Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 14: Part 2

  • 21) Due to His mere desire, all the shining weapons of Lord Krishna and Balarama immediately came down to earth. Sitting in the chariot driven by Daruka, Lord Krishna picked up the Sharnga bow, the sword, chakra, shankha, quiver and his mace.
  • 22) Lord Krishna climbed that chariot of His which had horses that were personification of Vedas themselves, and the chariot itself was an essence of the earth. He lifted the Shranga bow, and held sharp arrows. He went swiftly to war against that cruel Jarasandha who was accompanied by excellent Kings.
  • 23) That Balarama, who was exceedingly powerful and one who was never defeated by enemies, picked up his plough and spear. He also took up his bow, arrows and quivers and climbed the chariot. He faced the army protected by Jarasandha with great excitement.
  • 24) Jarasandha, the King of Magadha, who was accompanied by the best of Kings, saw the infinitely strong Lord Krishna rushing towards him. He started reigning numerous excellent weapons against Him and battled with anger searing as if an ocean was overflowing.
  • 25) In order to provoke him, Lord Krishna made Ugrasena lead (the army) and stood behind him in the formation. Seeing Ugrasena standing in front of him, Jarasandha started shaking with anger and said thus.
  • 26) “O sinner! One who is desirous of Kingdom! Shameless! One who was responsible for his own son’s death! One who sided with the enemy! Get away from me; I cannot kill you, one who is like an old goat. A lion will only face a lion, and never a fox!”
  • 27) Ugrasena, who was thus berated by Jarasandha, quickly picked up a sharp arrow from his quiver, and broke his bow. With a bunch of arrows that were extremely sharp and made sounds like a lion’s roar, he caused great pain to Jarasandha.
  • 28) Seeing Jarasandha seething with anger and rushing towards Ugrasena in order to kill him with a new bow that he had picked up, Lord Krishna went in His chariot with the intention of facing him.
  • 29) Seeing Lord Krishna, the One with infinite strength, approaching him for war, Jarasandha got together with other Kings such as Shishupala, Poundraka and others and rained a variety of astras and the very best collection of shastras on Him, just like how heavy water-bearing and thunder-causing clouds rain on the Meru mountain.
  • 30) Using the Shranga bow, Lord Krishna, the One with unimaginable strength, showered numerous arrows and destroyed the shastras and astras that Jarasandha had reigned. He ensured Jarasandha was without his chariot, destroyed his horses and charioteer and destroyed all his weapons. Lord Krishna destroyed his umbrella and excellent flags as well.
  • 31) In order to let everyone know of the natural bhakti, victorious nature and excellent dharma of Bhima towards Him, Lord Krishna did not kill Jarasandha, even though He could have easily done so. Shishupala – the King of Chedi, Poundraka Vasudeva, Keechaka, King Shalya, King Salva, Ekalavya and others were all rendered without a chariot by Him.
  • 32) The group of Hamsa, Dibika, Druma, Rugmi and others, another group of Bahleeka, Bhagadatta, Mainda and others in addition to the various other Kings of earth who had assembled there got hit by the arrows of Lord Hari, the One without birth, and ran away from there.
  • 33) All of them lost their weapons, flags, standards, chariots, horses, charioteers, vests and other equipment. Their bodies were all injured by the impact of sharp arrows. The dress, jewellery, crowns and garlands on their bodies slipped. Bleeding profusely, all of them started running away from there due to fear.
  • 34) When, in this fashion, all of the Kings were made weaponless by Lord Krishna and they started running away due to their pathetic state, the violently valorous Jarasandha mounted a new chariot that had lots of different weapons, and started rushing towards Balarama.
  • 35) Balarama, using his pestle, broke into pieces the chariot of Jarasandha who was rushing towards him. In turn Jarasandha hurled his mace at the vast chest of Balarama after which Balarama hit him with his pestle. The two of them, the best amongst the powerful, started a terrible fight against each other.
  • 36) The two of them engaged in a fierce duel breaking into pieces numerous hillocks, trees and rocks that were in the vicinity. The duel between them, who possessed diamond like strong bodies, proceeded on equal terms for a long time.
  • 37) After that, Balarama noticed that many Kings had fled the field after hearing the sound of Sri Krishna’s conch. Realizing that Jarasandha, the enemy, was still engaged in battle, Balarama increased his strength. Leaving aside his enemy, he picked up his amazing pestle (musala).
  • 38) Having been hit badly by Balarama on his head, Jarasandha went into deep unconsciousness. At that time Ekalavya, who was running away from Lord Sri Krishna’s arrows, quickly (came there and) hurled many astras at Balarama.
  • 39) Lord Krishna did not wish to engage in fighting Jarasandha since he was hesitating; Instantly, He created His son Pradyumna by merely thinking about him. Pradyumna then sprang towards Ekalavya with a huge cache of great astras. Balarama dragged Jarasandha to his chariot.
  • 40) Pradyumna engaged in battle with Ekalavya for a long time and then deprived him of all his weapons completely. Ekalavya was a nishadha and had an amsha of Manimanta in him; Manimanta was the chief of the group of daityas known as Krodhavashas who had taken birth on Earth.

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