Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 13: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 Sage Garga went to Gokula as per the words of Vasudeva; He was the purohit of the Yadavas; He conducted those Samskaras to Lord Krishna and Balarama that were appropriate for Kshatriyas.
  • 2 Sage Garga said this – “O Nanda! Your son is no less than Lord Vishnu in any of the attributes; All of you shall be taken care of by him and you shall obtain excellent happiness”.
  • 3 When he said thus, Nanda became extremely joyous; Sage Garga returned back; After that, Lord Krishna, the primordial Being, got together with this older brother and went around, his feet thereby purifying the land of Gokula.
  • 4 Once, in order to remove the illusion in his mother’s mind that He was a kid, Lord Krishna, the Lord of all, ate some mud even as people were watching.
  • 5 When the mother scolded Him, He replied – “O Mother! I did not eat any mud. See for yourself” and then He opened His mouth; She saw the entire Universe made of the primordial nature and all its manifestations; In this way, Lord Krishna displayed his unimaginable and excellent capabilities and made her realize his true capacity and instantly ended that vision, once she understood it strongly.
  • 6 In this way, Lord Krishna, even though he is the embodiment of infinite knowledge and bliss, followed the way of the world and showed his acts by walking on the land of Gokula.
  • 7 Once, when the infinitely capable Lord Krishna was drinking milk from the breast of Yashoda, she lowered him to the ground so that she could take care of the milk which was spilling over on the oven; Then, He broke a pot containing curds.
  • 8 Lord Krishna picked up the butter that was coming out of the curds that was churned, the butter shining like a full moon, and ate it secretly.
  • 9, 10 Lord Krishna acted in that matter, even though He was like fire to Adharma, in order to teach the excellent Swadharma to the Devatas that when Devatas are born on earth, it is appropriate for them to behave according to the Yuga and according to the age and also as appropriate to their lineage.
  • 11 The Lord, who takes avatara as human, animals and other forms, even though is always One and the same, acts as if He undergoes childhood, youth and other stages and performs acts appropriate to those ages.
  • 12 When He takes avatara as Brahmin, King, cow-herd and other forms, He peforms the duties appropriate to those Varnas in order to teach the Devatas.
  • 13 Even then, the Lord still displays His natural strength which can never be equalled by other Devatas and also exhibits His qualities again and again.
  • 14 After that, Lord Krishna, the Lord of the world, saw that His mother picked up a stick and started running; That lady started chasing Him, the One who can not be held even by the mind.
  • 15 Lord Krishna, the Lord of all and the One with huge steps, noticed the tiredness of His mother and, in order to show that He is bound by His devotees, got caught by her.
  • 16 When Gopika (Yashoda) picked up a rope to tie Lord Krishna, the One who is eternally liberated, the One who is supremely capable, the rope proved insufficient to bind Him.
  • 17 Even when rolls of rope were put together, it proved insufficient for that endless body of Lord Krishna, who was merely displaying infancy.
  • 18 After having displayed to all that He can never be subject to binding, the Lord of all and the bearer of the world Himself got bound by a small rope used to tie a calf.
  • 19 The Lord of all, Lord Krishna, thus showed the Dharma that it is the duty of a son to be under the control of one’s mother; He then brought down a pair of Arjuna trees that had grown so tall that they were as if touching the skies; The two of them were actually children of Devatas.
  • 20 Previously, two people known as Dhuni and Chamu had got together with Putana and along with Shakatasura had performed a penance to please Parvati; Parvati had granted all four of them the boon that they will not be killed by anyone.

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