shri rAma chAritra manjari – VII

Source: shri gururAja saMputa – Volume 1 – published by mantralaya matha

neetvA mAsAn kapeeshAniha dashaharitaH prEShya seetAM vichityA-
&&yAta shreemaddhanUmadgiramatha samanushrutya gacchan kapeendraiH |
sugreevAdyairasankhyairdashamukhasahajaM mAnayannabdhivAchA
daityaghnassEtukAree ripupurarudavEdvAnarairvairighAtee || 7 ||

Words in the shlOka

nItvA, mAsAn, kapeeshAn, iha, daSha, haritaH, prEShya, seetAM, vichitya, AyAta, shrImat, hanUmat, giraM, atha, samanushrutya, gacchan, kapeendraiH, sugreevAdyaiH, asankhyaiH, dashamukha, sahajaM, mAnayan, abdhi, vAchA, daityaghnaH, sEtukAree, ripu, pura, rut, AvEt, vAnaraiH, vairighAtee

Word meanings

nItvA – having spent
mAsAn – few months
kapeeshAn – the best of the kapees (vAnarAs)
iha – in there (in the mAlyavat mountain)
daSha – ten
haritaH – directions
prEShya – sent
seetAM – seetA
vichitya – search
AyAta – having come
shrImat – the one with kAnti (radiance)
hanUmat – Lord hanUmAn
giraM – the words of
atha – then
samanushrutya – having listened well
gacchan – having left
kapeendraiH – along with the best of the kapis
sugreevAdyaiH – sugreeva and others
asankhyaiH – innumerable
dashamukha – rAvaNa (the ten headed one)
sahajaM – the (younger) brother
mAnayan – having respected
abdhi – the Lord of the ocean (varuna)
vAchA – the words of
daityaghnaH – in order to destroy the daityas
sEtukAree – got a bridge built
ripu – the enemy (rAvaNa)
pura – town
rut – having occupied
AvEt – may HE protect
vAnaraiH – from the kapees
vairighAtee – got the enemies killed


LORD rAma spent a few months in the mAlyavanta mountains. He then sent the monkey army of sugreeva in all ten directions to search for seeta dEvi.

HE then listened to the pleasing words of hanUmAn, the one with a radiant face and left towards lankA along with the innumerable army of the kapees, such as sugreeva and others.

When vibhIshaNa, the younger brother of rAvaNa, came in surrender of the LORD, HE gracefully accepted him and treated him very well. Thereafter, HE listened to the prayers of varuNa, the Lord of the oceans, and got a bridge built through the kapees.

HE then entered the town of the enemy, the city of lankA, and got the enemies killed through the kapees.

May such a LORD rAma always protect us!


– Sugreeva forgets his promise and duty towards LORD rAma during the rainy season. LORD sends lakshmaNa to remind sugreeva. At the same time, Lord hanUmAn also reminds sugreeva of his duty and wakes him up.
– rayaru sums up the entire achievement of hanUmAn in just a couple of words by stating that the words of hanUmAn that he spoke when he came back were very pleasing (samanushrutya) to LORD. This highlights the end result of sundara kAnDa
– The entire episode of LORD waiting for the Ocean to make way, subsequently acting as if HE was upset, and then making varuNa appear in front with folded hands is also summed up in just a few words. varuNa surrenders completely and prays to the LORD to build a bridge so that HIS own keerti increases even further.
– rayaru also indicates that the LORD got the enemies killed by the monkeys even though HE singlehandedly could have destroyed all of them. It is a sadhana opportunity for the dEvatas who had taken avatara as monkeys to serve the LORD!

shrI krishNArpaNamastu

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