Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 13: Part 5

  • 81) That asura of evil mind tried to eat it (the arms of the Lord); His mouth, teeth and lips got broken and he suffocated; His body was split into two and he fell down dead; Brahma, Rudra, Indra, Surya and all the other devatas sang praises of Lord Krishna
  • 82) A son of Maya, by the name of Vyoma, had obtained extreme longevity due to the boon of Brahma; He caught all the gopalakas and jailed them inside a cave; Krishna, the Lord of Sri, killed him like an animal and brought all of them out of the cave
  • 83) In this way, when Lord Krishna, the Lord of all worlds and the One with limitless capabilities was living in gOkula performing unique deeds which none else could do, Sage Narada went to Kamsa and informed him that whatever vasudEva had done earlier was a part of devata karya.
  • 84) Upon hearing this, Kamsa, who was always into cruel acts, got up with immense anger and immediately imprisoned vasudEva along with devaki. He then sent Akroora in a chariot to bring Lord Krishna, along with Balarama and the other gopas.
  • 85) Akroora was a deva gandharva by name kishora who had taken avatara to perform special seva of Lord Hari. He had the special amsha of swayambhuva manu in him. IN addition, he also had the avesha of brahma and was a great scholar.
  • 86) He, who always used to be engaged in excellent and worshipful activities, was born in the vrishni lineage as Akroora. He was the minister of Kamsa. Upon hearing Kamsa’s order, he became extremely delighted at the prospect of getting to see Lord Krishna, and felt immensely satisfied.
  • 87) Akroora accepted the excellent chariot given by Kamsa and proceeded towards gokula, while always thinking of the lotus-like feet of bhagavanta that are worshipped by even brahma, during the journey. As he saw the earth embossed by the foot-imprints of the Lord (at gokula) from far itself, he started dancing with joy!
  • 88) Akroora enjoyed that pious place, by rolling on it with great joy, knowing that the dust and earth over there was significant as they had obtained contact with the Lord’s form, the dust being capable of destroying of all sins, and the very same dust was also to be seen in the lightning like shining crowns of brahma, rudra indra and other devatas (in other words, brahma rudra and others bowed down to the feet of Lord Krishna)
  • 89) After that he saw Lord Krishna, the primordial guru of the world herding the cows along with His elder brother. Seeing the One who never undergoes any destruction and the One who is always full of joy, Akroora fell at the feet of the best amongst men!
  • 90) Krishna, the Lord of the Yadus, along with his brother, made Akroora get up and took him to His house. He treated him with all the upacharas. Even though He is the embodiment of endless and eternal knowledge, He asked Akroora about the developments, as a matter of worldly engagement.
  • 91) Lord Krishna, who is verily Lord Padmanabha Himself, and is the One with a body that never ages, got to know about Kamsa’s intentions. IN the morning, he climbed up the chariot along with Balarama and Akroora. Together with the gopas, he reached the banks of the Yamuna in that chariot.
  • 92) Akroora made Lord Krishna and Balarama, the ones who are worshipped in all the worlds, stay in that excellent chariot and got down to the River Yamuna quickly. He had his bath there following the methods prescribed in the shastras. When he was immersing himself in the river, he had the vision of Lord Krishna in the form of shesha-shaayi (resting on Ananta), the best amongst all Purushas.
  • 93) Akroora, who was a large-hearted daani, was also siddha in the agharmarshana mantra. He used to have darshana of only shesha every day (during his agharmarshana). That day, it was very special that he saw Lord Hari as well. Seeing the child-form of Lord Krishna in front of Sesha, he wondered if Lord Krishna was not in the chariot and turned towards the chariot.
  • 94) He found Lord Krishna in the chariot too. Once again, he immersed himself into the water and saw Lord Krishna sleeping on the vast body of Sesha and His feet being worshipped by Brahma, Rudra, Indra and other devatas, and being accompanied by Lakshmi.
  • 95) He worshipped Lord Krishna, the One who is never destroyed, the One who is Padmanabha, with the best of the stutis and once the vision stopped he got back to the chariot. Along with Balarama and Lord Krishna, the One who is endless and One who is full of auspicious guNas, he reached Madhurapuri in the evening.
  • 96) To start with, Lord Krishna, the One with infinite valor, sent off Akroora and then joined Balarama and the other accomplices and went around the city to inspect the same. The residents of the city got very curious and worshipped Him a lot.
  • 97) Sri Krishna saw a washerman, who was very dear to Kamsa, and who had conquered death with the boon of Parvati, approaching on an elephant and asked him for clothes. The washerman started abusing Lord Krishna. At that moment, Lord Krishna smashed him with his palms and sent him to Yama.
  • 98) Lord Krishna, the One whose strength never reduces, having thus killed the washerman took those clothes which were excellent for Himself. He then gave some clothes to Balarama, and few others to his fellow gopas. He then laid the remaining clothes on the roads (of Madhura) and started walking on them,
  • 99) Lord Krishna has a body which is pure knowledge and is the embodiment of inherent and complete bliss. He does not have difference between Himself and his organs or parts. He is without growth or destruction. He can never be understood completely. Yet he emulated the ordinary beings of the world and got himself decorated/attended-to by a barber.
  • 100) Then Lord Krishna, the One who is independent and without any end, received a garland from Sudama. Even in their original forms, the barber and Sudama were the barber and garland maker for Lord Hari in vaikunTa. Hence they had taken avatara on earth in the same form to serve Lord Krishna.

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  1. I would llike to have the meaning of Ambrani Sukta and Sri Sukta. It need not be very elaborate. If in simple Kannada or / and english it will be helpful while reciting it. I wiĺ be extremely obliged if these are posted in your web site
    – K G B Doss

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