Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 31: Part 2

  • 41) Dharmaraja and Arjuna too were followers of Dharma. They, however, had compassion over the world. When Vidura said thus, Dhritharashtra did not feel anger. He remained pleasant minded.
    • Note: Although Dharmaraja and Arjuna too were Dharmishtas they kept the niceties of the world in mind. Bhimasena, being the follower of Shuddha Bhagavata Dharma, did not let emotion come in the way of doing what is right.
  • 42) In order to rid himself of the debt of his sons, Dhritharashtra performed their Shraddhas and with a pure heart gave great Daanas continuously for ten days.
  • 43) The King, possessed of great intellect, offered all his Karma to Sri Krishna. Having obtained the consent of the Pandavas and other relatives he stood ready to go to the forest. He requested the citizens and villagers with tears in his eyes.
  • 44) “All of you great souls had been ruled with Dharma by my ancestors. However, I did not take care of you in the same way. Since all of you are compassionate and noble, you never called me out for not having taken care of you, due to your great affection for me”.
  • 45-46) “With your help I conducted Yajnas. Many ponds and wells were dug by me. My son, however, was a sinner and fool. He became the reason for the destruction of the Kshatriyas. He doubted everyone. He violated the orders of elders. He forsake brotherly feeling over the noble Pandavas and greatly deceived them, unlike anything anyone had done earlier”.
  • 47-48) “Being evil-minded, he did many unpleasant things against Sri Krishna. He foolishly did many bad things to you too. All of his brothers emulated his behavior. Due to their sins, they destroyed themselves along with their children, friends and relatives”.
  • 49) “I am old now. I have been pained greatly by my sons. Having misbehaved very badly with Sri Krishna and the Pandavas due to their association, I am now eager to relieve myself (from those sins) by performing Tapas”.
  • 50) “Being affectionate towards friends, all of you should permit me to go to the forest. All of you should continue to respect the noble Pandavas just like now. You should continue to treat them well at all times and do so even more for my sake”.
  • 51-52) “They are my true sons. They will ensure happiness for me in this world and the other world” – when Dhritharashtra spoke thus, all of them praised his noble qualities loudly and felt great sorrow. The citizens and villagers permitted him to go to the forest after a long time, with great difficulty and tearful eyes. Walking with him, the Pandavas followed him a very long distance”.
  • 53) Sanjaya and Vidura, along with Gandhari, followed Dhritharashtra. Kunti, having decided upon Vanavasa, followed him too.
  • 54) In spite of being stopped by the grieving Pandavas and their wives, Kunti did not listen. With great difficulty she convinced them and followed the King.
  • 55) With Kunti, Vidura and Sanjaya showing him the way, Dhritharashtra, along with Gandhari, reached Kurukshetra. Eventually he reached the divine-worshipped Ashrama of Sri Vyasa, the lord of the world.
  • 56) Sage Narada, who arrived there, informed him that he would attain his loka with his wife after three years. Having gained a lot of confidence with that (assurance from Sage Narada), he undertook an excellent Tapas as instructed by Sri Vyasa.
  • 57) When the son of Vichitravirya, in the company of Vidura, Gandhari, Kunti and Sanjaya, was worshipping Lord Sri Hari through his Tapas, the Pandavas, with their wives, relatives and servants, came there to see them.
  • 58) Then, Vidura merged into Yudhisthira. After that the Pandavas served Dhritharashtra, who was with Gandhari and Sanjaya, and Kunti.
    • Note: Yudhisthira and Vidura were both Avataras of Yama. Vidura therefore merged into Dharmaraja and ended his Avatara.
  • 59) Sri Hari, in the form of Vyasa, the very essence of unlimited strength, tejas, knowledge, excellent wealth, joy and other attributes, appeared there. As soon as he became visible, all of them worshipped him very well with great devotion.
  • 60) Having been worshipped by all of them, Sri Vyasa said – “Whosoever wants whatever they desire, they may inform me. I shall fulfill them now”. When he said thus, the Pandavas, along with their wives, requested him that their devotion may grow further. Kunti requested that the sin she accumulated due to the birth and death of the son of Surya (Karna) be removed.
  • 61) When he fulfilled all their wishes, Dhritharashtra consulted his wife and requested the omnipotent one (Sri Vyasa) that he should be able to see all those who were killed in the war.
  • 62) Then, as per the orders of Lord Sri Vyasa, all of them came there instantly from Swarga loka. Sri Vyasa gave divine vision to Dhritharashtra. As per the orders of the Supreme One, all of them spent that night in the company of their wives.
  • 63) Dhritharashtra, along with his wife and the others, saw that amazing miracle and felt great satisfaction. After that, as per Sri Vyasa’s orders, all the women-folk got together with their husbands and proceeded to Swarga.
  • 64) Apart from Uttaraa, all of them went (to Swarga). When the son of Parikshita (Janamejaya) heard this story, he requested to see his father. Sri Vyasa, the one with unfathomable capabilities, immediately brought him from Vaikunta loka.
    • Note: Sri Vaishampayana Muni was narrating the story to Janamejaya when this incident occurred. Sri Vyasa was present in that assembly.
  • 65) Janamejaya saw his father Parikshita, who had been brought there by Sri Vyasa, and became greatly joyed. He worshipped Sri Vyasa, the one to whom even Brahma and the other Devatas bow, in many ways and sought forgiveness. Along with the other people there, he developed even more faith in the Mahabharata.
  • 66) The Pandavas reached their city and ruled the Earth with Dharma. Enjoying comforts that were appropriate, without getting attached to it, they worshipped Sri Krishna, the bearer of the Universe, with devotion.
  • 67) At the end of three years, when Dhritharashtra lit his burning pyre with the Oupasana Agni that he had preserved, the Pandavas heard the news that he, along with his wife Gandhari and Kunti, had been burnt in that fire.
  • 68) Hearing the news that their elder father had left for Swarga with a modesty-filled face and having stayed in meditation, and that Kunti was united with her husband Pandu and staying happily, the grieving Pandavas performed their post-death rites.
  • 69) All of them had performed many extremely pious acts of punya with devotion to Sri Vishnu. They had meditated upon him even during their last moments. They had received all the post-death ceremonies and offerings from the Pandavas, their noble sons. Therefore, they attained permanent, special and abundant bliss. 
  • 70) Sanjaya approached Sri Vyasa and, through service to him, attained his original form again. The Pandavas, awaiting Sri Krishna’s departure to Parandhama, ruled the Earth.
  • 71) Ruling the entire Earth in this way, the noble Pandavas spent eighteen years. They used to enjoy pleasures without giving up on Dharma or Artha. They never gave up remembering the feet of Sri Hari, the one who is without an end temporally, spatially or in terms of auspicious attributes.

|| End of chapter 31, known as ‘Dhritharashtradi Swargaprapti’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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