Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 22: Part 11

  • 401) Karna, who was rendered chariot-less, climbed the chariot of Vikarna and, driving his horses, ran away from there along with Vikarna. Duryodhana engaged in a duel with Chitrasena.
  • 402) For a muhurtha, Duryodhana fought an equal battle with Chitrasena and the numerous Gandharvas. Due to the maya of the Gandharvas, his chariot was destroyed. Chitrasena then captured him even as he stood on the ground.
  • 403) Although Duryodhana was extremely powerful, due to the boon of Indra, and due to Sri Vishnu’s orders, Chitrasena had accumulated lot of strength to which Duryodhana fell prisoner. He also got arrested by the electric shackles given (to Chitrasena) by Indra.
  • 404) His brothers, Shakuni and royal wives were all taken prisoners by Indra’s assistants. When Chitrasena left through the route of the skies along with them, the ministers (of Duryodhana) went to the Pandavas in a desperate condition.
  • 405) They came to the Pandavas and said – “Your clan has been defeated by Indra’s assistants. Duryodhana has been captured along with his brothers and wives. You, being the best of the Bharatas, should get your brother released”.
  • 406-407) When they spoke thus, Bhimasena addressed his older brother – “O King! I know how this confrontation took place. Duryodhana came here to display his wealth to us. In order to harm his glory, Indra, the bearer of the Vajra, has done this, after realizing his evil intentions. There is nothing that has gone wrong for us in this”. Showing his divine ability in this way, Bhima went silent.
  • 408) Dharmaraja, who was engaged in a Yajna lasting a full day, sent Bhima and Arjuna along with Nakula and Sahadeva. The two of them (Bhima and Arjuna) defeated Chitrasena in battle and quickly released Duryodhana.
  • 409) Chitrasena then narrated all the evil designs of Duryodhana, as told by Indra, to Bhima and Partha. Hearing the same, Duryodhana felt extremely embarrassed.
  • 410) All of them reached Dharmaraja, who was approaching them after completing the Yajna. Dharmaraja sent off Chitrasena after according him respect, and told Duryodhana – “Do not repeat this, O Duryodhana!”.
  • 411) Having been released by the Pandavas, along with his family and wives, Duryodhana went a little further from there and, out of great shame, sat down waiting for everyone to gather. Then, he saw Karna.
  • 412) He told Duryodhana – “O King! Providence has ensured you won”. Duryodhana felt ashamed and said no. He narrated all that had happened. Later, out of extreme grief, he sat down, intending to give up his life.
  • 413) Even after Karna, Dushashana, the gambler Shakuni and others requested him repeatedly, Duryodhana refused to give up his resolve and get up.
  • 414) As night set in, the Asuras held a discussion, noticing that their side had been weakened, and created a Daitya-shakti (evil force) by performing a homa.
  • 415) That evil being, which was created by Sage Shukracharya, lifted Duryodhana and took him to Patala, even as all of his ministers were asleep.
  • 416-417) Later all the Asuras convinced Duryodhana in multiple ways – “You are a divine being. A brave soul. We pleased Shiva through penance and that resulted in you being made. You are on our side, and are invincible always. The Pandavas belong to the Devatas”.
  • 418) “Due to the boons of all Devatas, you lost in the battle. We will (now) ensure that you win against the Pandavas”.
  • 419) “Narakasura, who was killed by Krishna, has now entered Karna. He will surely ensure Krishna and Arjuna are no more. There is no doubt about this”.
  • 420) “All of us shall enter Bhishma and the others, to ensure your victory. We will increase Karna’s and your strength through our tapas”.
  • 421) “O King! Therefore go back and rule the Kingdom without fear. This is of utmost secrecy and will increase your fortune. Do not reveal this to anyone”.
  • 422-423) Stating thus, they sent back Duryodhana, through that Kshudra Devata, to the place from where he was brought. Believing that his upper torso was made by Shiva, and the lower part by Parvati, Duryodhana convinced himself to be invincible and decided to rule the Kingdom. He did not reveal his experiences to anyone else.
  • 424-425) In the morning, Karna spoke again – “Since you have been released through your servants, the Pandavas themselves, your fame has actually increased in the world. Is it necessary to state how great you are when your servants themselves are thus? Therefore, O best amongst Kings! Arise! Be firm in your decision”.
  • 426) “Give up your concerns with regard to Arjuna. Listening to what I am about to say. Till I kill Arjuna, I shall wash my legs myself”.
    • Note: It was custom for Kings to have their servants wash their feet. Karna undertook a pledge to wash his feet himself till he kills Arjuna (which never happened).
  • 427) When Karna said thus, and when Shakuni and his brothers requested him similarly, Duryodhana climbed his chariot and speedily went to Hastinapura.
  • 428) Knowing that Karna could not be killed till he possessed his ear-rings and kavacha, Indra desired to take away those excellent accessories.
  • 429) Getting to know of this (intention of Indra), Surya revealed the same to Karna in his dream and asked him not to hand them over. When Karna said – “I will definitely give it”, he replied – “In that case, obtain that best weapon from Indra in return”.
    • Note: Surya asked Karna to ask for, and obtain, the amazing Shakti.
  • 430) Even though Karna knew Indra had come to him in the guise of a Brahmana to obtain Daana, he cut the ear-rings and kavacha from his body and handed them over. In return, he obtained the extra-ordinary Shakti from him.
  • 431) Indra gave him the Shakti weapon, told him that he would be able to kill one person apart from Arjuna using it, and returned with his ear-rings and kavacha.
  • 432) The Pandavas, after freeing Duryodhana, lived happily in that forest. Getting to know that a deer had taken away the firesticks (arani) and the holding vessel of a Brahmana, they chased it.
  • 433) When they could not locate the deer, they felt thirsty. Apart from Dharmaraja, the others went to fetch water, one after the other. Due to the maya of Yama, all of them fell into deep sleep.
  • 434) Yama, being invisible, stopped them. All of them drank water (without answering him). In order to protect the Dharma of Kshatriyas, those great destroyers of enemies did not answer his questions in exchange for water, although they were fully capable.
  • 435) It is not Dharma for even Brahmanas to trade their knowledge for the sake of livelihood. What then to say of Kshatriyas? Therefore they drank water forcing their way through.
  • 436) Apart from Sri Hari, the other Devatas, when they are born as humans, behave like normal humans, even though they are extremely powerful.
  • 437) Only when an occasion arises, their auspicious qualities manifest externally. Therefore, Bhima and Arjuna, although more powerful than Yama, were put to sleep in an instant by him, due to the wishes of Paramatma.
  • 438) That divine maya is capable of taking effect on them for only a muhurtha. Once they wake up, Yama is not equal to even one-hundredth of the strength of Bhima and Arjuna.
  • 439) All of this has been stated in the Padma Purana in great detail. Therefore, one should not doubt incapability in Bhima or Arjuna.
  • 440) Later, Dharmaraja came near that body of water. There, seeing his brothers, he suffered in sorrow. When he desired to drink that water, Yama, in the form of a crane, stopped him. He therefore did not drink it.
  • 441) The compassionate Yudhishthira desired to answer the questions of that crane, for the sake of his brothers. Later, Yama started asking him questions after taking the guise of a Yaksha. Dharmaraja answered them.
  • 442) Then, Yama became very happy and gave him a boon that he would bring to life one among his brothers. Dharma said – “In case only one would wake up, let it be Nakula”. Yama, out of joy, asked him – “What are you doing?”
  • 443) “You have great love for Bhimasena. He is strong, and is also the reason for you obtaining the Kingdom” – when Yama said thus, Dharmaraja replied – “It is inappropriate to wake up the son of Kunti leaving out the son of Madri”.
  • 444) When he replied thus, Yama became very pleased and woke all of them up. He also gave them boons allowing them to take guises as they wish, and to return to their original forms when required.
  • 445) Being pleased with Dharmaraja’s attribute of compassion, he gave them a boon saying that they would remain incognito during the Ajnatavasa. In this way, Yama sportingly engaged with himself as though he was with his son, and increased his own fame and punya.
  • 446) Having taken away the firesticks and created the other incidents in order to increase the fame and punya of his own form of Yudhishthira, Yama gave it back so it could be handed over to the Brahmana, and then returned to his loka.
  • 447) Later Dharmaraja went along with Bhima, Arjuna and the twins and handed over the firesticks to the Brahmana. Joined together by Draupadi, all of them were happy and spent time chanting the glory of Sri Krishna, the one who is eternal and without a trace of any defect.

|| End of chapter 22, known as ‘Arani Prapti’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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