE appointed bharata as the crown-prince, and lakshmaNa as in-charge for taking care of the cities and village folk.

One day a dog approached the LORD and told HIM that a sanyasi had hit it badly. LORD gave the responsibility of managing a temple to the sanyasi. HE then sent shatrughna and got the evil lavaNAsura killed.

LORD then killed an evil shUdra called shambooka and saved a brahmaNa child that was dead due to the evil shUdra.

When sage agastya gave HIM the garland that was originally from Lord brahma, LORD rAma accepted the same with great joy.

May such a LORD always protect us!


– LORD granted hanUman his own personal necklace. HE also granted him the post of chaturmukha brahma in the next kalpa.
– LORD listened to the agony of the dog and decided to punish the bhikShu who had hit the dog. LORD made the bhikShu as in-charge of a temple called kAlAnjala. This incident highlights the risks of managing a temple because the bhikShu was sure to commit many mistakes and accumulate sin as in-charge of the temple, and consequently would suffer in the subsequent births!
– There was an asura by name jangha. He was performing tapas staying upside down, in the form of a shUdra, in order to obtain the post of rudra. LORD therefore killed this shUdra.
– rayaru is never one to spend an extra word on anything that is unnecessary. Still, he chose to add an adjective to the word “shUdra” and called him “duShTa”. This is to highlight the fact that LORD killed the shUdra only because he was an evil asura, and the killing was not because he was a shUdra.
– Once , there was a King called shweta. He was performing a yajna. Sage agastya came there and asked for food. At that time, the King handed over a garland given to him by Lord brahma, and requested that the same be put on LORD rAma at an appropriate time. It was this very garland that sage agastya, after receiving aathithya of LORD, put on HIM. If the King had directly put the garland on LORD, the puNya accumulated by him would have far exceeded his yogyata. Hence he requested that the sage put it on his behalf.
– lavaNAsura was the son of the ancient demon named madhu. He was living in madhuvana and was a trouble for all sajjanas. Hence LORD got him annihilated through HIS brother shatrughNa. After killed him, shatrughna built the city of mathura at that place.

shrI krishNARpaNamastu

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