Krishnamruta Maharnava – XII

  • Sloka 111: Where Lord Keshava resides in the form of the Saligrama Shila (stone), in such a place all the Gods, devatas, Yajnas and the 14 worlds are present
  • Sloka 112: Even though there are all kinds of firewood in this world, when “Arani wood” is rubbed against each other, fire ignites. Similarly, even though Vishnu is present everywhere, His special presence radiates in Saligrama
  • Sloka 113: The joy that Lord Hari derives out of staying in the chakras of Saligrama stone, He does not derive the same joy even when He is with Lakshmi or when He is in Vaikunta
  • Sloka 114: O Vaishya! The stones that become available in the Saligrama mountain are of twelve types. I will tell you the merits obtained by worshiping these stones according to the Shastras
  • Sloka 115: The merits that one gets by worshiping 12 crores Lingas for 12 Kalpas using Golden Lotuses is obtained by worshiping Saligrama for just one day!
  • Sloka 116: The Pitrus of one who performs Shraddha (ceremonies for the ancestors) near the Saligrama stone (by having them) will enjoy the comforts of heaven for 100 Kalpas
  • Sloka 117: The Pitrus of one who performs Shraddha near the Saligrama worshiped in ones home will be completely satisfied and obtain Moksha. This is certain!
  • Sloka 118: He alone qualifies as the true son who worships Lord Mahavishnu first and then worships/satisfies the devatas and Pitrus next with the remaining naivedya. “Let him live happily with his wife and children” will be the wish of devatas and Pitrus for such a person
  • Sloka 119: Quote from Padma purana:: Homas must be done and havis must be offered to other devatas only from the offerings made to Lord Vishnu. The same must be offered to Pitrus also. Unlimited merits are the result of doing so
  • Sloka 120: The Pitrus of a person who makes offerings first to his ancestors and then to the Paramatma will drink Retas and languish in hell in deep sorrow





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