Krishnamruta Maharnava – X

  • Sloka 91: The thousands of holy dips that people take at crores of holy waters (theertha kshetras) and the hundreds of observations of countless rituals is not equal to even one sixteenth the result of devoutly offering salutations to Narayana
  • Sloka 92: Heart, Head, Eyes, Mind, Words (tongue), Legs, Hands and Knees – since namaskara (prostration) is done with these eight parts, it is known as “Ashtanga Namaskara”
  • Sloka 93: Even if one salutes Lord Hari, the wielder of Sharnga bow, out of pride and ego, the sins accumulated over hundreds of birth will be eliminated; this is certain!
  • Sloka 94: The One who is going to lift the people who are drowning in the ocean of life by continuously committing sins is none else than Lord Narayana, the Lord of the Universe and the Supreme One
  • Sloka 95: One will gain entry into Vishnu Loka and be worshiped there for as many years as the number of dust particles that stick to one’s body while prostrating in front of Lord Vishnu!
  • Sloka 96: The naivedya (food) offered to Lord Vishnu is pure and fit for consumption. If one consumes the naivedya offered to other (lesser) Gods, one must undertake the Chaandraayana vrata (ritual)
  • Sloka 97: The results one obtains by merely consuming the naivedya offered to Lord Vishnu is equal to the result obtained by performing thousands of crores of Chaandraayana vratas and crores of months of fasting
  • Sloka 98: One who consumes the naivedya after offering it to Lord Vishnu will get the merits of hundreds of Chaandraayana vratas for every morsel of such food he consumes
  • Sloka 99: If, after offering it to Lord Murari, one consumes naivedya mixed with Tulasi and sprinkled with Vishnu Theertha (water), such a devotee will get the merits of having performed crores & crores of Yagnas
  • Sloka 100: If we accept the garland, gandha, clothes and jewellery adorned by you and we consume the food left over by you, then we, your eternal servants, will overcome Maya (Prakruti) [this is a quotation of Uddhava to Lord Krishna mentioned by Srimadacharya]





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