Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 12: Part 4

  • 106 When Bhima was two months old, Balarama, the strong and noble one, was born in Rohini; Since he had done extreme service to the Lord as Lakshmana, he was born before Lord Krishna this time.
  • 107 When Kamsa had chained the innocent Vasudeva and Devaki in order to kill their sons, he had kept the other wives of Vasudeva away from him.
  • 108 Since he wanted to make sure who the kids born out of Devaki were, the evil minded Kamsa used to keep the other pregnant wives of Vasudeva in other places till they gave birth.
  • 109 Due to this reason, Rohini was placed in Nanda’s house by Kamsa to ensure her delivery; Therefore, Rohini gave birth to Balarama, the one who looked like a full moon, the one who was pleasing, the one who had pure hue, in Gokula itself.
  • 110 When Balarama was three months old, the birthless Supreme Being Lord Krishna made his appearance; Vasudeva and Devaki had performed a penance to obtain both Lord Krishna and Sesha as their sons.
  • 111 “May I obtain a son who is strong and has excessive noble attributes, along with the presence of Lord Vishnu” – Rohini had performed a penance with such an intention; Therefore, Sesha was born in both Devaki and Rohini, along with the avesha of the Shukla Kesha form of Lord Hari.
  • 112 Balarama, who had the special presence of the Shukla Kesha form of Lord Hari, grew up in Gokula itself; Along with him, Lord Krishna too pleased the whole of Gokula displaying his charming acts.
  • 113 In order to succintly show His mother the truth that He is not an ordinary kid and He is truly beyond matter (prakriti), Lord Krishna, the Lord of all, once displayed that everything is inside Him under the pretext of yawning.
  • 114 Yashoda saw (inside Him), the entire Brahmanda which contained the five great elements, the mind, ahamkara, mahat tattva, Shiva along with Brahma and other Devatas who were engulged by Prakriti, and the entire species of humans, danavas and others.
  • 115 Yashoda became very frightened and closed both of her eyes; Lord Krishna then hid that form of His; The Lord showed that form in order to make the noble people realize that His body is verily knowledge and joy and that He is complete.
  • 116 Once when Lord Krishna was playing, Yashoda found it very difficult to lift Him due to His weight. She therefore placed Him on the ground and engaged herself in work; A terrible Daitya came over there at that time.
  • 117 That Rakshasa, who went by the name of Trunavarta, was an attendant of Kamsa; He created a terrible hurricane and picked up Lord Krishna, who was in the form of a kid, and jumped up; Lord Krishna held his neck and suffocated him.
  • 118 That Rakshasa, who had a mountain like body, fell down dead on a rock after being killed by Lord Krishna; All the people who saw that mutilated body of the Daitya were awestruck.
  • 119 In order to bless those who did not get upset and in order to take away the punya in excess of their yogyata in those who got upset, Lord Krishna, the One with all noble attributes, the One who is the ocean of pure and inherent joy, went around stealing butter and other things.
  • 120 In the month of Bhadrapada when Guru and Surya were both in Simha Rashi, the Supreme Lord Krishna took avatara; In the same year, in the month of Phalguna, Arjuna was born; After that, Madravati (Madri) spoke (thus) to Pandu.
  • 121 “Excellent sons have been born to you through Kunti; Only I am left without a child now; With your grace, I too want to have a son; Please tell Kunti to instruct the mantra to me”.
  • 122 When Madri requested thus, Pandu told Kunti – “You instruct that excellent mantra, which grants progeny, to Madri”; When he spoke thus, the Yadavi Kunti said – “For your sake, I shall instruct the mantra to Madri such that it bears fruit only once”.
  • 123 Kunti instructed that progeny bearing mantra to Madri and said thus – “This will not give you results more than once”; Having received the mantra, Madri thought – “How can I obtain two sons?”.
  • 124 “Among the Devatas, the Ashwinis always remain together; They are never separated from each other; There is no difference in their names either; Both of them have a single wife named Usha; Therefore, even if invoked once, both of them would appear together”.
  • 125 Having thought in this manner, Madri invited the Ashwini Devatas; They came down immediately; Both of them were born as sons to her; Nakula was born first; Sahadeva was born next; They were both twins.
  • 126, 127 Madri requested her husband to get the mantra to bear fruit once again; When he said so, Kunti responded – “This Madri is a cheat; Without my permission, she invited the Ashwini Devatas; Therefore, I am worried that she may oppose my children too in future; Therefore, do not ask me to make the mantra work again”; When she said thus, Pandu (agreed and) kept quiet.
  • 128 Devatas grant progeny only when invoked with their special names; It was unique of the Ashwinis that even their special names were the same; Therefore, Madri had invited them; It is only appropriate when there is a difference in the Avrutti name of the mantra.
  • Note: The names of the Ashwinis (which are interchangeable) are Nasatra and Dasyu.
  • 129 Vayudeva had a presence in the other four Pandavas as well, more so in Arjuna; In Yudhisthira, he entered with his form known as ‘Soumya” and in Dhananjaya, he entered in a form called “Veera”.
  • 130 Expressing only the form of beauty – “Sundara” – the main Vayu had entered Nakula and Sahadeva; Hadn’t Pandu desired to have a fourth progeny only with the intention of a handsome son?
  • 131 Vayudeva entered Nakula with the special form of “Shrungara” and with the form of “Suniti” in Sahadeva; Vayudeva, who is the inner soul of the entire world, had taken birth as Bhimasena himself, exhibiting all his noble attributes.
  • 132 People tend to call one as handsome if he has a physique like that of a fresh sprout; Therefore, even though Bhima and Arjuna, with their tougher-than-diamond like bodies, were very attractive, Pandu had desired to obtain another good looking son.
  • 133 To those who have a subtle vision, a physique with the 32 lakshanas will appear beautiful; Therefore, Vayudeva resided in Nakula with a soft radiance; In this way, Vayu stayed in five different forms.
  • 134, 135 Lord Vishnu and the five Pandavas, all six of them, held the position of Indra previously; Lord Hari, who held the position of the first Indra with the name of Yajna, was Lord Krishna; Vayu, who was the second Indra, was Bhima himself; Yamadharma was the third Indra; He became Yudhisthira; After that, Nasatra and Dasra became Indras respectively; They were Nakula and Sahadeva, the sons of Madri; Purandara was both the sixth and seventh Indra; He was Arjuna; In this way, all of them were Indras.
  • 136 All of them had the samskaras appropriate for Kshatriyas and obtained their inherent and natural capacities and started growing; All of them were very knowledgeable; They engaged themselves in Dharmic activities that fetched the love of Lord Vishnu; All of them were great devotees of Lord Keshava and they always placed their heart on Him.

|| End of chapter 12, known as ‘Shri Krishnavatara Pandavotpatti’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||


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