Another great story associated with Sri Vadiraja Swamy.

When the parents of Sri Vadiraja Swamy did not have a child for a long time, Swamiji’s mother prayed to God and took an oath that she would offer an ornament containing 100,000 jewels if she had a son. The lady had no idea what it would take to get such an ornament done.

Later when Sri Vadiraja Swamy was born and took Sanyasa, his mother mentioned to him about her oath and requested that he fulfill the same. Sri Vadiraja accepted the responsibility. During his first visit to North India, when Sri Vadiraja was meditating at Prayaga, he received instructions from Lord Veda Vyasa himself to write a work on Mahabharata explaining all the difficult terms and words. Accordingly, Sri Vadiraja composed a work which contained explanations to 100,000 words of Mahabharata. He named this work as Lakshalankara or “Ornament of 100,000 (jewels)” and offered it to Sri Vyasa.

It is believed that on the same day, his mother had a dream and saw the statue of Lord Bhuvaraha adorned with an ornament containing 100,000 jewels.

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