Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 2: Part 3

  • 61 In this way, since the worshippability of Lord Vishnu has been strongly propounded in both halves of the shloka, the divine quality of being prayed on to has been especially brought out. Therefore, in the very first shloka of the epic itself, the Supreme nature of Lord Vishnu being full of auspicious attributes has been brought out.
  • 62 Lord Krishna is worshipped by those purified by consumption of Soma, and worshipped by Yajnas. Lord Krishna is worshipped by the brave involved in brave acts. Lord Krishna is worshipped by those Vanaprasthas involved in knowledge seeking activities. Lord Krishna is worshipped through Dhyana by the liberated who do not have any attachment.
  • 63 Due to whom Brahma and others are created and Danavas are destroyed, that Lord of the lords, that primordial Being, O beholder of the Shranga bow, I bow to you!
  • 64 In this context, the ‘creation’ of devatas means granting them Mukti; nothing else. Because the word ‘creation’ is equally applicable to Daityas; hence the special meaning.
  • 65 Similarly, the word ‘destruction’ with respect to Daityas indicates placing them in eternal hell; and not just ‘killing’. This is because the destruction in the form ending the physical form is equally applicable to all Jivas; hence it wouldn’t indicate the speciality when it comes to Daityas.
  • 66 In order to indicate this special purport, Lord Hari, in the form of Veda Vyasa, has kept the group of devatas and daityas and made Bhima and Suyodhana as opponents and created the difference of own group and opponents group and narrated the story (of the Bharata).
  • 67 I offer my prayers to Sri Vyasa, who has unlimited radiance and is full of auspicious attributes. Due to His grace, I am narrating the story of Lord Narayana here.
  • 68 The story of that Lord Vasudeva, whose presence inside the Jivas is seen like the reflection from a mirror by the Rishis, who is eternal and is supreme; that story has been narrated here.
  • 69 There is nothing that is equal to Narayana; there never has been; there never will be. From this truth, I shall determine all other purports.
  • 70 Since the grateful Lord Vishnu, in the form of Veda Vyasa, has stated thus in the beginning and end, it can be concluded that the story of the Bharata is intended to convey the purport of Lord Hari’s auspicious attributes.
  • 71 I will raise both my arms and proclaim loudly “This is the truth, truth, truth”. “There is no shastra greater than the Vedas; There is no God greater than Keshava”
  • (This is a statement from the Ashcharya Parva of the Hari Vamsha)
  • 72 If all the shastras are churned and the meaning is interpreted after repeated thinking, the main purport that comes out is this “Lord Narayana is always worthy of being meditated upon”.
  • 73 Lord Vishnu must be remembered at all times; He must never be forgotten. All other rules & restrictions are subservient to this main requirement.
  • 74 Who else can understand Him since there is none like Him? Since there is none like Him, only He understands Himself.
  • 75 Apart from the son of Satyavati (Vyasa) and the son of Devaki (Krishna), who else can be capable of understanding that defectless Lord Narayana?
  • 76 Lord Hari can never be comprehended fully by anyone; He cannot be controlled by anyone else; He is independent and has His own will; He has everything under His control; He is forever playing with creation and other activities just like a kid plays with toys.
  • 77 Lord Madhusudana, the one with immense shoulders can never be comprehended fully by anyone; There is no other form which is superior to the complete form of the Paramatma.
  • 78 The Lord is not the son of Vasudeva; nor did He reside in the womb of Devaki. The Lord was not born because of either Dasharatha or Jamadagni.
  • 79 He is never born at all; then how can He die? He is never to be killed by anyone; He never gets attached to anyone; He never gets caught by anyone; For someone who is forever independent and is of the form which is pure bliss, how can there be sorrow at all?
  • 80 Even though Lord Hari is the Lord of all devatas and the Lord of the Universe, He performs activities always just like ordinary weak humans. This is definite!
  • 81 “He doesn’t know Himself; He is innocent, is sorrowful; He didn’t find Sita and went in search of her; He got arrested by Indrajit”; these and other such gameful activities were all done to create illusion in Asuras.
  • 82 83 “He gets disillusioned by attack with weapons; He bleeds due to cuts on the skin; He asks others due to ignorance; He dies after leaving this body”; All such acts are done by Him just like a magician performs tricks for causing illusion to Asuras. Actually, He doesn’t have any such defects. Devatas know that He does all this to cause illusion to Asuras.
  • 84 85 All the appearances of Lord Hari are unnatural (not subject to the rules of nature); He does not have a nature governed body; Similarly, they are defectless and full of auspicious attributes; Only to fool evil people, He appears otherwise. Sometimes, in order to ensure that they get results according to their yogyata, He sometimes fools noble souls also. On the whole, everything is a game by the Lord.
  • 86 “I will teach you my regular and special greatness in full. After knowing these, there will be no other topic that you will need to know” (Bhagavadgita – Lord Krishna)
  • 87 “I am the reason behind the creation and also the destruction of the Universe; O Dhananjaya, there is no other Superior being than me”(Bhagavadgita – Lord Krishna)
  • 88 “Those ignorant people who do not understand the complete and attribute filled Supreme form of mine, think of me as having a human body and insult me” (Bhagavadgita – Lord Krishna)
  • 89 “The desires of evil people will never be fulfilled; All of their activities will go futile; Their knowledge will go waste; Their minds are always against true knowledge; They have taken refuge in the evil nature which destroys the mind” (Bhagavadgita – Lord Krishna)
  • 90 “O Partha! Those of noble nature and who qualify for Mukti realize me as being the cause for all creation and and as one who has no end/destruction, and stay away from sensory pleasures and worship me” (Bhagavadgita – Lord Krishna)

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