Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 26: Part 3

  • 81) At that time, a Rakshasa named Alambusa came to face the great hero Maruti. When Bhimasena hurt him badly with fiery arrows, he became invisible using his maya.
  • 82-83) Staying invisible, that Rakshasa started troubling the assistants of Bhima. Seeing this, Bhima became furious. As per Sri Hari’s orders, he picked up the Tvashtra-astra to demonstrate his competence (with astras). Although he would never undertake a kamya-karma, he did so due to dharma-sankata. Later, numerous arrows started to emerge from that astra. Those arrows hit the invisible Rakshasa and then entered the Earth by piercing it.
    • Notes: Alambusa was the older brother of Bakasura. Kamya-karma is any work that is pursued for material or worldly benefits. Dharma-sankata is a difficult situation where a kamya-karma may have to be undertaken to continue following the path of Dharma.
  • 84) When Bhima hit him in this manner, Alambusa left him and ran afar. Later, Bhima, through arrows that were excellently executed, hurt and chased away the enemy soldiers.
  • 85) After that, all the sons of Draupadi got together and killed Somdatta’s son Shala in battle. Ghatotkacha then faced Alambusa. Both of them climbed their chariots and engaged in a duel.
  • 86-87) Ghatotkacha rendered Alambusa chariot-less and, when the latter jumped into the sky, fought him there itself. The son of Bhima then caught him and threw him down to the ground. He smashed his head with his feet. The Rakshasa fell down dead amidst Kings when his head got crushed into pieces. After his death, Ghatotkacha chased away the battalion of Kaurava chariot-warriors from all directions.
  • 88) Krutavarma then faced the Pandava army, showering them with arrows. Earlier, Sri Krishna had granted him a boon to win against everyone for a duration of one muhurtha, after Krutavarma had chanted and prayed to him.
  • 89) Due to that boon, Krutavarma won against the Panchala warriors. Right in front of Bhima, he won against Nakula and Sahadeva. He hurt Bhima too with his arrows. Knowing Sri Krishna’s boon to be working at that time, Bhima did not go against him.
  • 90) Since Sri Krishna had granted him the boon of victory against all except the Yadavas, Satyaki killed his horses and hurt him with his arrows. He climbed another chariot and departed from there.
  • 91) When Arjuna was engaged in battle with Karna, Ashwathama and the others, Sri Krishna, the Supreme one, blew the Panchajanya conch whose sound was unparalleled, in order to reduce the strength of the enemies.
  • 92) When the Panchajanya conch filled its kernel with the air that emanated from Sri Krishna’s mouth, it let out a loud sound that shook Brahma, Shiva, Devendra and the entire world, just as at the time of Pralaya.
  • 93) When Dharmaraja could not hear the sounds of the Gandiva, he became worried and approached Satyaki and said – “Satyaki! It appears Sri Krishna may be fighting himself as Arjuna may have gotten caught amidst the enemy army”.
  • 94) “The sound of the Gandiva is not being heard now. The sound of the Panchajanya is being heard clearly. Therefore, go to Arjuna. Check if the helpless one is alive”.
  • 95) When Dharmaraja said thus, Satyaki worshipped Brahmanas there with gifts and obtained their excellent blessings for victory and proceeded to the entrance of the vyuha under the protection of Bhimasena.
  • 96) Bhimasena quickly pierced the vyuha and got Satyaki inside that army. Satyaki fought against Drona, who neglected him (did not engage forcefully). Satyaki killed the charioteer of Drona and chased away his horses.
  • 97) Then, due to the blessings of the Brahmanas and due to the boon of Sri Krishna, Satyaki’s strength increased immensely. A pleased Krishna had granted him a boon that his strength would increase for a duration of one day.
  • 98) After that, due to that immense increase in strength, Satyaki stopped Bhima at the entrance of the formation itself and proceeded further. As he started to destroy the army from all sides with showers of arrows, Krutavarma, the son of Hridika, took him on.
  • 99) A terrible fight took place between them and Satyaki rendered Krutavarma chariot-less. The great archer Satyaki won against him and proceeded further, beheading youngsters along the way.
  • 100) At that moment, Jalasandha came there to fight, being seated on an elephant. Satyaki killed that great fighter and difficult-to-face warrior Jalasandha when he came to stop him.
  • 101) Satyaki killed the Kaurava army, including elephants, chariots, horses and foot-soldiers and caused a great turmoil. He also killed a battalion of tribal warriors who were hurling rocks at him, and chased away all the soldiers.
  • 102) Satyaki came near Arjuna and Sri Krishna. Immediately, King Yupadhwaja came to battle against him. A terrible, intriguing, fiery and great battle took place between them for a long time.
    • Note: Yupadhwaja was another name for King Bhurishravas, the son of Somdatta and the grandson of Bahlika. He was very well known for having performed a great many Yajnas. Hence he was known as Yupadhwaja.
  • 103) The two of them killed each others’ horses and charioteers and destroyed their bows. Later, wielding swords and shields in their hands, they started fighting each other, showing a variety of battle moves.
  •  104) The son of Somdatta felled Satyaki to the ground. Holding his hair in one hand, he placed his leg on Satyaki’s chest and quickly lifted his sword to behead him.
  • 105) Sri Vasudeva, the one whose eyes could see everything, noticed this and immediately told Dhananjaya – “Protect Satyaki in battle”. Arjuna then cut off the the arm of Bhurishravas with a bhalla.
    • Note: Arjuna and Sri Krishna were at a distance of three yojanas from Satyaki and Bhurishravas. Bhalla was a special kind of arrow – a missile like weapon.
  • 106) When his arm holding the sword was cut off, Bhurishravas sat down, condemning Arjuna. He sat on a mat of arrows, intending to give up his life. He was meditating on Sri Hari. Due to the Avesha of Asuras, he also engaged in condemnation of Sri Krishna.
  • 107) As the Avesha of the Asuras waned off, he started meditating on Sri Garudadhwaja with great devotion. The grandson of Shini (Satyaki) then got up and, in spite of being stopped by Arjuna and the others, cut off the head of Bhurishravas.
  • 108) Sri Krishna then gave Satyaki a chariot, prepared especially for him, along with a charioteer. By that time, the horses of Arjuna had gotten tired due to thirst. Arjuna then exercised the Varunastra.
  • 109) With the astra itself, Arjuna created a water fall. Using arrows, he also created a stable for the horses. Sri Krishna then untied the horses and made them drink water. Arjuna meanwhile kept tormenting the enemies.
  • 110) Sri Krishna, the lord of all, plucked out arrows stuck in the horses and relieved them of their stress. He then tied them back to the chariot and started driving it. Arjuna climbed on to the chariot and continued fighting with the enemies like before.
  • 111) After Satyaki’s departure, Dharmaraja again became tense due to worry, and said to Bhima – “The sound of the Gandiva cannot be heard while only the sound of the Panchajanya is being heard loudly”.
  • 112) “As per my direction, Satyaki left. However, it appears to me that the task was overbearing for him. Therefore O Bhima! You proceed now and protect Arjuna and Yuyudhana, in case they are alive”.
  • 113) When Dharmaraja spoke thus, Bhimasena replied – “Being protected by Sri Krishna, even Brahma, Rudra and the others cannot win against Arjuna. How then can Ashwathama, Karna and the other archers win?”
  • 114) “Due to Sri Hari’s grace, neither Dhananjaya nor Satyaki have anything to fear. My belief is that it is you who needs protection now. Drona is trying to capture you, isn’t he?”
  • 115) When Bhima replied in this manner, Yudhishthira said – “As long as Ghatotkacha and Dhrishtadyumna, the best amongst bowmen, are still alive, Drona can never be successful in capturing me”.
  • 116) “If you desire to do what is pleasing to me, proceed immediately towards Arjuna and Satyaki. Protect them and let out a leonine roar as soon as you see them and inform me”.
  • 117) “Similarly, let me know after Jayadratha has been slain” – when Yudhishthira said thus, Bhima appointed the son of Hidimbaa and the commander of the Pandava army for his proper protection.
    • Note: The son of Hidimbaa was Ghatotkacha. Dhrishtadyumna was the commander of the Pandava army.
  • 118) Dhrishtadyumna, the Senadhipati, said to Bhima – “You proceed towards Sri Krishna and Arjuna. As long as I am alive, Drona cannot be successful in capturing Dharmaraja. Ain’t I verily Drona’s death?”
  • 119) When Dhrishtadyumna assured him thus, Bhima handed over Yudhishthira under his protection and proceeded against the enemy army, holding a mace, having strung a bow, and relentlessly showering clusters of arrows.
  • 120) Drona blocked Bhima through a rain of arrows and said to him – “Out of affection for my students, I let Arjuna and Satyaki go inside. They were very humble towards me”.

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