Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 5: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 In this way, Lord Rama, who is the owner of the Universe, performed all the activities and stayed on earth along with Sita; Because of that, all the people were experiencing increasing happiness day after day due to the ripening of their devotion; During that time, the King, after listening to his ministers, got into the preparation of coronation of his dear son as the future King; That news fell on the ears of Manthara; She was verily Alakshmi who had come down to earth.
  • 2 That Alakshmi was first born during the churning of the milky ocean; Then, due to a lot of effort, she obtained the position of an “Apsara”; Therefore, in order to quickly send her to Andhatamas, Brahma told her – “You take birth on earth as a servant and block the coronation of Lord Rama; If you do so, you will obtain your ‘Swagati'” (Swagati actually means position that one qualifies for); Thus instructed, she was born as Manthara; And she did exactly as she was told.
  • 3 Kaikeyi, who was inspired by her words, took away the kingdom by the force of two boons which the King had promised to oblige; Lord Rama entered the forest along with Sita due to the respect He had for his parents; Lakshmana, whose devotion for the Lord was increasing day after day also followed Him; Before leaving, Lord Rama prevented all the beings, who had given up all their desires out of the pain of separation, from following Him; The actual reason for the Lord leaving for the forest was to satisfy the prayers of the devatas and rishis by destroying evil.
  • 4 Lord Rama, who had left everything including trees, birds, elephants, insects, father, friends, mother and others, was worshipped by Guha just like how Shiva was worshipped by Shanmukha; After that, He crossed the River Ganga, which was actually born from His own feet; He accepted the worship offered by the son of Bruhaspati, Sage Bharadhwaja, along with other rishis; From there, he went to the excellent hill known as Chitrakoota and resided there happily for a few days.
  • 5 At the same time, King Dasharatha passed away due to the sorrow of separation from his son; His two other sons were made to return from the Kingdom of Kekaya by the ministers who were guided by the son of Brahma, Sage Vashishta; They returned and immediately performed all the preta rituals according to the Shrutis; Filled with grief, they immediately started following the path taken by Lord Rama, along with the people of the city and their mothers.
  • 6 After having strongly admonished Manthara, who is the abode of all sins, and Kaikeyi, Bharata and Shatrugna, along with several sages, reached the feet of Lord Rama; There, Bharata prayed to the lotus-eyed Lord Rama and said thus – “O Lord! For the sake of our happiness, please return immediately to your own Ayodhya; And, along with your brothers, rule this world”.
  • 7 The Lord of all, Lord Rama, after having been prayed upon in this way by Bharata, in order to give joy to the devatas and also to ensure His words were kept, said “No” to Bharata, who had bent down due to extreme devotion; Seeing Bharata repeatedly request Him, He assured him that He would do as he said immediately after 14 years; He asked him not to have any doubt regarding this.
  • 8 Bharata, who listened to the words of Lord Rama, made a vow that he would jump into a pyre if Lord Rama did not return as per His words; He made another vow that he would not enter the city of Ayodhya till Lord Rama returned; He returned with the golden sandals of the Lord of Sri, Lord Rama, and started living in the village of ‘Nandi’ which was just outside of Ayodhya.
  • 9 After all the residents of Ayodhya left the place, along with His brother Bharata, the Supreme Lord started living in Chitrakoota; Then, the son of Indra, Jayanta, came there one day in the form of a crow; The presence of an Asura inside him is what made him do so.
  • 10 That Jayanta, due to the influence of the Asura, tried to put his beak to the breast of Sita, who is Mahalaksmi herself; Lord Janardana saw him do so and immediately picked up a blade of grass and shot it at him; The bright and burning blade of grass started following him and he took to his heels.
  • 11 He tried to resort to Brahma, Rudra, Indra and other great devatas; But all of them were great devotees of Lord Hari and were incapable of doing anything against the insurmountable strength of the Supreme One; Therefore, all of them banished him.
  • 12 Finally, he came back to Lord Rama and pleaded with Him; The Lord then killed the asura present in his eyes by destroying the eye itself and let him go; That asura had obtained the boon of not facing destruction from the beholder of the moon, Shiva himself.
  • 13 That Asura was staying in the eyes of all crows due to the boon of Shiva; With the blade of grass released by Lord Rama, that Asura, along with the eyes of all crows, was burnt away.
  • 14 Crows, assuming that the asura staying in their eyes would give them additional strength, had allowed to him to enter their eyes; Therefore, the Lord of Ramaa destroyed their eyes; For the same reason, all the crows possessed only one eye even in the future.
  • 15 That daitya, by name Kuranga, had obtained a boon from Shiva which was thus – “Till the time crows are born with two eyes intact, let there be no harm to him who stays in their eyes”.
  • 16 Therefore, in order to ensure that the asura was not born again, the primordial Being Lord Raghava, ensured that crows became one-eyed; After that, the son of Indra took the permission of Lord Rama and left.
  • 17 After that, Lord Rama was taken to Dandakaranya by a group of Munis; He heard from them the tales of the world being tormented by Khara and other powerful daityas, due to the power of Rudra’s boons; He immediately left (for the forest) along with His wife.
  • 18 In that forest, there lived an old sage called Sharabhanga; He had an immense desire to obtain Lord Hari’s abode; The sage worshipped Lord Rama by offering Arghya and others; The Lord of Ramaa was pleased with him and gave him His abode.
  • 19 “When it becomes impossible to perform the duties of the ashrama due to loss of strength, one’s life must be given up in fire etc” – this is a rule applicable to those in Vanaprastha; Therefore, that Sage gave up his body in a pyre in front of Lord Rama and reached the abode of the Lord of Ramaa.
  • 20 Then, Lord Rama found a Rakshasa called Viradha in that forest; He was actually Tumburu, the Gandharva; Due to him uniting with Urvashi, he was immediately born as a Rakshasa due to Kubera’s curse; He had become indestructible due to Shiva’s boon.
  • 21 In order to respect the boon of the lotus-born Brahma, Lord Rama cut off the shoulders of the Rakshasa and put him inside a cave; He gave the Gandharva an excellent end even though, as Rakshasa, he had lifted Him on his shoulders along with His brother.
  • 22 Thereafter, Lord Rama reached the ashrama of Sage Agastya, who was born in a pot and was a great devotee; He was worshipped by the Sage with great devotion; The primordial Being then accepted the Shranga bow from the Sage which was actually His own bow and was sent by Indra (to the Sage).
  • 23 That bow was given by Lord Hari to Indra so that it could be used in His form of Rama; Indra handed it over to Sage Agastya only so that it could reach Lord Rama; That bow was now accepted by Lord Rama and He started protecting the sages and living in Dandakaranya.
  • 24 During that time, the sister of the ten headed Ravana once approached Lord Rama; Her husband had been accidentally killed by Ravana; After that, she was engaged in searching for a new husband; Two Rakshasa brothers of hers, by name Khara and Dooshana, were helping her in this.
  • 25 Due to the order of the leader of the nocturnals, Ravana, Shurpanakha, along with two brothers of hers, was living in that forest; She approached Lord Rama and asked Him to become her husband; It was like darkness approaching Sun desiring union.
  • 26 Lord Rama, in front of the daughter of King Janaka, made fun of the Rakshasi and said “You go to my brother; don’t be here”; Having said so, He got her ears and nose cut by His brother, in order to ensure that it creates a reason for the destruction of all nocturnals (asuras).
  • 27 Lord Rama killed Khara, Trishiras, Dooshana and other 14 thousand relatives of Shurpanakha who attacked Him after being provoked by her; He did so, by wielding the mighty bow Shranga which cannot be faced by anyone, so that there is peace for all.
  • 28 The best amongst Raghus thus gave assurance to the sages about their safety; And gave a lot of fear to the nocturnals; Having listened to the might of Lord Rama through his sister and also through Akampana, Ravana, the King of Rakshasas got very worried.
  • 29 Having thought about what he should do, Ravana went to the place near the coast (Gokarna); And he met Maricha over there, the one who had got into a penance due to the fear of Lord Rama’s arrow.
  • 30 When Ravana asked him to cheat Lord Rama, Maricha, who had already experienced the pain caused by His arrow spoke thus – “You will never be able to face Lord Rama; I already have experienced the pain of being hit by His arrow”.

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