Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 21: Part 4

  • 121) Having reached Magadha country, the three of them reached the vicinity of a hill, that was worshipped with good flowers, clothes and ornaments, by virtue of being known as Shiva’s Mahalinga.
  • 122) They brought down that hill, to which Jarasandha used to bow, with their shoulders as if it were his head.
  • 123) They entered the city through the back door. With just their fists, they destroyed three drums that were made from the muscles of an Asura called Masha. The sound of the drums used to fill Jarasandha with energy. The sounds were like Shastra that would glorify his fame. By destroying them, they belittled Jarasandha.
  • 124) They forcefully snatched many excellent garlands and scents from the shops in the city and wore them. They entered his house too from the back door. They approached him shouting “Bho” loudly.
  • 125) Jarasandha saw the three who were in the guise of Brahmanas. He noticed the powerful ones who were appearing like Snatakas, and also noticed the signs of bows on their shoulders. Realizing that they were Kshatriyas, he said to them.
  • 126) “Who are you? Why have you come here? Why did you destroy my hill which was a Linga? Why did you perform such unwarranted acts even as you are in the guise of excellent Brahmanas?”
  • 127) When he said thus, Sri Krishna replied – “One must oppose an enemy in all ways, isn’t it?”. Jarasandha asked – “I am not an enemy of Brahmanas. How come you have enmity with me?”
  • 128) When he spoke thus, Sri Janardana said – “We are not such Brahmanas. I am Krishna, your enemy. These two are known as Bhima and Arjuna”.
  • 129) “O! You have left the path of the Vedas and desire to sacrifice our relatives as Pashus in a Shiva Yaga by following Rakshasa Dharma. Therefore, we have arrived here to contain you by force”.
  • 130) “If you do not release them, we will contain you and get our relatives freed. Either you release them, or decide to meet your death and face us in battle”.
  • 131) When Sri Krishna warned him thus, the King of Magadha replied – “I cannot release these Pashus (Kings) meant to be sacrificed in the Shiva Yaga. I shall fight with you, whether it is all of you at once, one at a time or even with your armies”.
  • 132) “Whether it is without weapons, with them, or with any weapon of your choice. It does not matter if I am alone, or with my army. I shall face all of you in battle”.
  • 133) When he spoke thus, the most powerful Sri Krishna, one who never saw defeat, said – “Face one of us in battle, either alone or with your army”.
  • 134) “Quickly choose your opponent amongst us. You can chose to fight us without weapons, with them or with a weapon of your choice”.
  • 135-136) Sri Krishna had gone there bare-handed in order to increase Bhima’s fame by getting him to kill his enemy, in order to grant him his supreme blessings, to increase his devotion and knowledge, and to belittle all enemies.
  • 137) But it is never appropriate to go anywhere as a Kshatriya without weapons. Therefore, Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna had put on the guise of Brahmanas.
  • 138-139) Therefore, in order to show Jarasandha poorly, they had gone there without weapons. Even when he was in his own home, and along with his army, by getting him invited to battle in that way, Sri Krishna greatly increased the limitless Dharma, success and fame of Bhima.
  • 140) Sri Krishna had taken Arjuna as the third person when leaving to face Jarasandha, only in order to show that Bhima’s greatness was much bigger. By asking Jarasandha to choose one of them, and getting the King of Magadha to reply, he made this known.
  • 141) When Sri Krishna asked him to choose one among them, Jarasandha replied – “I cannot fight with the weak Arjuna”.
  • 142) “This fifty-five year old is weak and hence like a child. I cannot fight with a weak person such as him. Although he is young, I consider him a child since he is weak”.
  • 143) When he spoke thus Arjuna possessed doubts about himself and therefore did not reply saying – “If it be so, then test me with your shoulders, or with bows”.
  • 144) Therefore, it became known that Bhima’s strength was much more. For the same reason, Sri Krishna had brought Arjuna along.
  • 145-146) Knowing fully well that he possessed strength that no one could tolerate, Jarasandha did not invite Sri Krishna, the all-capable one, for battle out of hesitation. He called him a Gopa (and made up an excuse). Hoping that he stands a chance of surviving, he selected Bhima.
  • 147) He possessed the fear that Sri Krishna would definitely kill him. Hence the King of Magadha did not pick Vasudeva.
  • 148) Even if he picked Arjuna and won, Sri Krishna and Bhima would kill him. If he picked the weakest amongst the three, his reputation would definitely take a blow.
  • 149) Thinking that he may survive, or at least his fame wouldn’t suffer, the King of Magadha chose Bhimasena.
  • 150) In this way, having selected Bhima for battle, the powerful son of Jara performed the pattabhisheka of his son in the Kingdom. His son Sahadeva was the Avatara of a Rudra named Patratapa.
  • 151) Believing that, while Bhima’s strength was more, his own excellence with the gada was higher, Jarasandha hesitated for a wrestling battle and instead gave Bhima a gada and picked one himself too.
  • 152) Since he wished for it, Bhima picked up the gada and went outside of the city along with Jarasandha, accompanied by Sri Krishna and Arjuna. The two of them starting fighting in front of Sri Keshava and Partha.
  • 153) Initially, Bhima won against him through his words, highlighting the qualities of Sri Vishnu, knowing that he was a devotee of Shiva. Later, both of them picked up their maces and starting battling each other, showing unique moves.
  • 154) The two maces, which were diamond like in strength, were smashed to pieces when they were hit against the opponents chest. Due to the extraordinary resilience of their bodies, the gadas were broken just like lumps of mud that are hit against rocks.
  • 155) When the maces were thus destroyed, the two of them fought with their fists that were capable of blasting the entire Universe. It was like the fight of Sri Krishna and Kaitabha.
  • 156) The Earth shook. Hills were smashed. Big mountains shivered. All the oceans started drying. Brahma, Shiva and the other Devatas and the Asuras gathered in the skies.
  • 157) While the Devatas wished for Bhima’s victory, the Asuras wanted Jarasandha to win. All of them watched the battle. Then, the son of Sri Vayu steadily started showing his strength.
  • 158) As per the orders of Sri Krishna, Bhimasena respected the boon of Brahma and fought with him for fifteen days. After that, he decided to kill his enemy.
    • Note: Jarasandha had a boon from Brahma that he wouldn’t be defeated even if someone fought him for fifteen days at a stretch.
  • 159) Bhimasena bowed down to Sri Hrishikesha and prayed to him with enthusiasm. He hugged Arjuna out of affection and then held Jarasandha’s head just as a Lion catches an Elephant.
  • 160) Forcing his thigh on his back, he broke it. Just as during the time of his birth, he split him into two when killing him.

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