Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 11: Part 4

  • 122 Vichitravirya, having obtained the two wives, excessively enjoyed life with them for many years; Due to this, he contracted the ‘Kshaya’ disease and left the body; Immediately, his mother Satyavati remembered Lord Veda Vyasa.
  • 123 Immediately upon remembering, Lord Veda Vyasa, the father of the world, the One who cures devotees from birth and samsara, the One who takes away the fear of old age, the One who has complete knowledge as His body, the One who is the ocean of joy, appeared immediately; Satyavati, His mother, welcomed Him with great respect and worshipped Him.
  • 124 Bhishma and others worshipped Him with great respect; They praised Him with devotion; Later, His mother Satyavati said – “Both my sons have died; Even though I am asking repeatedly, Bhishma is refusing to accept the Kingdom”.
  • 125 “Therefore, all of us request You with utmost respect to give birth to excellent progeny through the wife of Your brother Vichitravirya” – the mother said thus; Bhishma and others too prayed and requested the same; Then, the Guru of the world spoke thus.
  • 126 “Apart from Mahalakshmi, there is no other woman, even in Deva Loka, who qualifies for coming in contact with me; Still, I shall get your word done; For that to happen, let her observe my Vrata for one year”.
  • 127 “Due to the Vaishnava Vrata, she will obtain purity of the body and then she can obtain an excellent son by me” – when Lord Veda Vyasa said so, Satyavati said that if that (the delay) happens – “The nation will get destroyed”; Lord Veda Vyasa then spoke again.
  • 128 “Even though I am very soft mannered, I shall show an extremely scary form of mine; If she tolerates it, she will give birth to a son who will have all good attributes and will be strong and valorous”.
  • 129 When He said thus, Satyavati said – “Let it be so”; Lord Veda Vyasa then went to Ambika; She though closed her eyes out of fear; A gandharva named Dhrutharashtra, along with the presence of Vayu, was born to her.
  • 130 He got the name of Dhrutharashtra and became known as very strong due to the presence of Lord Vayu; Lord Veda Vyasa gave him a boon so he could become extremely powerful; But, due to the mistake of his mother, he was (born) blind.
  • 131 Having noticed that he is blind, Satyavati again requested Lord Vyasa – “Please give birth to a noble son in Ambalika”; Lord Vyasa did exactly as her request; But Ambalika saw the terrible form of Lord Vyasa and, out of fear, turned very pale.
  • 132 Then, a Marut named Paravaha was born; He was very pale in color; He became known as Pandu (pale colored one) and, due to the Avesha of Vayu, he became excellent in strength; He also learnt all the astras and weapons.
  • 133 He too was granted boons by Lord Vyasa to obtain special strength and valor; After that, Satyavati, noticing that he was of pale color, requested (Lord Vyasa) again – “Please give birth to a son who is free from defects”.
  • 134 Having requested Lord Vyasa thus, Satyavati told her daughter-in-law again – “You closed your eyes the last time; Therefore, your son was born blind; So, you serve Lord Vyasa once again with devotion”.
  • 135 Even though she said thus, Ambika, due to Lord Vyasa’s decision, and due to her ill-thinking, got scared and deputed her maid; The maid made contact with Lord Vyasa, the excellent One, the ocean of attributes and the One with bliss as His body, and had great joy!
  • 136 Yamadeva, the Devata of Dharma, was born out of her; Due to the curse of Sage Mandavya, he obtained the birth of a Shudra; Yama had obtained that curse by his own wish so he could disrupt the penance of Sage Mandavya who was desiring to equal Sage Vashishta.
  • 137 Sage Mandavya was put on a spear as he had desired to obtain a position for which he did not qualify; The circumstance of pointing out thieves when they had looted money was just an excuse; Yama had told him that the actual reason was that he had killed a fly.
  • 138 Yama did not end up lying because the sin of harming (the fly) was also one of the reasons; In order to obtain the curse, he just narrated that reason and obtained the curse; Lord Vyasa gave him his name; He also granted him knowledge of all subjects.
  • 139 “Since he is well versed in knowledge, he will be known as Vidura; He will be full of knowledge and strength; He will also be a great archer and possess excellent strength in the shoulders; He will be a very noble man” – Lord Vyasa spoke thus.
  • 140 Realizing that he was a Shudra, Satyavati prayed to Lord Vyasa once again and requested Him – “Please give birth to another son in Ambalika”; Lord Vyasa did not agree; He vanished from there as well.
  • 141 Later, Bhishma got all the samskaras, as per the shastras, done for all three of them through Munis; Lord Vyasa bestowed them all the knowledge; Bhishma taught Pandu all the astras and weapons.
  • 142 The three of them became well versed in all skills; Vidura especially became known as knowledgeable in everything; Pandu became acquainted with all astras, became one of the best warriors on earth and won the entire earth with his bow.
  • 143 Similarly, Tumburu, the Lord of the Gandharvas, was born as Sanjaya to a Suta named Gavadgana; He also had the presence of a Marut named Udvaha and had complete control over his senses.
  • 144 He was the son of Vichitravirya’s Suta; He was close to all three of them; Being Lord Vyasa’s student, he knew everything; He was very intelligent; He used to especially follow Dhritharashtra.
  • 145 Dhritharashtra married the daughter of Subala, the King of Gandhara, who was named Gandhari; She was the older sister of Shakuni; Shakuni was the avatara of Dwapara, a Daitya who presides over Atheism and is responsible for all ill acts.
  • 146 Prutha was the daughter of Shura; She had excellent attributes, good conduct and had great beauty; She was given by her father to his friend Kuntibhoja as an adopted daughter; Hence she was known as Kunti; She was the wife of Pandu even in the previous life.
  • 147 Kuntibhoja was the avatara of a Marut named Kurma; He had brought up Kunti very well; Once, Sage Durvasa, the avatara of Shankara and one who possessed great anger, came to him; “Give me a place to live” – he said.
  • 148 The King requested the sage thus – “Kunti, the young lady, will serve you to the best of her ability; You can definitely stay here if you will kindly pardon any mistakes committed by her”; The Sage said – “Let it be so”; The King immediately ordered Kunti to serve the Sage.
  • 149 Kunti served that Sage, who always had a bad temper, with her work, words and mind, in such a way that was impossible for anyone else.
  • 150 Having been served by her very well for thirteen years, the Sage gave her a mantra that granted her the ability to appease all the Gods.
  • 151 In her season, she purified herself and, in order to test the mantra, invited Surya; He immediately arrived.
  • 152 Even though she requested in multiple ways, Kunti was unable to send back Surya without engaging with him; Surya made contact with her.
  • 153 Surya took avatara in her in a second form, decked with a kavacha and divine ear-rings, and radiating with his Tejas.
  • 154 Since he had commited the big sin of getting Vali killed earlier, he was born along with the presence of an asura named Sahasravarma.
  • 155 Just like how the intelligence of humans is spoilt by the presence of pisachas, similarly the intelligence of the avatara of Surya was defective due to the avesha of the daitya.
  • 156 Even then, since he had worshipped Lord Rama (as Sugreeva), he had the presence of Lord Hari in him; Since he had extremely beautiful ears, he got the name of Karna.
  • 157 Due to the fear of allegations by people, Kunti quickly placed him in a small boat filled with jewels and left him such that he reached the waters of Yamuna.
  • 158 As he was going along the force of the river, the son of a Suta saw him; He accepted him along with the jewels, and made him his son.
  • 159 Karna was taken care of by the Suta Adiratha; His wife Radhe brought him up very well; Later, he studied all the Shrutis and the Shastras; He was known as being very strong right from his childhood and he lived under the glory of his noble attributes; His name became ‘Vasushena’; Didn’t wealth verily stay with him?
  • 160 That Kunti was handed over to King Pandu; He enjoyed life with her for a long time; Vidura married a noble lady called Aruni, who was born to a Shudra woman by King Shura.

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