Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 1: Part 2

  • 31 All those sources which do not oppose the above and support them are also Pramanas. Those sources which are opposed to the above can never be Pramanas.
  • 32 Since the Vaishnava Puranas propagate the same theme as propagated in the Pancharatra, they are also valid Pramanas. Similarly, since they propagate the same theme as Vedas and others, Manusmriti and other Smritis are valid Pramanas.
  • 33 All these Pramanas declare Lord Vishnu as the Supreme. They do not connote supremacy to another being anywhere. Hence, the supremacy of Vishnu is to be accepted as the Truth. One should never think otherwise.
  • 34 The other granthas propagating other topics (such as supremacy of others) has been composed under the orders of Lord Hari himself. This is to ensure that Asuras end up obtaining Tamas. Hence the themes propagated by them is unacceptable.
  • 35 Since those granthas have been composed, under the orders of Vishnu, by Shiva and others, the themes in those granthas that are not against the spirit of the Vedas and other pramanas are very much acceptable.
  • 36 Even if some of the riks in the Vedas appear to be going against the philosophy of the Supremacy of Lord Vishnu, they have to be re-interpreted and understood to mean and indicate the Supremacy of Lord Vishnu.
  • 37 In His avataras, Lord Vishnu sometimes appears to be human like (exhibit human frailities). This is only to put illusion into the minds of Asuras. He does not have any defects at all!
  • 38 Ignorance, dependence upon others, pain, difference, having a nature-bound physical body, giving up the body (contd…)
  • 39 Incapability, being sorrowful, equality with others, cheapness, these and some other defects are displayed by Lord Hari on His own will only for the purpose of creating illusion in the minds of Daityas.
  • 40 HE absolutely does not have any defects at all. In all his physical forms and appearances, He is always full of complete and auspicious attributes.
  • 41 Where then is the oneness or equality of Brahma and others with this great One? Any shastra that proclaims such a truth (greatness of Him) is indeed superior shastra.
  • 42 The Brahmasutras, which have been composed by Lord Vishnu in the form of Vyasa, for the purpose of aiding decisive interpretation of all shastras, is acceptable shastra in all ways. In them, all decisive interpretations have been given.
  • 43 The Lord composed the Brahmasutras in order to resolve the confusion arriving out of interpreting certain statements as-is and other statements which cause illusion. Therefore, the meaning conveyed by Brahmasutras have to be understood very well before venturing to interpret other shastras.
  • 44, 45, 46 Non-existence of any defect, being full of infinite auspicious attributes, absence of difference in any of the forms, absolute difference with all other souls always, being the central propagatory theme of all Vedas, hierarchy even amongst the liberated, liberation only due to knowledge – these are the truths propagated by the Brahmasutras. Therefore, anything that appears contrary to these truths is understood to have been there only for creating illusion (amongst Asuras).
  • 47 Therefore, all that has been detailed as Lord Vishnu’s attributes are all perfectly acceptable. These and others have been clearly enumerated by Lord (Veda Vyasa) in the Bhavishyat Parva.
  • 48, 49 O Rudra, the one with great arms, I will compose illusionary shastras to put (tamasic) people into illusion. You too get others to compose such shastras and you do the same as well. O One with great shoulders! bring out points which does not exist anywhere, bring out contradictory messages. Mask my presence. Make yourself shine.
  • 50 There exists such a statement (as above) in the Varaha Purana. The statements in Brahmanda Purana also state the same. The attributes of the Lord, form, having a body that is pure knowledge (contd)
  • 51 Absence of any defect, Hierarchy even in Moksha, anything that is against these principles are for illusion of Asuras. That is the decision.
  • 52 A similar message exists in Skanda Purana as well and has been told respectfully by Shiva to Shanmukha. Though Skanda Purana is a Shaiva Purana, it is acceptable since it is in sync wiht the shastra of the Lord (Veda Vyasa).
  • 53 “Lord Vishnu alone is Supreme. His knowledge alone is the path to salvation. This is the purport of all shastras. All that is against these principles have been composed to cause illusion.
  • 54 Moksha without knowledge, Equality between Vishnu and me, direct knowledge due to pilgrimage and other such rituals, my superiority over Lord Vishnu…
  • 55 Oneness of all of us and Oneness with Lord Hari after Mukti, all such statements, O dear son, have been told only to cause illusion and not with any other purpose”
  • 56 In the Shaiva section of Padma Purana itself, it has been told by Shiva himself. What Lord Hari had told him previously, he narrated the same to Uma.
  • 57 “O Shambhu! In the Kruta, Treta and Dwapara yugas, I will appear on earth in human form and worship you and obtain boons from you”
  • 58 “Using your created shastras, make people go away from me. Because of this, those daityas who have taken the correct route will take the route of evil and destroy themselves”
  • 59 In Vaishnava shastras or in the Vedas, there is no statement which ever attributes supremacy to anyone apart from Lord Hari. Whereas in other shastras, there has sometimes been an allusion to the supremacy of Lord Vishnu.
  • 60 Since the Vedas are absolutely free of defects, what is said in them is completely and always acceptable. In the Vedas, it has always been mentioned that Lord Vishnu is superior to all else.

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