Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 7

  • 121) “Even if I am unarmed, I am capable of destroying enemies” – In order to send such a message, Sri Krishna placed a Krishnasarpa (black cobra) in a pot and sent it to him (Kalayavana).
  • 122) “I can win against you since I have a big army” – deciding to send such a reply, Kalayavana filled that pot with lots of ants and sent it back, showing that the snake had been killed.
  • 123) “I shall show which among the two is the reality” – saying thus Sri Krishna sent back the messenger and proceeded to torment Kalayavana.
  • 124) Sri Krishna, the omnipotent, defeated Kalayavana with only his arms, and then after killing his entire army, sent all his wealth back to Dwaraka.
  • 125) Kalayavana started firing many big astras and other weapons. Sri Krishna quickly hit him with his palm and felled him from his excellent chariot.
  • 126) In an instant, Sri Krishna, using just his shoulders, rendered Kalayavana weaponless and also stranded him without his vehicle. Remembering the prayers of the Devatas, he spared his life.
  • 127) The Devatas, after having granted a boon to Yauvanashvaja, the son of Yauvanashva, had in turn begged Sri Krishna, the lord of all those who grant boons, for a boon in return.
    • Note: Yauvanashvaja’s name was Muchukunda. He was the son of Mandhata, who was known as Yauvanashva since he was the son of Yuvanashva.
  • 128) “O Lord! This person (Muchukunda) has asked for a useless boon. Still, it must bear some fruit. Therefore, may your enemy, the Kalayavana, be burnt because of him”.
  • 129) “May it be so!” – having thus granted the boon earlier, Sri Krishna went towards Muchukunda in order to make his words come true.
  • 130) Having regained consciousness, Kalayavana got up from the ground and angrily went after Sri Krishna, for he was the one who had felled him.
  • 131) Sri Krishna entered the cave where the King (Muchukunda) was sleeping and then stood there not being visible. Kalayavana kicked the King with his foot. Muchukunda opened his eyes and saw him.
  • 132) Merely by his sight, Kalayavana was burnt to ashes. It was Sri Vishnu himself, the one without change, who burnt him down in the form of Agni.
  • 133) Muchukunda had earlier obtained a boon after having killed the Danavas, due to the boon of Sri Hari, even though the Danavas had many boons of invincibility from Shiva.
  • 134) Deep sleep for himself and death due to the mere sighting of whoever disturbs his sleep (were the two boons he obtained). Therefore, Kalayavana was destroyed in this fashion.
  • 135) Due to the blessings of the Devatas, Muchukunda had obtained lot of merit. The service rendered to the Gods never goes waste.
  • 136) Thereafter Muchukunda saw Sri Krishna, worshiped him and, with his permission, performed Tapas and subsequently obtained Mukti.
  • 137) After that, Sri Krishna came out of that cave and defeated Jarasandha and all the other Kings there with his bare hands.
  • 138) Jarasandha’s soldiers were crushed and they fell down to the ground due to (the hits from) Sri Krishna’s palms, fists and from the trees he threw. Jarasandha too fell down unconscious.
  • 139) Sri Krishna felled Salva, Paundraka (Vasudeva), Shishupala and the other Kings in an instant and returned to Kushasthala.
  • 140) Having regained their consciousness (after a while), those Kings, desirous of winning against Sri Krishna, proceeded to get Rugmini married off to the King of Chedi (Shishupala).

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