Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 2: Part 4

  • 91 “You are the father of the sentient and insentient world; You are worthy of worship; You are the One who gives noble advice and you are the best teacher; You have incomparable wealth and in all the three worlds, there is none who is equal to You, let alone greater than You” (Arjuna – Bhagavadgita – 11/43)
  • 92 “Amongst those that are worthy of being known, I shall tell you about one thing that is the best; Having known that, all those who indulge in contemplation shall attain liberation” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 93 “O Bharata! Mahalakshmi is my consort; I place the seed of creation in her womb; After that all the living beings are born” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 “In this Universe, there are two kinds of beings; All the sentient beings are ‘Kshara’; Mahalakshmi who is formless just like the sky is ‘Akshara’; He who is different and better than these Kshara and Akshara beings has been termed as ‘Paramatma’; He is the most capable One and he enters the three worlds and bears them; In this way, by being different from Kshara and better than even Akshara, I have been known in all Vedas and shastras as ‘Purushottama’; The one, without any illusion, knows me thus as the Purushottama, will be known as the truly knowledgeable person and will serve me in all manners; O sinless Bharata! I have revealed the most secret knowledge to you; One who understands this will obtain direct knowledge and be liberated” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita – Chapter 15)
  • 99 “O Partha! In this world, living beings have two kinds of inherent nature within them; I have already explained the Daiva nature to you; I shall now explain the nature of Asuras (evil); Listen” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 100 “This world is unreal; unestablished; without a Supreme One; not having a cause-result connection; desire is the main cause of creation” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 101, 102 “With this kind of an outlook, they becomes knowledge-less, with the mindset of indulging in petty things, performing terrifying activities, and take birth in various yugas and perform activities detrimental to the world; I am the Supreme One, the possessor of all kinds of wealth, sinless, most capable, eternally blissful; who else exists in this Universe like me?; They hate Me who is inside of them and all others and they feel jealous” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 103, 104 “Those lowly beings, who are constantly hateful of others and are cruel and inauspicious, I put them into this world again and again; I cause them to be born in the wombs of evil always; These people of tamasic nature will be born in evil wombs birth after birth and will never attain me and will surely attain the lowest worlds (Tamas)” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 105 “That knowledge which teaches that the Lord is unique and different from all and yet resides in all as the very basis of all sentient and insentient beings is known as Satvik knowledge.” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 106, 107 “Listen to My words which is a secret and is the best amongst all tools; You are very dear to me; This is certain; Therefore, I am revealing that which is good to you. Place your mind in Me; Become My devotee; Perform yagnas for My sake; Bow to Me; You shall attain Me; You are dear to Me; Therefore I take oath and narrate the truth to you” (Lord Krishna – Bhagavadgita)
  • 108 The entire Pancharatra has been narrated by Lord Narayana Himself; This is superior to all other Shastras, O King! (Mahabharata – Shanti Parva)
  • 109 O King! The other shastras like Sankhya, Pashupata and others are acceptable only to the extent where their statements are in accordance (to the Pancharatra) and have been interpreted with the reference (of the Pancharatra) to establish the supremacy of Lord Narayana. (Mahabharata – Shanti Parva)
  • 110 O King! Those who know the Pancharatra are the principals; They obtain the knowledge of the hierarchy of souls and will obtain undiluted devotion to Him and will enter Vasudeva. (Mahabharata – Shanti Parva)
  • 111 Janamejaya said “O Brahman! Are chetanas many? Or are they all One? Who is the best amongst them? Kindly reveal Him to me” (Mahabharata)
  • 112 Vaishampayana said “O Jewel of the Kuru clan! Knowledgeable people will not accept the argument that the soul is one; Just like there is just one cause behind the birth of many purushas, similarly Lord Vishnu, who is complete and is overflowing with auspicious attributes, exists; Thus I would say” (Mahabharata)
  • 113 Brahma also told Rudra the same thing when questioned “That ego which causes possessiveness is apt only for Lord Vishnu; He is independent, full of attributes and Supreme”
  • 114 “Dear Son! I, the first amongst people and the Lord of all, was also born from Him; You came about from me; This entire sentient and insentient world was created by me; It was by me that all the Vedas and Upanishads were propagated”
  • 115 Bhimasena’s words to Dharmaraja is also along similar lines “Even if Brahma, Rudra and others get together and continuously narrate, they wouldn’t be capable of describing even a fraction of one attribute of Lord Hari completely and satisfactorily..
  • 116 “..That Supreme Lord is this Krishna Himself; He is not an ordinary human; Even Brahma was born due to His grace; Rudra was born due to His anger”
  • 117 Lord Krishna’s words towards the eldest son of Kunti is also similar “Devatas always resort to Rudra; Shiva always resorts to Brahma; Brahma always resorts to My grace; I am not under anybody’s refuge”
  • 118 “Just like how Jyotis are always under the refuge of Diwakara (Sun), similarly all the liberated souls are forever dependent upon Lord Vasudeva”
  • 119, 120 Even in the Bhavishyat Parva, the decisive statements of Lord Veda Vyasa are similar “The greatness of Lord Vasudeva has been decisively stated in the Mahabharata; All the other stories have been narrated with this in mind; The stories narrating the greatness of Lord Vishnu do not have any other reason for being stated; If there is anything that goes against the Supremacy of Lord Vishnu, then that is not my position”

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