Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 13

  • 241) Sri Krishna, the Lord of Lakshmi, gave him great respect and offered him an excellent loin cloth and other gifts. He joined the Sage and left for ending the tyranny of the sons of Salva.
  • 242) Jarasandha knew that the son of Atri (Durvasa) was the Avatara of Rudra. Hence he deserted his shishyas, who had opposed the Sage.
  • 243) When Sri Krishna went to Pushkara along with the best of the Sages, Hamsa and Dibika too came there.
  • 244) Their father, by name Brahmadatta, also came there. The two Bhutas, that roam around in front of Shiva, too came there.
  • 245) An Asura, named Vichakra, had earlier obtained a boon from Brahma. Being invincible and free from death, he used to trouble the Devatas.
  • 246-247) Vichakra, who was their friend, came there to render them help. The Rakshasa Hidimba, who had obtained a boon from Shiva saying – “You cannot be defeated. Nor can you be killed” was friendly with the two of them. He too came there.
  • 248) The army of Hamsa-Dibika consisted of ten akshouhinis. Vichakra’s army was six akshouhinis. Hidimba possessed an army of one akshouhini.
  • 249) Together, with an army of seventeen akshouhinis, they faced Sri Hari in battle. Sri Krishna too fought them.
  • 250) A terrible duel took place between the two armies. Sri Krishna faced Vichakra while Balarama took on Hamsa.
  • 251-252) At that moment, Satyaki faced the brother of Hamsa, after picking up an excellent weapon. The son of Rohini, and brother of Sri Krishna, by name Gada, invited Brahmadatta, the father of Hamsa-Dibika. Gada was earlier the gatekeeper of the Chanda-gana, who bore the responsibility of serving Sri Hari with Naivedya.
  • 253) All the other Yadavas got together and faced the two Bhutas of the three-eyed Shiva and the Rakshasa Hidimba, along with three akshouhinis of their army.
  • 254) Sri Krishna bravely fought Vichakra, who was raining great astras, and instantly rendered him chariot-less and weapon-less.
  • 255) Sri Krishna, the destroyer of enemies, beheaded Vichakra, after he started to throw trees and rocks. All the Devatas were joyous at seeing this and raised slogans of victory.
  • 256) Brahma, Rudra and others worshiped Sri Krishna whilst showering flowers on him. Lord Krishna then took on the two Bhutas that were consuming the Yadavas.
  • 257) The two Bhutas defeated all the Yadavas in battle. They attacked Sri Krishna, jumped on his shoulders and started biting his beautiful ears.
  • 258) Sri Krishna swirled them through the force of his shoulders and caused them to drop in Kailasa. For someone who is the ocean of infinite strength how can this be a big task?
  • 259) Ugrasena, Vasudeva and others faced Hidimbasura by showering arrows at him. He was fighting them with great valour and devouring them out of ego.
  • 260) The powerful Rakshasa consumed their chariots and weapons and, having held the two of them with his hands, said – “You should enter my mouth immediately”.

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