Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 28: Part 1

  • 1) When the night passed by and it turned morning, Duryodhana appointed Shalya as the commander-in-chief after taking Ashwathama’s permission and proceeded to battle.
  • 2) The Pandavas got ready for war with great enthusiasm and proceeded to battle. A great battle took place then between the Pandavas and the Kauravas.
  • 3-5) Bhimasena was at the forefront of the Pandava formation. King Yudhisthira was in the middle and Arjuna, wielding the Gandiva and protected by Sri Krishna, was at the back. The twins protected the wheels of the King while Dhrishtadyumna and Satyaki were on either side of Dharmaraja. At the head of the Kaurava formation stood the Guru’s son Ashwathama. Shalya stood in the middle and Duryodhana along with his brothers was at the back. Shakuni and his son Ulooka were the protectors of Shalya’s chariot wheels while Krupa and Krutavarma stood on either side of him.
  • 6) A big war took place between Bhima and Ashwathama then. Similarly, a terrifying battle took place between the King (Yudhishthira) and Shalya.
  • 7) Without much of an effort, Bhima managed to easily render Ashwathama chariot-less with his arrows. Similarly, Shalya rendered the son of Dharma chariot-less.
  • 8) Arjuna, the one with the monkey on his mast, faced Shalya at that moment. A great battle, that was amazing and hair-raising, took place between them.
  • 9-10) Ashwathama climbed another chariot and went after Bhima. Duryodhana too covered Bhima from all directions with his arrows. Bhima stopped the two of them with a rain of arrows. A terrible superhuman clash took place between Bhima and them.
  • 11) Together with Yutusu and the maternal uncles Shikhandi and others, the sons of Draupadi faced the brothers of Duryodhana.
  • 12) Sahadeva faced Shakuni while Nakula took on Shakuni’s son Ulooka. Dhrishtadyumna faced Krutavarma while Satyaki faced Krupa.
  • 13) A small but unique battle took place between (each of) them. Shalya covered all sides of Arjuna with clusters of arrows.
  • 14) Arjuna started hitting Shalya, who was shining in battle, with his arrows. A battle that was similar to the duel between Devas and Asuras took place between them and continued for a long time on equal terms.
  • 15) After that Shalya picked up a diamond-like arrow and hit Arjuna in his chest. Arjuna fell unconscious.
  • 16) Waking up again, Arjuna, the tormentor of enemies, cut off the bow of the clever Shalya in battle.
  • 17) Shalya picked up another bow and started firing astras at Arjuna. When he released the Suryastra, Yamastra, Parjanyastra and other weapons, Arjuna nullified all of them with the Indrastra.
  • 18) Arjuna became angry and cut off Shalya’s bow once again. Shalya then picked up a mace and threw it at Arjuna’s chest.
  • 19) Arjuna then became unconscious. The enemies shouted in joy. Regaining his consciousness, Arjuna hit Shalya in his chest. Being weakened all over the body, Shalya leaned against his excellent flag.
  • 20) Shalya recovered and threw an arrow that was like Yama’s staff at Arjuna in that fight. That arrow split his chest. Tired, Arjuna leaned against the flag-pole.
  • 21) Arjuna gathered himself and cut the bow of the King of Madra. He then quickly brought down the umbrella, flag and charioteer of Shalya.
  • 22-23) Dharmaraja then climbed another chariot and killed the four horses of Shalya with four excellent arrows. Shalya climbed another chariot and covered all of them with a shower of arrows. He rendered Dharmaraja chariot-less.
  • 24) Shalya, who could win against enemies, killed the horses of Satyaki and Dhrishtadyumna, cut the bows of Nakula and Sahadeva and blew his high-sounding conch.
  • 25) Later, noticing Shalya gathering strength in that battle, the quick-footed Bhimasena halted him with excellent arrows. He quickly destroyed his chariot.
  • 26) When Shalya returned having climbed another chariot, Bhima hurt him deeply in his vital parts with arrows and rendered him chariot-less. When Shalya climbed a third chariot, he destroyed that too.
  • 27) Bhima cut off all weapons that Shalya picked up and caused him great pain by hitting arrows at his vital organs. Shalya then proceeded against Yudhisthira with raised fists.
  • 28-29) Dharmaraja noticed Shalya – who had received wounds in his vital parts due to Bhima, who was without a kavacha, who was weaponless, who only barely preserved his breath, and who was approaching him only to die – and climbed another chariot and picked up an unparalleled Shakti weapon in order to kill him.
  • 30-31) The son of Dharma combined that Shakti with other divine weapons and added the merits of his Satya and Dharma along with it and hurled it speedily at Shalya’s chest. His chest having been sheared, the King fell down dead in front of Dharmaraja. Shalya, who was always engaged in Satya and Dharma, became Indra’s guest.
    • Note: After his heroic death, Shalya reached Indra loka.
  • 32) After the brave King of Madra was killed, Susharma went against Arjuna with the remaining Samshaptakas. Arjuna killed him.
  • 33) Bhimasena killed the remaining brothers of Duryodhana and destroyed his troops completely.
  • 34-35) After that, Sahadeva killed Ulooka and the most evil Shakuni. Bhima and Arjuna thereafter hurt Ashwathama, Krutavarma and Krupa repeatedly, rendering them chariot-less, and chased them away. They entered into a forest due to great fear.
  • 36) Sanjaya, who was held by Satyaki, was made to be released by the omnipotent Sri Vyasa. Later, Duryodhana faced the Pandavas all by himself.
  • 37) A terrible battle took place between the Pandavas and Duryodhana. With his arrows, Duryodhana caused Arjuna to fall unconscious many times. He also rendered Dharmaraja and the twins chariot-less.
  • 38) Bhimasena then destroyed his chariot. He climbed an elephant and returned to battle again. He once again caused Satyaki, Shikandi, Dhrishtadyumna, the twins and the King to be weaponless.
  • 39) When Bhima felled that elephant, Duryodhana climbed an excellent horse and returned to battle, unperturbed. The destroyer of enemies held a Prasa in his hand and moved around the battlefield and attacked Satyaki.
  • 40) Satyaki, being hit by Duryodhana, fell unconscious. The twins too were hit by his Prasa and sat down in their chariots. Seeing him rushing towards the son of Dharma, Bhima killed his horse.

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