Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 18: Part 6

  • 101) She (Draupadi) came to be known as Krishnaa as well. Since she was the best (Utkrushta) amongst women, since she was of dark hue, since she possessed excellent joy and since she gave joy to whoever associated with her, she got to be known by that name.
  • 102) As soon as she was born, she was all-knowing. She possessed all ornaments on her and was full of youth. She never aged and was the most beautiful in all three worlds. She had the special Avesha of Uma (Parvati) in her. She possessed all auspicious attributes.
  • 103) A long time ago, Umadevi along with three other Devis Shachi, Shyamala and Usha got united with their husbands and displayed a lot of affection even amidst the presence of Brahma.
  • 104-105) Brahma cursed them thus – “All of you are to take birth as humans. In that birth you shall face the company of other men”. When they were cursed thus, they pondered over it a lot and then approached Bharati Devi and performed her service for a thousand years. They narrated everything to her and requested her.
  • 106) “O Devi! We have to take birth as humans. There we will face the company of other men without fail (due to the curse). Kindly ensure that we do not face anyone’s nearness apart from the touch of Sri Vayu”.
  • 107) “Prior to this we have received another curse from Brahma on another occasion. We had once gone to him in one single body just to have fun and trick him”.
  • 108) “Since you have come to me thrice in this way out of arrogance and tried to cheat me, may you obtain a human birth together in one body – thus was the curse given to us by him”.
  • 109) “O Devi! Since we have two curses thus, we wish to be born in all four births together with you in one body”.
  • 110) “We will get four births on Earth. No one can touch you apart from Sri Vayu. This is the eternal rule mandated by Sri Hari”.
  • 111-112) “Therefore none other than Vayu can touch us when you are with us in the same body” – when they said thus Bharati Devi agreed to it and got together with Parvati and the other Devis and was born as a Brahmana girl. Together all of them performed a big penance to Sri Rudra through that body.
  • 113) Bharati Devi, who was in that body, actually performed the penance and pleased Sri Hari who was inside Sri Rudra. Her diligent penance was done to ensure the performance of requisite Karma.
  • 114-115) Sri Hari gave a boon to Bharati Devi through Sri Rudra that she shall perform only those activities that please Sri Vishnu in all her births along with Sri Vayu. For the others, he gave a boon that they shall unite only with their husbands in the human births as well.
  • 116) Thereafter, they immediately gave up that body and took birth as Indrasenaa, the daughter of Nala. Here too, they were born together in one body.
  • 117) A sage called Mudgala was engaged in a penance. He heard in a story (narration) that Brahma had lusted his own daughter.
  • 118) Mudgala laughed at Brahma, who cursed him thus – “O arrogant one! May you obtain Bharati and the other pancha-devis. Let that lead to your downfall”.
  • 119) When Brahma cursed him thus, he performed a penance and pleased Brahma. After that, Brahma blessed him instead of the curse (he obtained a way out of the curse).
  • 120-121) “You shall not make physical contact with them. Maruta (Sri Vayu) will stay in your body and make contact. You shall be unconscious then and will not have any knowledge of it. Thus you shall not accrue any sin” – said Brahma. Sri Vayu entered inside of him. Later, he married Indrasenaa and became a Gruhastha.

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