Narayana Varma (Narayana Kavacha)

I have managed to transliterate the “Narayana Varma” into Kannada. This famous stotra is also known as Narayana Kavacha and is especially advised to overcome fear, gain courage and protection. It is also a powerful protection against evil. You can download the same from the Mantras page.

In addition, I have also uploaded the Kannada transliteration of “Lakshmi Dvadasha Nama Stotra” and “Ramesha Stuti”.


2 thoughts on “Narayana Varma (Narayana Kavacha)

  1. Narayana varma appears in Srimadbhagavatam VI Skandha when sri shukacharya tells pareekshit about the greatness of Narayana varma, which had made sage dadhichi’s backbone strong enough to make Indra’s Vajrayudha from it! This stotra is so powerful

    1. Namaskara Sri Padmanabha Rao, Thanks for your comment. In fact, a beautiful pravachana of Sri Palimaru Swamiji on Narayana Varma is available for free download at under ‘Archives” section. Swamiji has given excellent explanation to many of the shlokas and has also described the circumstances under which this was narrated.

      Regards, Hari

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