Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 11

  • 201) Having been loved and cared by Sri Krishna, Rugmini and by Balarama and the Yadavas, as also by his grandfather (Vasudeva), he (Pradyumna) settled down there.
  • 202) A long time ago, King Satrajita, who always worshiped Sri Vishnu, had performed service to the Lord residing in the Surya Mandala and had obtained the Symantaka jewel.
  • 203) Although he was a devotee of Sri Vishnu, he was an extremely greedy person. In order to bring this out, Sri Krishna, the Lord of Ramaa and the one who is omnipotent, asked him for that jewel.
  • 204) Satrajita did not give it to him. His brother Prasena once wore it and went to the forest where he was killed by a Lion.
  • 205) He (Satrajita) started whispering to everyone that it was Sri Krishna who had killed his brother for obtaining the jewel. Sri Krishna left along with many Yadavas in order to fetch the jewel back.
  • 206) In the forest, Sri Krishna showed all the Yadavas, the footprints of the Lion and that it had killed Prasena. He also showed them that the Lion had been killed by a Bear.
  • 207) After that, he made the Yadavas stop at the entrance of the cave (where Jambavanta lived) and went inside. There, he fought with Jambavanta.
  • 208) Since he was a devotee, Sri Krishna fought with him very softly in the beginning. Later, in order to show him his true strength, he fought ferociously.
  • 209) Jambavanta was hurt very badly due to the blows from the fists of Sri Krishna. He took resort to his Lord Sri Rama mentally.
  • 210) When he prayed to Lord Raghava thus, he saw his form in the best amongst Yadavas (Sri Krishna). He realized that there was absolutely no difference between the two of them.
  • 211) After that, Jambavanta begged forgiveness from Sri Krishna and gave his auspicious looking daughter Rohini (Jambavati) in marriage to him. He also gave him the Syamantaka jewel and fell at his feet and prayed to him.
  • 212) Sri Krishna split his aged body with his chakra and turned him into a young person without any pain.
  • 213) Having fulfilled the wishes of his devotee, Sri Krishna, the Lord of all, left that cave along with his dear (Jambavati) and the great (Syamantaka) jewel.
  • 214) When Sri Krishna had not come out of the cave for many days, the Yadavas who had waited at the entrance had returned back to their homes. When Sri Krishna returned, they became very happy.
  • 215) In front of all the Yadavas, Sri Krishna, the best amongst them, handed over the Symantaka jewel to Satrajita. That King lost his shine on the face (due to this humiliation).
  • 216) King Satrajita felt great remorse for having wrongly heaped infamy on Sri Krishna. In order to lose his sins (due to this act) he gave his daughter (Satyabhama) to him.
  • 217) He gave the Syamantaka jewel back to Sri Krishna and requested him to forgive him. Sri Krishna returned the jewel to the King and enjoyed the company of Satyabhama.
  • 218) The ‘Bhu’ roopa of Mahalakshmi herself had taken Avatara in another form as the most beautiful daughter of Satrajita.
  • 219) Therefore, since Satyabhama and Rugmini were none other than Mahalakshmi herself, who is inseparable from him, the two of them were especially dear to Sri Krishna.
  • 220) Jambavati obtained a son named Samba from Sri Krishna. He was the Avatara of the Sanatkumara form of Shanmukha. He also had the Amsha of Chaturmukha (Brahma).

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