Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 11: Part 6

  • 201 Viprachitti has been born as Jarasandha; Due to the boons of Brahma and Shiva, he has become invincible by every one; Fully knowing Kamsa’s excellent strength, he has happily given two of his daughters in marriage to him.
  • 202 Jarasandha did not stop the haughty Kamsa, even though he possessed the necessary strength; There is none on earth or in Patala or in other lokas, who is a match to him in strength; Being very strong, he has kept all the Kings under his control.
  • 203 Madhu and Kaitabha, who were earlier killed by You, have now taken birth as Hamsa and Dibika; Due to Shiva’s boon, they have become brave and invincible; In terms of devotion to Shiva, they are the best after Jarasandha.
  • 204 Some other Asuras who were killed by You in that battle between Suras and Daityas have taken birth on Earth; Similarly, few others have gone to Andhatamas; You need to give Tamas to these people as well.
  • 205 Kali, who was destroyed by your noble words of Shastras in Your avatara as Vyasa has now resided in people; Listening to Your words, he is appearing as if He has put a little of his mind on You.
  • 206 The Rakshasas who were destroyed by You in Your avatara as Rama, after seeing Your strength, are believing that there is none equal to You, even though they are great sinners; They believe the same with Hanuman as well.
  • 207 O Keshava! Those who develop respect towards You and Vayu can never be sent to Andhatamas; Therefore, please take an avatara on Earth, and deviate them from the righteous path.
  • 208 By developing severe opposition in several ways to You, Vayu and other Devatas, Kali and the other Asuras must be cast away in Andhatamas.
  • 209 Ravana and Kumbhakarna, who were destroyed by You, are your door keepers who have extreme avesha of great Asuras; They must be liberated from their curse by You.
  • 210 O Lord of Lakshmi! The two Asuras who are residing in them and are Your enemies need to be cast in Andhatamas; The two devotees of You must be taken back to Your place by You.
  • 211 The Asura Bali, who had taken shelter in King Bali and had caused great enemity against us and You has taken birth on Earth as Salva and is born as Brahmadatta’s son.
  • 212 He has obtained from Shiva an excellent aeroplane which is magical and impregnable by everyone; You have, in Your form as Parashurama, defeated and chased him multiple times.
  • 213 “I shall slay him in my Krishna form” – thus being Your decision, You did not kill him as Parashurama in order to make that decision come true, even though You are capable of doing so; You should now kill that great sinner.
  • 214 After he obtained the plane, his father got the name of Soubhapati; When he was defeated by Bhishma (during the Swayamvara), Salva was still in his penance.
  • 215 He has now finished his penance and has become a follower of Jarasandha; He, who cannot be killed by anyone else, must be killed by You; And should be cast away in Andhatamas.
  • 216 The great Asura who had entered Bana (son of Bali) and stayed inside is well known by the name of Bana itself; He is born as Kichaka; Due to Shiva’s boon, he has become invincible and must be put into Tamas.
  • 217 O Lord! Therefore, You must take avatara on Earth and fulfill all the work of the Devatas; O Lord of the Devatas! You are the only hope for Brahma, Rudra, Indra, Chandra, Yama and other Suras.
  • 218 You are the eternally manifest One who has complete strength! You are the eternally manifest One who is complete knowledge personified! You are the eternally manifest One who is full of excellent and complete bliss! There is none like You; Where then can there be anyone who is greater than You?
  • 219 Having thus been requested upon by the Devatas, the Lord Hari, Who is the ocean of noble attributes, Whose form is omnipresent and eternal, Whose form is like unlimited nectar, Who has radiance like infinite Suns and Moons, got up and started along with the Devatas.
  • 220 Lord Hari went to Mount Meru and told the four-headed one thus – “I shall definitely take avatara in the place suggested by you; Even though I am independent, I am bound to your devotion out of my own will”.
  • 221 Brahma bowed to Lord Hari who had given birth to him and said – “Earlier I had given some excellent cows to Varuna; Those cows, which give nectar, were taken away by Kashyapa out of arrogance that he was their father”.
  • 222 After he was provoked by Aditi and Surabhi, Kashyapa took away the cows; Knowing all this from Varuna, I cursed him thus – “You shall be born as a Kshatriya and live as a cow-keeper”.
  • 223 He has been born to Shura, and has innumerable cows; He is called as Vasudeva; Aditi is born as his wife Devaki; Surabhi is his other wife Rohini.
  • 224 Therefore, You please take birth as Devaki’s son; Similarly, a Vasu by name Drona, along with his wife Dharaa, has performed a penance in order to become a father to You.
  • 225 I have given him a boon; He has been born as Nanda; His wife has been born as Yashoda; He is born to King Shura out of a Vaishya wife; Therefore, he has become a cow-keeper.
  • 226 These two, Devaki and Vasudeva, have also desired to obtain You as their son and have peformed a penance towards the same; Therefore, You please show Your form to them first and then proceed towards Gokula.
  • 227 When Brahma requested thus, Lord Hari, who is the controller of Brahma and Rudra told thus – “Let it be so”; He then told the Devatas – “All of you quickly take birth in the world of humans in forms that will suit your work”.
  • 228 Thereafter, all the Devatas took birth just like how Lord Hari told them to do so; Prior to that itself, Kubera, though he was the son of Lord Hari, took birth from the Asura Naraka.
  • 229 The sinner Narakasura had kidnapped an elephant named Suprateeka which was given to Kubera by Rudra; Therefore, Kubera took birth as Narakasura’s son by the name of Bhagadatta.
  • 230 He had the amsha of a great Asura and due to the presence of Rudra in him, he had great strength and knowledge of astras; He was the student of Mahendra and, after the death of his father, was engaged in his duties always.
  • 231 There was a great Yadava warrior by name Shini; He had a son by name Satyaka; He obtained a son by name Yuyudhana who had the amsha of Garuda and was the presiding diety of Krishna Paksha.
  • 232 He had the amsha of Samvaha, one of the Maruts and also the amsha of Lord Vishnu’s Chakra; There was a Yadava in the Bhoja vamsha known as Hrudika; The presiding diety of Shukla Paksha was born as a son to him.
  • 233 He was a brave warrior and had the amsha of Panchajanya; He also had the amsha of Pravaha, one of the Maruts; He was named as Krutavarma; Thus, all those who were Yadavas and Gopas were Devatas themselves.
  • 234 All those who helped the Pandavas were Devatas themselves or were followers of Devatas; Similarly, their opponents were all Asuras; Those who did not take any side and were neutral and had wavering minds were Rajasikas.
  • 235 Having excellent devotion towards Lord Hari is the quality of Suras; The enemity of Lord Vishnu is the quality of Asuras; Therefore, those amongst these who were always engaged in the devotion of Lord Hari, all of them were either Devatas or had the special presence of Devatas.

|| End of chapter 11, known as ‘Shri Bhagavadavatara Pratijnana’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||
|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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