Krishnamruta Maharnava – XI

  • Sloka 101: The flowers, food, fruits and water offered to Lord Rudra must not be touched (consumed). Shiva’s nirmalya must not be crossed. Therefore, all the things offered to Rudra must be put into a well
  • Sloka 102: One who takes bath in rivers which do not join seas gets the merits equivalent to performing yagas for three days; Bathing in rivers that do join seas gets merits equivalent to a fortnight; Bathing in the sea itself gets merits equivalent to a month
  • Sloka 103: River Godavari gives merits equal to Yagas performed for six months; River Ganga gives merits worth one year’s performance of Yagas. But all these cannot give even one sixteenth the merits of the theertha of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu Paadodaka)
  • Sloka 104: In order to get rid of sins, one needs to take the holy water from places such as Ganga, Gaya, Prayaga, Pushkara, Naimishaaranya and Kurukshetra for a long time; On the other hand, merely by taking the holy water of Lord Vishnu (theertha), all the sins are instantly washed away!
  • Sloka 105: All the holy waters (in holy places) in this Universe are not equal to even one sixteenth the merit (power) of the water from Lord Vishnu’s feet (Vishnu theertha)
  • Sloka 106: One who offers water to Lord Vishnu, consumes that water and also puts it on to his head will lose all his sins and obtain the siddhi (knowledge) of the Supreme Lord
  • Sloka 107: Brahma said:: One who offers Abhisheka (water) to a Saligrama with the Dwadashakshara mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” and then takes (sprinkles on himself) that holy water will get the merit of having bathed in the holy River Ganga
  • Sloka 108: One who offers Abhisheka to Saligrama which has the Chakra signs on it (a – Sudarshana Saligrama, b – Saligrama and Dwaraka Chakrankita) and then sprinkles the water on to his head and drinks it will reach the abode of Vishnu
  • Sloka 109: The holy waters of Ganga, Godavari, Narmada and other rivers, which have the ability to destroy our Karmas and grant Moksha, always reside in the holy water of Saligrama (water that has been offered to Saligrama)
  • Sloka 110: The Saligrama stone has signs of Chakra in it and has been made by a worm known as “Vajra Keeta”. This stone has the special presence of Vishnu in it and rids one of all sins!





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