Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 5

  • 81) A cruel Apsara, belonging to the Asuras, joined the group of Gopikas, and united with Garga muni with the intention of obtaining a powerful son.
  • 82) Garga muni was worshiped by a Yavana King, and by the Gopikas. That King, being childless, had known the intention of the sage and had arranged it (the worship).
  • 83) Garga muni, who had lost control of his mind due to anger, produced a son in that Apsara and handed him over to the Yavana King. This was a not surprise coming from him, given that he was a Shiva dweshi.
  • 84) Later, Garga muni repented a lot for having lost his Naishtika Brahmacharya and for having opposed Sri Krishna. He condemned his own thinking.
  • 85) “Please protect me, as I have committed great sin” – saying thus he took to the refuge of Sri Krishna. As per his orders, he undertook a vaishnava tapas.
  • 86) “From where should he get the opportunity to worship Shiva continuously? After all, isn’t that privilege always for Danavas like you?” (Salva stating thus to Jarasandha).
  • 87) Garga muni had a son by name Kala. Since he always used to wait for the time to destroy Sri Krishna, he was known as Kala. The Yavana crowned him as the next King.
  • 88) “He too is your shishya. He has lot of devotion towards Shiva. He also has a large army and is always proud of his strength”.
  • 89) “If you say so I shall immediately approach him and will bring him to you. Through him, we can ensure Krishna is no more on this Earth and then we can live nicely”.
  • 90) “After that we can get Rugmini married to Shishupala. We can ensure all those on the side of Devatas are eliminated, and we can live freely”.
  • 91) When he said thus, Jarasandha immediately felt disturbed mentally. He put his head, which was decorated with a beautiful crown, down with thoughts.
  • 92) Rubbing his hands together, and repeatedly watching his shoulders, he said – “A situation has come where I have to seek others’ help to ensure the work is done”.
  • 93) “All the Kings on this Earth have taken refuge in the strength of my arms and have gotten their impossible tasks accomplished. I am such a King of Magadha”.
  • 94) “How shall I do something that I have never done till now? Except the feet of Shiva, I have never taken refuge in anyone. I am the King of all Kings”.
  • 95) When he said thus, the King of Saubhara, Salva, said thus in reply – “If you get into an illusion like this, then what about the rest of us, O Lord!”
  • 96) “How can accomplishments by shishyas be considered as done by someone external? Isn’t it the case that Kings always get their accomplishments done by their shishyas and servants?”
  • 97) “That apart, all of us are always conducting ourselves under the protection of your strength. Merely because one lifts an axe to chop a tree will he be considered weak?”
  • 98) “This Kalayavana is just like an axe for you. Without your support he cannot act anywhere on his own”.
  • 99) “The only boon he has obtained from Shiva is that he shall slay Krishna. By tormenting other enemies of ours aren’t you also his protector?”
  • 100) “Due to Shiva’s boon you shall never be defeated. Since he (Kalayavana) has the special boon of slaying Krishna we need to select him now for this task”.


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