Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 4

  • 61) Since Swayamvara is the Swadharma of Kshatriyas, the two of them (Varuna and Janaka) did not incur any sin. However, Bhishmaka was someone whom Sri Krishna did not desire.
  • 62) Therefore, after getting to know that Bhishmaka was held under the sway of Sri Krishna, the one who was the best amongst those who are compassionate, the Kings got together once again for discussions.
  • 63) In order to let Bhima obtain great fame and punya, Sri Krishna had still left Jarasandha alive. However, Jarasandha thought of it as follows:
  • 64) “Due to the boon (I have) from Shiva, who is greater than him (Krishna), he is unable to kill me. Therefore, even though I have lost to him now, I shall win against him in the future, due to the blessings of Shiva”.
  • 65) Although he had been defeated in every battle, he used to get back to challenge him again and again with great hope. Never once did he realize Shiva was lower (than Sri Krishna).
  • 66) Therefore, he again addressed the Kings thus – “Fie on our valor! This Krishna always keeps winning against us”.
  • 67) “O Kings! We had decided that we shall not offer him a seat, since he is not a ruler. But the opposite of that is what happened”.
  • 68) “This (Krishna) climbed on to the throne offered to him by Mahendra in the assembly of great Kings. Even though we did not desire it, he came to be known as the King of Kings”.
  • 69) “Therefore we need to rethink on how we shall win against Hari? We also need to think about how the King of Chedi (Shishupala) shall obtain the daughter of Bhishmaka”.
  • 70) “He (Shishupala) is my adopted son. He is greater to me than even my own son. Therefore the beautiful Rugmini has to be given in marriage to him”.
  • 71) “Rugmi, Salva, Paundraka and all the other Kings here are my shishyas in Shaiva Shastra. Therefore, all of you must get this done for me”.
  • 72) When Jarasandha said thus, Salva the King of Saubhara said thus about Rugmi – “The Swayamvara has been canceled. He shall give his sister”.
  • 73) “His father will not disregard his wish which is to hand over her hand to the King of Chedi. He (Bhishmaka) is old, and weak”.
  • 74) “Now Krishna may himself come here, defeat us, and take away the Kanya. Before that happens, it is better if we ourselves ensure he is no more”.
  • 75) “O King of Magadha! I have a plan ready for this issue. A muni named Garga was once ridiculed by his wife’s brother”.
  • 76) When he called him a napumsaka in front of himself, and when all the Yadavas laughed at him, Sage Garga, the purohita, got very angry at him.
  • 77) Garga undertook a vow – “I shall soon obtain a son who will ensure Krishna is no longer on Earth and ensure the destruction of the clan of the Yadavas”.
  • 78) “Isn’t the strength (support) of Krishna the main reason for him mocking me?” – thinking thus Garga muni went to the forest. There he performed a penance praying to Shiva.
  • 79) Garga muni worshiped Shiva by consuming only iron powder and performing tapas, and in one year, he pleased Shiva. He also got a boon from him that a son who shall ensure the end of Krishna shall be born.
  • 80) Even though Garga muni was a devotee of Vishnu, due to the avesha of Asuras, he opposed Sri Krishna. He lost his naishtika vrata due to the same.


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