Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 13: Part 2

  • 21 After that, Trunavarta had performed a similar penance; He too had obtained the boon of invincibility; All three of them had been killed by Lord Vishnu in the form of the child (Lord Krishna)
  • Note: The three of them here refers to Putana, Trunavarta and Shakatasura.
  • 22 Dhuni and Chamu had taken shelter in the two Arjuna trees; Lord Krishna killed them too when he brought down the trees; The trees too had been born due to a curse!
  • 23 Previously, the two sons of Kubera had stood naked in front of Sage Narada; “Both of you take birth as trees immediately” – Sage Narada had cursed them thus.
  • 24 Therefore, they obtained their original forms due to the grace of Lord Krishna, as they were noble souls inherently; They worshipped the Lord and returned to their world.
  • 25 The Gopalakas started watching Lord Krishna, the One who liberated Nalakoobara and Manigreeva, with awe and surprise.
  • 26 Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda, desired to go to Vrundavana; He created many wolves, which were equal in strength to tigers, out of his hair follicles (the gap in the skin holding the hair).
  • 27 The people of Gokula, who were troubled by crores of such wolves, took Lord Krishna, the One who is eternally blissful, with them and left for Vrundavana.
  • 28 Lord Krishna, the Lord of all, the One with immeasurable joy, the Lord of Indira, made Nanda and others happy in Vrundavana with his extra ordinary acts.
  • 29 Having got together with Balarama, the one who had soft radiance on his beautiful face which exceeded the glow of the moon, Lord Krishna became a cow-herd; What surprise!
  • 30 Lord Krishna killed a Daitya who was the assistant of Kamsa and was in the form of a calf, and who had become invincible due to Shiva’s boon, by smashing him against a tree; Later, an assistant of Kamsa, by name Baka, approached Lord Krishna, the One who is all powerful.
  • 31 He (Baka) who was protected by Shanmukha’s boon swallowed Lord Krishna; He immediately brought Him out as the Lord started burning like fire inside Baka’s stomach; After that, seeing Baka rush towards Him in order to kill with his beak, the Lord held his beak.
  • 32 Lord Krishna, who had tender hands like sprouts, immediately held the two parts of the beak and split that bird-like-Daitya into two; Brahma and others showered flowers on the Lord and praised HIm; In the evening, He returned to Vraja along with His older brother.
  • 33 In this way, Lord Krishna, the One with lotus-feet, was worshipped by the best of Devatas and lived comfortably amongst the cow-herds and grew up to be of six years of age; The Lord, who is the maintainer of all, started taking care of the cows in the large areas of Vrudanavana that were full of thick bushes.
  • 34 Lord Krishna, the One with unimaginable strength, once left his brother Balarama and went to the banks of the river Yamuna, along with groups of cow-herds and their cows, and started enjoying; Noticing the sorrow that the cow-herds would get in future, He left behind his older brother in order to let them know of His greatness.
  • 35 Knowing that the serpent Kaaliya had become indefatigable due to the boon of Brahma, and also knowing that it had the strength of poison that was unbearable to anyone apart from Garuda, Lord Krishna protected the cows and the cow-herds that had died by drinking the poisoned water.
  • 36 Those cows and cow-herds were all revived by the divine nectar that was the sight of the Lord; Later, Lord Krishna climbed the Kadamba tree that had high branches and tied His upper cloth to His waist; He then rubbed His shoulders with His hands and jumped into the poison-filled water from a great height.
  • 37 Kaaliya was perturbed with the force with which the Supreme Personality Lord Krishna dived; Due to his poison, the water in the thick forests rose; The water sprayed over a distance of 100 Dhanus with terrible waves that were mixed with the poison; But how could that be an issue for the One with infinite strength?
  • 38 Kaaliya, the ignorant, came with his followers to Lord Krishna who had churned the river Yamuna, and bit Him; He tied his Lord with his body; But the Lord of all, Krishna, tolerated the mistakes of His devotee.
  • 39 Then, seeing the evil omens, all the groups of Gopas rushed towards the river even though Balarama convinced them a lot; Seeing the sorrow of his great band of followers who believed in Him, Lord Krishna started crushing Kaaliya even though he was His devotee.
  • 40 Lord Krishna started dancing on the high hoods of the serpent; Brahma and others started showering flowers on Him and praised Him; Kaaliya was extremely pained and he started bleeding from his mouth and mentally resorted to the shelter of Narayana.

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