Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 4: Part 2

  • 36 Just like how previously, during the churning of the ocean by Suras and Asuras for Amruta, He had united with Lakshmi, similarly Lord Rama, who has lotus like eyes, held the hands of the King’s daughter and appeared resplendent.
  • 37 The wives of the King of Videha, along with other women, had decorated themselves a lot and were roaming around everywhere; Seeing Lord Rama, along with Ramaa, the King was extremely happy and offered a lot of wealth to Him.
  • 38 King Janaka then gave a lot of clothes, elephants, chariots, Indraneela and other jewels and other precious gifts to Lord Rama; He also gave three brides to Lord Rama’s brothers.
  • Note: Janaka’s other daughter Urmila married Lakshmana. His brother Kushadhwaja’s daughters Mandavi and Shrutakeerti married Bharata and Shatrugna respectively.
  • 39 After that, all the devatas and the ordinary humans who had come there, fully enjoyed the festivities and left for their own abodes as happily as they had come there; King Dasharatha who was filled with joy left towards Ayodhya, along with his sons.
  • 40 In the middle of their way, Dasharatha saw Lord Parashurama, who had taken avatara in the lineage of Sage Bhrugu; He was shining like the radiance of a thousand, a lakh, or infinite number of Suns; He was resplendent with the rays of His natural radiance; He was holding the Shranga bow in His hand; He held a shining axe as His weapon.
  • 41 In order to show the people, through examples, that Lord Rama is the “Primordial Being”, Lord Parashurama came over there; He invited Him to a battle, as if He was in a competition; The King bowed to Him and pleaded out of fear.
  • 42 “O Parashurama, the One who is fully capable! I am extremely aged; My son is still very young; You should not kill Him”; To this Parashurama replied “I shall give you three sons; But I have come here only to face Rama in battle”.
  • 43 “There is no difference between me and Him; I am the primordial Hari; He too is the same” – In order to teach this message to the ignorant, Parashurama, the best in the lineage of Bhrugu spoke thus to the King; He then spoke to Rama, the best in the lineage of Raghu.
  • 44 “O Rama! Listen to what I say; Previously, two excellent bows were created; One was taken by the Lord of Uma, Shiva, and the other bow, which was even better, was taken by the Lord of Ramaa, Hari”
  • 45 “Then, in order to create the impression of the truth on people, all the devatas prayed to Hari and Shankara; We are desirous of knowing the truth and therefore pray to you to please engage in a duel”
  • 46 “After that, both Lord Ramesha and Shankara picked up those bows and got ready for battle; Since even in the heart of Hara, it is Lord Hari who resides and causes him to do all activity, Hara became stunned like an idol in front of Lord Hari”
  • 47 “Then, Shiva could not even lift his eyes and see, nor could he gather any strength even to walk; What then to say about him engaging in battle; Then, all the groups of devatas starting describing the great strength of Lord Hari to the world”
  • 48 “Shankara could not even breathe without the inspiration of Lord Hari from within; That being the case, need it be even said separately that Lord Hari is stronger than Hara and that His strength much more than anyone else?”
  • 49 “After that, Hara bowed down to Lord Hari; He glanced at him with a smiling face and blessed him; Hara left to Kailasa after that; The bow that you broke in front of all people is that same bow of Shiva”
  • 50 “The bow that is fit for Lord Hari’s hands (Shranga) is a crore times better than the bow of Shiva; That Vaishnava bow is what is held by me now; Therefore, you take this now”
  • 51 “If you lift this bow, then you are Lord Hari Himself; There will be no doubt about it” – Saying thus, Lord Parashurama gave that excellent Shranga bow to Lord Rama, in order to show the world that the strength of Lord Hari is superior to that of Hara.
  • 52 Lord Rama took that excellent bow and lifted it within a fraction of time; In order to clear the doubts of those who were watching, he placed an arrow in it and pulled the string.
  • 53 In this way, the strength of Lord Vishnu, which is infinitely more than the strength of Hara, was revealed by Lord Rama; Then, Lord Parashurama, who is the primordial Being Himself, spoke in a thunder-like voice to Lord Rama.
  • 54 “Your strength is more than that of the entire Universe; It is complete; You are verily the Supreme Being Narayana; Definitely, you are none other; You release the arrow towards that Maha Rakshasa who has spread throughout the world due to the boon of Brahma”
  • 55 “There was a Rakshasa named Atula; He obtained control over the world due to the boon of Brahma; After granting the boon, the guru of the world Brahma told him thus ‘You will die when Lord Hari faces defeat’ “
  • 56 “In order to destroy that Daitya, I, the One without defeat, behaved as if I was defeated” – After Lord Parashurama spoke thus, Lord Rama released the arrow at that Rakshasa, who had spread all over the world and was causing the destruction of the world.
  • 57 Long ago, that Asura had obtained a boon from Shiva, in order to obtain Moksha, and had asked “I should enter the body of Lord Vishnu”; Therefore, he was in the navel region of Lord Parashurama; He then came out quickly due to the order of Lord Parashurama and was instantly burnt to ashes.
  • 58 Lord Rama released that arrow as if He was aiming it at Lord Parashurama and killed that Asura; He appeared to be happy claiming to have destroyed the Tapas of Lord Parashurama; Doesn’t He own everything in this world?
  • 59 Lord Hari is without a second and is supreme due to His knowledge and bliss; He is the Supreme Being; He existed before all and is the primordial Being; He knows everything at all times; Therefore, he plays a game appearing to talk through one form and listen through another form; Being the same in all forms, He enjoyed it all.
  • 60 His behavior is such that it causes the proper knowledge of the truth to those devotees who have resorted to Him; and causes illusion to those who are not qualified; In order to do so, He, though being one, behaved and enjoyed as if He was another human being.
  • 61 Then, Lord Parashurama, who is like the ocean of kindness to His devotees, in order to show the lack of difference, merged visibly into the form of Lord Rama even though He was initially separate.
  • 62 As the world continued to watch, the Lord of Ramaa had united with Lord Rama in order to dispel all the doubts of His devotees; He gave that excellent bow to Lord Rama and left after taking His permission.
  • 63 After that, the King, who was extremely pleased, entered his city along with his sons; Thereafter, Lord Rama lived joyfully with Sita, who was Ramaa herself who had taken avatara as the daughter of the King.
  • 64 Lord Rama, who is the Lord of Sri, just like how He lives joyfully in the middle of the milky ocean along with Mahalakshmi, lived joyfully along with Sita in the city of Ayodhya for a long time.
  • 65 The activities of the best in the lineage of Raghu, Lord Rama, even though is very different, is not at all surprising given His unlimited capacity; We are describing His greatness here purely because it is a duty of ours.

|| End of chapter 4, known as the Bala Kanda Kathaa Nirupana, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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