Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 21: Part 9

  • 321) Pratikami, the charioteer, went to Draupadi and told her everything – “You have lost in the game of dice. Come quickly to the big gathering of the King”. She replied – “I cannot come to the gathering of the Kauravas”. He returned back. Realizing that he (Pratikami) was scared of Bhima, Duryodhana sent his brother Dushasana.
  • 322) Dushasana, the foremost amongst evil, held Draupadi’s hair in his fist and dragged her to the gathering in front of his mother, even as she was in a single cloth.
  • 323) Draupadi, who was then menstruating, upon being brought into that hall, asked Bhishma and the others – “This is Adharma. Why are people like you who are always engaged in Dharma not stopping this?”
  • 324) “How can that which has been deceitfully won in a game of dice count as a fair victory? No one can claim gambling to be Dharma. It is always Adharma, especially for Kshatriyas”.
  • 325) “Those who do not teach Dharma in a gathering cannot be considered as elders. A group of people who are not such elders cannot constitute a sabha, so say the knowledgeable”.
  • 326) “When my husband was still undefeated, how can I be lost in dice? Don’t the knowledgeable ones call a wife as a sahadharmini?”
  • 327) “Even when a husband becomes a servant the wife should engage in service along with him. When my husband loses, I still can never get a separate servant-ship”
  • 328) Even when Draupadi told them thus Bhishma and the others, due to the influence of Kali, said – “Ask Dharmaraja himself” and sat down quietly.
  • 329) No one there was able to protest against Duryodhana. Then, Vidura said – “This is not Dharma” in a very clear manner.
  • 330-331) Dhritharashtra and his sons did not heed the words of Vidura. He then lifted both his hands upwards and, indicating his inability to the Devatas, and addressing Draupadi, said – “You have certainly not been defeated fairly. A great Adharma has engulfed this gathering”.
  • 332) When Vidura said thus, Vikarna, even though he was a great sinner, wanted to show off that he was aware of Dharma. He said – “This is Adharma”. Karna then admonished him.
  • 333) Bhima, noticing the pain of Draupadi, and the violation of Dharma by Yudhishthira, wanted to make it known that it was the duty of the Yuvaraja to correct the Raja and said thus.
  • 334) “These hands of yours which staked Draupadi in the game of dice must be burnt”. Arjuna replied – “It should not be done so”. Then, Bhima replied to him – “It (such a punishment) must be told. But the same must not be executed. Hence I am not doing it”.
  • 335) “When the best err, they are to be punished with words. When the ordinary commit a mistake, they must be punished through fines. When the lowly sin, they are to be punished through physical means. Therefore, I only chastised Yudhishthira”.
  • 336) Then, Karna said to Draupadi – “O beautiful one! You no longer have any husbands. Go to Duryodhana’s house”. After that Duryodhana, with the intention of causing internal strife among the Pandavas, said thus.
  • 337) “O Draupadi! Only Dharmaraja is responsible for your sorrow. If the others or just Bhima and Arjuna or even just Bhima says ‘He is not respectable’ then I will release you”.
  • 338) When he uttered thus, Bhima replied – “Dharmaraja is respectable to all of us. There is no doubt (in this). Am I not the Guru for all of you? Amongst Kshatriyas one who is superior in strength is respectable. So say the learned”.
  • 339) “If you still have questions about the greatness of my strength, all of you heroes get up against me. I will squash you and your families with my foot. Who can face me?”
  • 340) When Vrikodara said thus and stood up, letting out a leonine roar, the entire gathering started shivering with fear. Not a word came out of the crowd.
  • 341) Bhishma, Drona, Vidura and the others said – “Forgive us. All that you have said is true” and held both his hands and made him sit down. When Bhima quietened down, the Kauravas were relieved.
  • 342) When Bhimasena was thus stopped by Dharmaraja and the other elders, he did not kill the Kauravas there itself, out of respect for the Gurus.
  • 343) In order to let them accumulate more sins, and also to demonstrate how younger ones should behave with the elders, Bhimasena did not violate the path of his older brother Yudhishthira, the follower of Dharma.
  • 344) After that, even as Bhimasena was watching, Duryodhana showed his thigh to Draupadi.
  • 345) “I shall break your thigh with a forceful mace” – when Bhima said thus Duryodhana spoke again – “You have no other wealth left. You may as well stake Krishna in the game of dice”.
  • 346) As soon as Duryodhana insulted Sri Krishna thus, Bhima undertook a vow – “I shall bring you down on the ground and stomp your head”.
  • 347) “Whoever insults Sri Hari, even indirectly, I shall definitely slay that person” – isn’t this the solemn oath of Bhima?
  • 348) He did not kill him there itself in order to let him accumulate even more sins. Then, Karna, the son of Surya, said to Draupadi thus.
  • 349) “Leave for Duryodhana’s house. You do not have the Pandavas” – when he said thus, Bhima got up and rushed (towards Karna). Arjuna too got up. Dharmaraja and the others stopped the two of them.
  • 350-351) When the two of them sat down, Duryodhana said – “O Dushasana! Remove the garments of these servants of ours”. When he said thus, Dushasana rushed towards the Pandavas. Then, they gave up their clothes and wore garments made from barks of trees.
  • 352) Showing (to the whole world) how evil Duryodhana and the others were, they put on a huge amount of patience and sat down on the floor.
  • 353) Again, when Duryodhana commanded, Dushasana started pulling the saree of Draupadi even as the Pandavas were watching. Then, Bhima declared a vow.
  • 354) “I shall tear the chest of this Dushasana, who is the first amongst sinners and a lowly soul born in the Kuru lineage that has always followed Dharma, and drink his blood”.
  • 355) When Dushasana started pulling her cloth, Draupadi started remembering Sri Krishna through a special prayer. At that time, a second cloth, that was divine, fine and shining like gold, appeared there.
  • 356) As Dushasana kept pulling the saree again and again, more clothes that were similar kept appearing. That sinner could never reach the end (of the cloth). He squatted down after getting very tired.
  • 357) When those clothes turned into a mountainous heap, Duryodhana, the one with a dull intellect, got very angry and said – “Why delay further? Take her to our home”.
  • 358-359) Listening to him, Draupadi then declared a vow – “Bhima shall slay Duryodhana. Karna will be killed by Arjuna. Shakuni, the evil dice player, shall be slain by Sahadeva”. When she said thus, Bhima announced in the midst of the assembly – “It shall be exactly so”.
  • 360) Arjuna accepted that vow. Similarly, Sahadeva did so too. After that, Nakula undertook a vow that he shall slay Ulooka, the son of Shakuni.

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