Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 10: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 Then, when the 28th Dwapara Yuga arrived, Brahma, Rudra and the other devatas once again went to the banks of the Milky Ocean.
  • 2 Reaching the northern bank of the Milky Ocean, all the devatas praised the Lord, the One with lotus-like eyes, the One without any destruction, the One who is the best amongst all.
  • 3 “The One who is the chief abode of innumerable attributes; The beholder of complete and special rays of knowledge; The One who completely destroys the eternal darkness of ignorance; The One who grants Moksha in the form of eternal bliss to sattvic souls; O Lord – we bow to you; We bow to you”.
  • 4 “Long ago, Sage Durvasa had got angry, as the garland given by you was thrown to the ground, and had cursed, due to which Indra immediately lost all his wealth; He lost to the Daityas; We had then resorted to you”.
  • 5 “As per your orders, the Devatas approached the Mandara mountain after entering into an agreement with Bali Chakravarti; Due to the boon of Shiva, the mountain could not even be moved a little by anyone else; Even though all of them tried together, they could not even lift the mountain with their hands”.
  • 6 “At that time, You, who are forever full of strength, lifted the Mandara in one hand and placed it on the shoulders of a Garuda named as Ananta; He lifted it along with you as well”.
  • 7 “O Lord! Once again the Suras and Asuras picked up the mountain from the shoulders of Garuda in order to test; The mountain crushed all of them; Later all of them got up due to a mere glance from you”.
  • 8 “You once again lifted the mountain with Your left hand and placed it on the King of the birds and climbed the shoulders of the bird and went to the milky ocean along with the Devatas and Asuras; Making the mountain as the stick, You also started churning the ocean”.
  • 9 “You made Vasuki, the King of Nagas and the one who was born as the son of Kashyapa to Kadru, as the rope for churning; Joining along with you, the Suras and Asuras started churning the divine milky ocean which had a lot of ghee”.
  • 10 “Considering it as inauspicious, the Daityas did not agree to hold the tail of Vasuki; They held its head which was cruel due to the poison; They were greatly pained due to it; The Devatas who trusted You held its tail along with You”.
  • 11 “Then, due to extreme weight, that golden mountain Mandara sunk to the Patala; At that time, You, in your avatara as Kurma, lifted the mountain, which could not be lifted by anyone else, easily on your back”.
  • 12 “When You, the best amongst all, entered the churning rope Vasuki, and also entered the top, bottom and inside of the mountain, the strength of the devatas and asuras increased; Due to their arrogance, they started churning the ocean real fast such that it started harming the oceanic creatures”.
  • 13 “When all of them got tired, You, the One without tiredness, started churning the ocean all by Yourself with excitement, in order to obtain the immortal nectar; At that time, the poison which could swallow the whole world emerged; As per Your orders, Vayu took that poison”.
  • 14 “Kalakoota is the embodiment of Kali; Due to Brahma’s boon, nobody could stop it; None could even touch it; Vayu picked up a portion of the same, squeezed it, reduced its intensity and gave it to Shiva”.
  • 15 “Shiva drank it, and fell down unconscious as soon as it reached his neck; He got up due to the power of Lord Hari’s hand touch; His neck became dark then”.
  • 16 “After that, Vayu, keeping your orders in front, placed the poison in a golden bowl and drank it himself without reducing its intesity; It got digested for him”.
  • 17 “Shiva got a head ache due to the drinking of a small quantity of the Kalakoota; Kali, who was residing in the poison remaining in his hand, spread all over the world; Vayu did not undergo any distortion after drinking that poison”.
  • 18 “From that poison, which was the body of Kali, emerged bad snakes, scorpions, tigers, wolves and other animals; And also Rakshasas; After that, when the ocean was churned by You, ‘Suraa’ emerged; The asuras took it over”.
  • 19 “A horse named Ucchaishravas was born; Similarly, an elephant named Airavata and other Dikpalaka elephants were born; Thousands of excellent apsaras were born as well”.
  • 20 “Similarly, the weapons and jewels of devatas emerged; The Parijata tree was born; Kamadhenu itself was born as well; Chandra was born too; The Kaustubha jewel, which is considered the best in the world, came out also”.
  • 21 “After that, Mahalakshmi, even though she has an eternal body, came out in another form; Then, You, holding a kamandalu to serve Amrita in Your right hand, and the pots of Amrita in the left hand, came out of the ocean in the form of Dhanvantari and were shining with the radiance of IndraNeela jewel”.
  • 22 “The daityas then snatched the Amrita filled pot from Your hands; Even though You are fully capable, You allowed them to do so in order to make them eligible to be killed as they had given up the path of truth”.
  • 23 “Then You instantly turned into the form of a lady, Who was out of this world, Who was of dark hue, Who was wearing a jeweled lace around the waist, Who was wearing a shining golden saree, and Who had a beautiful waist”.
  • 24 “As soon as the asuras saw that excellent, complete attribute filled and radiant Mohini form of Yours, which had a huge waist, breasts like pots; wide eyes like excellent lotuses, they were enchanted”.
  • 25 “After getting into a fight between themselves, they were foxed by You and they came to You saying ‘You please distribute this between us and make us eat’; Saying thus, they gave the pot full of Amruta to You”.
  • 26 “In order to show that it is Dharma to cheat evil people in order to maintain Dharma, you said then – ‘If you will agree to whatever I do, only then I shall distribute this Amrita'”.
  • 27 ‘I shall distribute this as per my wish; You people do not trust in me in whatever way, for whatever reason, and in whatever topic’ – when You said thus and laughed loudly, they were enticed with Your lady form and said ‘let it be so’.
  • 28 “After that You made the devatas and asuras sit separately, and, looking at the asuras who were completely disturbed with Your extreme beauty, You said – ‘I am very embarrased with your stares; You people close your eyes'”.
  • 29 “When the asuras closed their eyes, You served the Amrita to the devatas very well; After that, You chopped off the head of Rahu with the Sudarshana when he was drinking the nectar”.
  • 30 “That Rahu had performed a severe penance repeatedly in thousand births and obtained a boon from Brahma; Therefore, You gave him a drop of Amrita and chopped his head”.
  • 31 “That head was entered into by devatas and it became a planet; After that, the rest of the body, including the arms, was made to fall into the ocean of water by You; Since it had the nectar, it is surviving there even today”.
  • 32 “After that the asuras picked up their weapons and came rushing; All of them were destroyed by You in battle; Only Kali, who is undefeatable by anyone apart from You, is firmly placed inside of humans”.
  • 33 “Alakshmi is the spouse of Kali; All the daityas who are the dieties for the groups of defects are his progeny; All of them were born from the milky ocean; After that, Mahalakshmi came and sat in your heart; Brahma became the representative diety for the Kaustubha jewel which is on Your neck”.
  • 34 “You distributed the other objects that came out of the ocean to the various devatas based on their yogyata; You distributed the nectar as an example to show how You grant Moksha to everyone”.
  • 35 “It is guaranteed that Suras will always get Moksha; Asuras will never get it at any cost; If one, who is not eligible, yearns for Moksha, then he shall get sorrow filled results only, just like what happened to Rahu”.
  • 36 “This Kali, who is the embodiment of wrong knowledge, is now troubling all of us by entering in the form of ignorance and wrong knowledge, all due to the boon of Brahma”.
  • 37 “Brahma gave the boon to Rahu only due to Your orders; Kali has meanwhile entered Shiva and written wrong Agamas; No one else, apart from You, is capable of condemning his evil philosophies”.
  • 38 “All the other shastras, along with all the Vedas, have been destroyed by Kali; They do not exist today; Therefore, You please take an avatara on earth, uplift the Vedas, and compose the shastras well”.
  • 39 “Kali is hiding in the hearts of everyone without being seen, without being realized and without even being guessed; You please destroy him with the weapon of true shastras, and grant Your world to the true devotees”.
  • 40 “There is none other apart from You who can destroy him; Only You are complete with all strength; Therefore we have come to your resort so that You, who are knowledge personified, shall destroy the darkness of ignorance”.
  • 41 The Lord, Who is the abode of nectar, Who is the concentration of pure knowledge, Who cannot be grasped, Who is the Supreme One, assured the suras after being prayed by them, and appeared on earth.
  • 42 Vashishta is the son of the lotus-born Brahma; Shakti is his son; Parashara is Shakti’s son; Sage Parashara performed an excellent penance in order to obtain Lord Hari as his son; Lord Hari granted him that boon.
  • 43 The Lord, who has pleased with him, told him thus – “My devotee Vasuraja has an excellent daughter; When he was on a hunting trip once, he thought of his wife and ejaculated there itself”.
  • 44 “He handed over the semen to a kite in order for it to reach his wife; When it fought with another kite, that semen fell into the waters of the Yamuna; It was consumed by a female fish inside that water; That fish was later caught by fishermen”.
  • 45 “From its womb, twins were born; The children, one boy and one girl, were handed over by the fishermen to their chieftain; He gave them to Vasuraja; He kept the boy with himself and handed over the girl child to the chieftain; Later, that boy came to be known as Matsyaraja”.

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